Although they become pure blood gluttons.

But I dare not resist Jiang Feng’s command.
"Boom!" As the gluttonous mind moved, it was forbidden to turn not far away.
"It really is like this!"
"If you want to inherit such a gluttonous idea, you will ban integration here."
At this time.
Another entrance
Everyone has been waiting very impatiently.
"Boom!" Suddenly Shimen collapsed, and everyone was stunned and then their faces showed excitement.
Without saying anything, I immediately rushed in
"We can’t let them succeed first, so let’s go quickly!"
Soon several strong people rushed in.
Feel there are several breath coming Jiang Feng looked at the collapsed altar and suddenly smiled.
"We should go! ?” Tiger Qingyun asked
"Don’t worry!"
Said Jiang Feng walked into the altar.
With a wave of his arm, the altar was completely dusted, and at the same time, a huge stone was taken from the side according to the previous memory.
Then a new altar was carved.
If you have seen people, you will find it different, but those people have never seen any altars.
This is enough to scare them.
After handling everything, I will put my gluttony into the apocalypse bead and then turn my head.
"Hide the breath while we wait to see the good show!"
Jiang Feng face with a cunning immediately find a secret place near convergence good breath.
It’s hard to find them unless you look carefully.
Chapter 1652 See through the trap
"brush! Brush! Brush! "
See several streamers flying from the virtual rapidly.
Speed to the extreme.
"This is the position! ?” Someone was stunned and then overjoyed and turned to enter.
But the people around you don’t promise.
Suddenly there is a strong breath of the human body.
Then exhausted strength suddenly toward people attack road time directly broke out.
Five or six powerful breath suddenly broke out.
Someone’s blood is flowing out of his head
Some people are also trying to break through the sky in atrix, where various levels of Wushu are inexhaustible.
Unfortunately, they don’t have the luxury to feel around them.
Otherwise, you will find that there are people hiding not far away.
At this moment, many people have joined the fray.
Jiang Feng looked at the loss of blood and felt dreary exercise in my heart.
Finally, I couldn’t help but turn my arm over and the blood bead appeared in his palm. "I can’t let so many good things go white."
Jiang Feng arm a throw.
Blood spirit bead virtual rotation clouds lotus flower continuously inhaled spirit bead.
People in the struggle also found this scene.
But they are not at ease. It’s just blood donation. It’s no big deal.
It is also their state of mind.
Jiang Feng dares to release the bleeding spirit bead.
Seeing more and more people gathering, Jiang Feng secretly became more and more excited.
Tiger Qingyun looked at Jiang Feng’s flashing eyes and couldn’t help shuddering. This person is not only amazing.
Cheat people collar is also chilling.
These people beat you to death without knowing that the throne has already been inherited by others.

The worst thing is that those tree people kept rolling and tumbling with them, and the fire didn’t go out, but it burned more and more brightly. It turned out that this "burning heart to rob fire" was the magic fire made by Liu Yue’s collected souls. It was intended to forge Yin Lei, and this fire was the most vicious than the mortal who could directly hurt the enemy’s soul. If he accidentally touched it, he would be able to call him out of his wits in a moment. This was originally an ancient sorcerer’s means. Where have people in this world seen one by one? He turned pale with fear and looked at Liu Yue’s eyes a little more.

Liu Yue’s half-suspended golden eyes looked down at the enemies around him. Although they looked very good at stealth and invisibility, they never thought that Liu Yue’s eye at this time was just a joke unless they could shield their gods from fluctuations.
Sandiman Proud foot has always believed in his hunch that he had a very bad feeling from entering this forest, so he was always cautious. Because of this, he escaped the catastrophe when the terrible fire and rain fell. At this time, he was lurking in the shadows of trees and nervously watched the suspended semi-terrible man. Damn it, would he be a powerful mage? No, he overturned his judgment, because no mage would fight in a metal armor, but it was obvious that the terrible fire and rain should be summoned by him. Sandiman couldn’t help but get confused.
A cold look suddenly passed over him, and Sandiman felt as if he had fallen into an ice cave. The most terrible thing was that he seemed to see him smile, and then he didn’t know anything.
Liu Yue frowned in front of a row of bodies. These assassins were quite cruel. Except for the halfling, everyone else was caught and swallowed the poison prepared in advance. But he always felt that something was wrong. It seemed that something was missing. But at this time, he didn’t want to think much. Anyway, he would know everything if he asked the halfling.
He turned to Collins and said, "I told Roddick to stay and protect you. You just stay here and I’ll ask."
Collins had been confused by this series of things and quickly promised, "Good teacher, be careful yourself."
Liu Yue nodded and grabbed the coma halfling and walked towards the depths of the forest.
After walking for a while, Liu Yue found a place to throw the halfling to the ground and reached a finger and said, "Take the gods to subdue the ghosts and refine the gods!"
A milky white ball of light slowly floated out of the halfling’s body, and it was faintly visible that there was a little man looking at the halfling. Generally, at second glance, Liu Yue reached out and recruited the ball of light to float toward the palm of Liu Yue’s hand. At this time, Liu Yue’s heart suddenly showed warning signs, and he just wanted to shake the ball of light in his hand, only to find that the ball of light seemed to be frightened and flashed into the ground. Liu Yue saw that it fell short, and he was furious and went down to detain the halfling. At this time, two fires flashed across his face.
This is the first time that Liu Yue has met someone who can be called a master since he came to the main material world. Just now, those two arrows were able to temporarily deceive his knowledge until he found them about 50 feet away from them, and the archer was miles away. How terrible it is to shoot these two arrows. What kind of strong bow is it?
At this time, the Arabian dawn can be seen through the wisps of dawn. A tall figure stands on a hill miles away. Liu Yue looked intently. The man seemed to feel something. His eyes flashed and Liu Yue’s eyes collided together to detain him. If he was afraid to stay for another turn, he would go away.
Liu Yue snorted, "Do you want to leave so cheap?" With that, he walked slowly towards the body of the halfling, and a strange smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, which made people shudder.
Volume II
It’s still being processed. Please repeat the first chapter Black Wings later.
Black wing? Ellarell lay quietly in a small river with a reed pipe in his mouth. The day’s experience was like the deepest nightmare. Even a strong man like him, who has been through many battles and is as strong as steel, felt overwhelmed.
In his eyes, it was an easy mission. Six top druids ambushed a group of slave traders in the forest. Although there was no such terrible guy and the lion dragon that looked weird in advance, it was a little more difficult for him. He didn’t care too much, but the cruel reality told him that they obviously provoked the wrong people this time.
“ ` ` w w w
He doesn’t understand why such a powerful man would play for the weismann family. With his current strength, a king would welcome him to join him with open hands. There is no reason for him to hang out with a group of slave traders. Although the weismann family has acquired a noble status of its own, those long-established families see them as a group of despicable slave traders.
The dense trees near the river suddenly shook violently, and a short figure emerged from the trees. From his disproportionate feet, it is obvious that he is a halfling, but if you look closely, you will find many strange places. His body is full of burning marks and his face is blackened. The most terrible thing is that he has a black sharp arrow stuck in his throat.
He went to the river and rolled his eyes as if he were looking for something. After a while, he seemed to find something. He looked up hard and suddenly gave me a smile, and then chased him along the river bank.
Black wing is a semi-elf, which everyone can see, because a pure blood elf can’t have such a burly figure, but no one knows that his other half comes from the terrible dog demon race. Although the dog demon abyss race is not the most powerful, it is even more frightening because of its large number and high intelligence, especially its persistence in hatred. There is a saying in the mainland that it is not too late for the dog demon to revenge for ten years.
His father used to be the most terrible "roaring moon" clan among the dog demons, while his mother has the noblest ancient elf lineage among the elves. This can be seen from her surname that the name Ellarell has been acquired by the elves with the noblest lineage since ancient times, and several elf kings have been born in this clan.
The combination of the two was doomed to be a doomed love from the beginning. Although his mother was vague about it, the only feeling that Black Wing felt for her father was hatred, which could be seen from the terrible eyes when she remembered her father.
Black wing’s childhood was not happy because of the birthmark on his left face that resembled a black wing, and his overly burly figure. Black wing sometimes thought that if he looked like his father, I was afraid that his mother would kill himself first, but the terrible thing was that when he was ten years old, a cold moonlit night happened. He was possessed and climbed to the tallest oak tree in the forest, which represented the forest god, and then turned into a terrible dog demon in front of the whole tribe. In that crazy winter night, he almost destroyed everything that stood in front of him until the next morning.
Black wing suddenly turned over and jumped up from the river. He is not a person who likes to recall the past, but I don’t know what some long-forgotten past will come to mind at this time.
_ ____w_ w_ w___ __ __
That mysterious guy is so powerful that he not only defeated the whole nightingale by himself, but also turned Sandiman into a monster. Damn it, his arrow has already killed him, but now he is not only not dead, but also powerful and invulnerable. Could that damn guy be an undead mage?
Black wing can clearly feel the danger approaching. This kind of prediction of danger has saved his life several times. I believe this time is no exception. He suddenly jumped out of the water, and his clothes were shattered in a strange twist in the middle of his body. When he fell to the ground, he had become a huge white wolf with a face. The birthmark still set off his body as snow, and it was even more imposing. He shook his body and threw it away. The bow and arrow cowhide bag plunged into the dense forest. It is incredible that wherever he walked, whether it was soft grass or wet moss, there was no trace left, as if the huge body was finished.
After a long time, the half-length man appeared where he had just disappeared, and the clothes scattered everywhere obviously attracted his attention. He slowly walked to a broken cloak and picked it up, turning his eyes like a dead fish repeatedly as if thinking about something.
At the other end of the far forest, Liu Yue’s face suddenly changed and he was a little angry and said, "Waste!" In the middle of his hand, he grasped something as if he had caught it. Collins suddenly heard an inaudible scream with a puzzled face.
The face of the halfling by the river suddenly showed pain, and there was a terrible scream in his mouth. After a while, he tumbled for a while and then there was no movement.
It turned out that at that time, Liu Yue wanted to catch the mysterious assassin himself, but he was afraid of being tricked by others. He photographed the soul of the halfling because he was worried that he would commit suicide, but he didn’t expect the other party to move so fast to kill him in front of him. This suspicion angered him
So he smelted the corpse of the halfling into a Promethean. Since he practiced the technique of "taking gods to subdue ghosts * *", he can be said to be familiar with this kind of technique. He wanted to give the assassin a lesson that he will never forget. Unexpectedly, the assassin was more cunning than the Promethean. After all, it was a rush to refine it. Although it was extraordinary, the spiritual wisdom was not unexpectedly angered by him. Liu Yue immediately launched a secret spell attached to the living corpse to destroy it. It was a bit puzzling for Collins to face his sudden anger.
Three days later, the majestic figure of Truth Gate finally appeared in front of a line of people. Klein’s father Liu Yue walked side by side at the front of the line. Klein was obviously in a good mood. Seeing that he raised his whip in his hand and pointed to a distant city, he said, "Who would have thought that the first residents of the greatest city in the east would be a group of gold diggers!"
He turned to Liu Yuedao. "Do you know, Mr. Lucifer, it was still a barren land more than 200 years ago, but since the discovery of gold mines near here, several gold diggers have flocked. Look at this big river in front of you. Its name is Manshu River. It is said that every time you grab a handful of mud and sand at the bottom of the river in the dry season, you can find a golden sea. On the one hand, it looks muddy because there is too much mud and sand in the water, and on the other hand, it is named because it is located at the end of Manshu River."

"What is poor? Hey, I haven’t been here for so many years. I haven’t seen our village rich. Of course, the day is getting better every day. Compared with decades when I didn’t have enough food, I’m happy to die. But I can’t look back. I have to look forward. Now the city people are so prosperous. Our village is still tepid … "The old clan said with a sigh.

"The old clan za what tepid in the village? What can’t be as prosperous as the city? " Dry elder brother continue to ask.
"Don’t develop Bai people’s cities have developed for many years, but in our village, it’s good to have enough to eat …" The old clan took a sip of dry tea and said.
"Then what do you think is the main reason why our village is not developing?" Brother gan, ask what comes next.
"The brain is not smart. There is no such idea as a city dweller …" The old clan wanted to think and replied.
"Ha ha, you’re right about this. The reason why the old clan can’t get rich in our village is that the concept of our village still stays decades ago. This is the most terrible thing …" Brother Gan finally got the answer he wanted, smiled and nodded and said to the old clan.
"Come on, don’t talk to me as an old man when you are young. Just say what you have to say. I am an old man who has imposed this rotten stall on you. I will be responsible for it in the end …" The old clan is one of the words that I understand, so I took a sip of tea and smiled and said.
"Ha ha, old clan, you are really an old clan. I told you, ordinary villagers in our village have a hard time, especially because the concept is too conservative. Let’s say that Sun Ershu did this today, although the family planning master did something wrong, but we are also wrong. Is it so important to have three girls?" Dry elder brother smiled and confessed directly
"Ah, Xiaotian, you grew up in the countryside. It’s not that you don’t know who you said. If there is no boy from one generation to another, he can’t stand up in the village! No matter how many girls you have, sooner or later, other people’s families will get married and girls will pour out water … "The old clan didn’t expect dry elder brother to pull out the baby thing again, and Nai sighed.
"Old clan, it’s the 21st century. Besides, boys and girls are all their own flesh and blood. Now the city has already given birth to an only child. I have three girls in my life, and I will give birth to a girl in the city. Let alone training and education. It’s hard to say that you can’t afford to raise it. You said that you are better than others! Don’t be so poor from generation to generation! In my opinion, if we want to develop our Dawangzhuang village, we must first change the villagers’ concept, and this thing of having children is the best starting point … "Brother Gan listened to the words of the old clan and tried his best to persuade him that it doesn’t matter whether a person’s life is good or bad. What matters is how you can develop the village planning in Chapter 5.
"Hey, don’t talk to my old guy about such a big story. I don’t understand and I don’t know what you city dwellers think. Chairman Mao’s old man’s house said that people make more efforts. You said that if you don’t have children, who will give you a pension and die? If we don’t have children, we will hold dogs and kittens as children all day, as you said. You let your father and your mother judge you and ask them what your father will do to you if you don’t have children after you get married! " The old clan left the pie mouth and talked endlessly. At some point, they pointed out that they were busy cooking in the courtyard outside, and their parents warned.
"Hey, old clan leader, why don’t you be white? Before I was bullied, I was afraid. Now our country is short of people, but with money, we have everything. If there is no money, we will not all starve to death!" In the face of the old clan such stubborn old fool dry elder brother nai sighed and said
"Come on, Xiaotian, I know you are thinking about our village, but if you want to understand that we are in the countryside, not in the city, and we have never seen any big world and received any big education, we have that kind of unified concept in our bones. If you think you have the ability to talk to the old men and women in our village, you can talk about it. I’m an old man who will never stop you, but Xiaotian, believe it or not, you have to be driven out of your house just now. You said these words to make them cut off their grandchildren!" The old clan stopped him with the wave. He knew that Brother Gan was painstaking, but he also knew that this painstaking village of Dawangzhuang would not work, and it would not work in a short time.
"Well, let’s not say that this old clan went to the family planning office today. The fat family planning owner didn’t do anything to you, did he, old clan?" After listening to the words of the old clan, Gange Nai nodded his head. He knew that even if he said that it was broken today, there was nothing to have children. It was not a matter of time, and the concept of eugenics was infiltrated into the villagers, so he quickly changed the subject and said,
"What can he do to me? It’s not like having your little brother. They take care of our roots. It’s nothing that the official wants to do with us …" The old clan said, pointing to Li Hushan and admiring them.
"Ha ha that’s good, but I don’t think that family planning master is a good bird. He can’t do that family planning master for long …" Brother Gan smiled thoughtfully and said that sometimes he must call Choco, the county party secretary of Juye County, to reflect one.
"There are several good birds now, and times are different. Now they all want to get two. How many people still want to do things for the real people?" The old clan sighed and said with indignation that he felt more and more confused.
"Don’t be so pessimistic, old clan. Most people still have a good reality. Although it’s not perfect, there will be milk in bread …" Brother Gan looked at the old clan in pain and comforted him. He really didn’t expect an old man who was nearly 80 years old to have this feeling of worrying about the country and the people, so he was a little worried and said.
"Don’t tell me what’s going on in Xiaotian. I know what’s going on. Although my old man has never seen the world, I still understand that my old man is a big old man. I can’t enjoy those foreign things like bread and milk. I’ll be satisfied if I can eat enough … Ah, but it’s hard for you kids …" The old clan replied with a wave and then held the hand of dry elder brother.
"Come on, old clan, let’s not talk about these national events. We are all small people who can’t control him, but we have to control the old clan in the village of Dawangzhuang. Please introduce me to the situation in our village. After I went out for three or four years, I didn’t know much about the situation in the village, so you pushed me to the position of village head. Things in our village should also be planned …" Brother Gan smiled and held the old clan’s hand and said that Wang Xiaogan was a person, not a god. What he could do was to try to make people around him live a good life without being bullied or. It’s all he can do to get justice if he is bullied, but he can’t let himself meet it. If he meets a stall, he must take care of it. Just like today, the big brother of the family planning office has to get rid of him whatever he says. He just doesn’t like it. Maybe it’s not a good bird, but cleaning up one will always make him clean up that day.
"Well, when you say this, you should listen to Xiaotian like you young people. You should be a little aggressive. Don’t think so much. Just do it with a stuffy head. When you really do something, you will be white. You should be aggressive and energetic in your off-year life. You are as bitter as when we were young. You can’t eat and are suppressed and invaded by Xiaori. But that’s it. Our group of teenagers are still struggling happily all day. There is nothing wrong with being young. That’s the case in our village. When you came back several times, you also saw that being poor was like tofu … "The old clan listened to Brother Gan and finally got to the point. He was happy to say that he had long wanted to discuss things in a village with Brother Gan, but he was afraid that the big things in the city had been delayed. It was the best thing for Brother Gan to take the initiative to say it.
"Old clan, you have lived in our village for so many years. You are the oldest old man in our village. Tell me where to start if you want to make our Dawang Village rich?" Dry elder brother nodded and asked
"Again, if you want to build a road first, you can’t build a road in this mountain corner because of the poor terrain. If it’s cloudy and rainy, you’ll find that it’s hard to walk except mud. The man walks inside like a live loach and slips away! Only by building a road to connect our village with the outside can the villagers go out and let outsiders come in … "The old clan replied.
"Well, I listen to your old clan leader, but I still want to say that building roads will gradually lead everyone to get rich, and at the same time, we must pay attention to changing everyone’s concept. Otherwise, when everyone is rich, it will be some outbreaks. The rich people don’t know how to enjoy it. It is better to live comfortably now, although they are poorer …" Although Brother Gan pays attention to material improvement, he always feels that the most important thing is to raise the spiritual level, because there is a spiritual level to meet the growing material needs.
"Ok, if you can find a way to make everyone rich first, so that everyone in the village can live a good life, I’ll listen to you, the old man. You young people have a new concept, unlike my old man. The future development of Dawang Village is reliable for you. Xiaotian, you make the decision and I cooperate …" Although the old clan is old, it is not confused. Of course, this has to rule out the external cause of having children, but it’s a continuation of incense and a big event that glorifies ancestors. I’m afraid that the old clan can’t do it. Since the old clan can
"Ha ha, what’s my call, your call, old clan? This is all about the village, old and young. Everything is discussed. Since we want to get rich, we should build roads first. It’s not a problem. How much money is needed? I’ll just come back directly. I’m afraid the road workers will have to make their own people in our village. What do you think, old clan?" Dry elder brother smiled suggested.
"No problem, no problem. Hehe, that’s great. For so many years, the roads in Dawangzhuang Village haven’t been blocked by money. Everyone in our village has the strength to get the money in place and can start construction at any time. Just leave it to me. I can’t guarantee that everyone will be greeted in one day. It’s a clever woman who can’t cook without rice. Now I have rice and I don’t want to do anything. The villagers are all hungry and holding their breath!" When the old clan heard that the elder brother was going to pay, he was excited and said that it would be nothing if he had money left.
"Ha ha, then let’s make a deal on this matter. When the old clan is busy with this autumn harvest, we will start work. Then I will call the money in one step, and you will always be worried …" Brother Gan smiled and said that brother Gan is the kind of person who wants to do it and never drags his feet.
"Line didn’t say you are now a village head village people have to listen to you who if you don’t listen to you see how I tidy up him! I’m an old man who also listens to you. What can I do for you? Just arrange it. Xiaotian, I haven’t buried this old bones in the loess yet. I’ll see who dares not … "The old clan nodded and guaranteed.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, old clan. I don’t do bad things. It’s all about the happiness of the old and young men in the village. How many people object to it? Besides, I know it in my own mind. You can rest assured that old clan, I still have a small request. I want to change an accountant. Now that the accountant is old, it’s time to retire. Otherwise, the account in our village will still be a muddled account …" Brother Gan said with a smile and then requested.
"Come back, I’ll tell them that since I’m going to let our village develop, I can’t be too conservative. When the time comes, all the members of the village Committee will be re-elected for a new one. We old guys should also retire. Don’t shit and occupy the toilet to make room for you young people …" The old clan nodded and promised.
Brother Gan looked at the old clan and nodded and smiled. Now he has done almost everything. He has a good accountant and then he can find a young deputy village head to do things well even if he is not in the village. At that time, Dawangzhuang Village must be another prosperous scene. Brother Gan thinks about looking forward to the beautiful days of the villagers. Chapter 53 Brother, I want to see it!
"All right, Xiaotian, I want you to remember the things in our village, but the most important thing is not to delay your big deal, or I’m really crazy, this old guy …" The old clan said meaningfully to the elder brother.
"Ha ha, look at what you said about the old clan. What’s the big deal in our village? A village head doesn’t even have the ability to let the villagers live a good life. What’s the big deal?" Dry elder brother replied with a smile
"Ha ha, don’t fool me, you little rabbit. You have been playing with mud naked until now, that is, you have been out for three or four years. You said that one day I didn’t watch you grow up, and this group of young people in our village really had a future, that is, you. You are not an ordinary person. Although my master is dazzled, I can still see through you …" The old clan smiled and pointed to the dishonest "child" who was the elder brother.
Li Hushan, who was said by the old clan, has been listening to the dialogue between the elder brother and the old clan. He smiled in his heart. It seems that the old man is the old man. It’s really a look at Li Hushan, who is a quasi-elder brother. But knowing who the elder brother is is, he can’t do whatever he wants. So far, this is the case. And when the former elder brother described the vision of the red-crowned gang to the Loyalty Hall brothers, although everyone firmly carried out the orders, not many people knew when that day would come, but now they More and more believe that that day was not a dream. How long did it take? Brother Gan led the Loyalty Hall horse to dominate Dongshan. At that time, Brother Gan was the emperor of the Red Pole Dongshan. Who would fight for it! It’s like the old clan leader said that being a brother like that is not an ordinary person!
"Ha ha, come on, old clan, let’s not talk about this. You are old and drink water …" Brother Gan said with a smile that he didn’t want to compete with his master, although he said that he had seen the world, but it was still far from being compared with his master. Although he didn’t go far, he believed that his master had eaten more salt than he had drunk tea and peed more than he had ever seen.
"You little ah give me! All right, I should go back and chat with you young people. My master won’t follow me. My wife at home should also cook and go home for dinner … "The old clan said and took the dry elder brother and handed me the teacup, took a sip of tea and put it in the teacup and said with a smile.
"Don’t go, old clan. My mother will make a good meal. You can eat here tonight …" Brother Gan urged the master as he got up and left.
"Ha ha, I’ll be home in a few minutes. Besides, my wife can’t leave me. If I don’t go home, she won’t eat. Come on, my wife, my wife. You’ll know the meaning of my wife when you get to my age …" The old clan said with a happy smile, as if it were a young couple in love.
"Ha ha, that’s good, then I’ll send you the old clan. Wait a minute …" Brother Gan said, handing him the old clan crutch and then holding the old clan to go out carefully, while Bai Zhongwu and Li Hushan followed him up and went out to send the old clan.
"Oh, you hurry back to Xiaotian and chat with your little brothers. What do I want you to send? There are not many steps in total. If my old man doesn’t even have this thing to go home, it’s really over … and what do you hurry back to sit and send?" The old patriarch said with a wave when he saw that a room full of young people were up.

"Little paragraph, where are you? I’ve been waiting for you in my ward for a long time. Let’s act now!"

Duan Qingyun was surprised that the fifth brother’s penis was really going to die tonight!
Huang Liang Ma saw Duan Qingyun’s face change, and people became wary. "What happened to Brother Yun?"
Duan Qingyun said, "Brother Ma, I have to go first. It’s a little trivial!"
Looking back, Yan Meng smiled. "Miss Yan, thank you for your enthusiasm tonight. I’ll pay for the meal today!"
Duan Qingyun took out a thick stack of hundred-dollar bills from his pocket and called the clerk, "How much is it?"
Member slightly fat face although white, but it is not able to attract men that kind of white at Duan Qingyun pay out money narrowing her eyes a release of joy can not help but regard sb with special respect or new views to Duan Qingyun this handsome boy.
"Sir, that’s 450 yuan altogether!" Yuandao
Duan Qingyun took out five bills and handed them to the young lady. "Sister, you have worked very hard in this line. Take back fifty dollars and buy clothes for your children."
The clerk gave Duan Qingyun a white look and trembled slightly, gaining a fat figure. "Big brother’s family is not small, and he hasn’t married yet. How can he have children!"
Duan Qingyun quickly raised his hands out of the surrender posture and said, "Oh, elder sister, I put my foot in my mouth. Then the remaining fifty dollars should be regarded as a mental loss for you. I just put my foot in my mouth to offend you."
Member a listen to this just laughed.
Huang Liang MayanMeng followed to laugh.
Xiaoya’s face is a desert expression. She took Duan Qingyun’s coat and put it on Duan Qingyun.
Duan Qingyun said, "Brother Ma, just call me if there is anything. I guess I have to stay in the hospital for a while."
Huang Liang Ma said, "Brother Yun, don’t worry. If you have something to do, you must be troubled. I am at a low point in my life!"
Duan Qingyun quipped, "Yes, you are at a low point in your life, but how I envy such a low point in your life with beautiful women around you."
A burst of laughter in the middle Qingyun took Xiaoya’s hand and walked out of the four people to stay. This package went out of the small restaurant and quickly entered the hospital toward the intensive care unit.
Huang Liang Ma, a section of Qingyun Road, didn’t go, not only as he said, "the most dangerous place is the safest place", but also because of his reasons. What are the reasons? Did he come because of an old aphrodisiac? You know, Huang Liang Ma is small, but she is intimate with Lin Yushan!
Think like this when Duan Qingyun Xiaoya is close to the intensive care unit.
Xiaoya pulled a piece of Qingyun skirts and said, "I won’t go in if I change clothes first."
Duan Qingyun a pull lesser hand way "lesser sister that’s very kind of you! You earned me enough noodles tonight! "
Xiaoya smiled and broke free from Duan Qingyun’s hand and turned towards his lounge.
Looking at Xiaoya’s beautiful back, Duan Qingyun’s face shows a lewd smile and tells me that my old man will get you into my bed one day!
Duan Qingyun turned and entered the ward, and the intensive care unit was already smoky. Director Zhang and Director Lin were smoking hard and waiting for Duan Qingyun to come back.
See Duan Qingyun came in Zhang, Erh Lin, director of a full face of excitement and anxiety at the same time got up from the sofa.
Director Zhang said, "Little paragraph, you can come back." He took the initiative to hold Duan Qingyun’s hand and looked very hot.
Duan Qingyun heart way at noon but just met director Zhang, now he is so enthusiastic as if he hadn’t seen each other for years.
Director Zhang said, "My second aunt is going to have an operation tomorrow. I just sent the old couple to the train. Now the train may have already arrived. Let’s act!"
Duan Qingyun’s heart is slowly beating harder and harder. Pity those two "four sisters" of German black shells. How empty she would be without "five brothers"! And "Brother Five" will die a painful death without his own whip! Can’t I really protect these two poor dogs?
"Director Zhang, since the old couple are not tonight, this is the right time to make an appointment. Since you have decided, let’s go!" Duan Qingyun said to Director Zhang, "We must do this well before the old couple come back!"
"Don’t worry about other things for a short time, just let me deal with them!" Director Zhang waved his hand and said, "You mainly take the whip!"
Duan Qingyun nodded "well, the director’s instructions are imperial edict, and I will not live up to your family’s hope! We must do a good job! "
"good!" Tree-lined up and patted Duan Qingyun on the shoulder and said, "Little paragraph, I knew you were a rare talent! You must do a good job. How can Director Zhang treat you badly? " There was a meaningful smile on the tree-lined face when he said this.
Duan Qingyun is wondering at this time that Director Zhang just said that Miss Mei and Lao Zhang have arrived at the train, so if the old couple don’t have a train at this time, they can secretly call them and ask them to come back quickly. At the same time, an old section can also delay some time, which may keep the two poor dogs "happy"!
Hey! Duan Qingyun secretly sighed "Four Sisters" and "Five Brothers" in his heart. My old section is also thinking about his own success. I can’t offend Director Zhang. If my old section has nothing to do, I won’t let you do such an immoral thing. If you can perceive my old section’s mind, it’s best to jump out of the wall and take shelter. Wait for Teacher Mei and Lao Zhang to come back when they get home …
Even if you leave a message of * _ _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!

"Is this the will of heaven and earth?" At this moment, the first feelings of those hidden and secret masters and Song Qi are unbelievable. It is unbelievable that the heaven and earth source will appear a person who will cultivate himself later.

But the truth happened before them, and they could not believe that Du Yun’s eyes just popped out and it was a very subtle source of heaven and earth.
Only those who have the will to go to fairyland can understand that they don’t know how Du Yun has the will of heaven and earth. This result makes many experts’ eyes emit a kind of fanaticism.
Everyone was shocked. Just now, the idea was all a moment. It was still not recognized by many people. At this time, Du Yun put out the burning flame, which turned out to make many people petrochemical and roared out of Song Qi. The lighter did not achieve the expected effect, but this moment was cracked by Du Yun.
After a long whistle, the fire dragon swept through the silver line with unparalleled momentum, and Song Qi’s body collided instantly.
The spread of the monstrous flame has dyed half of Song Qi’s house red and hot, and this tension has gradually been ignored.
After staying away, Song Qi’s slightly embarrassed figure is also revealed. At this moment, Du Yun’s figure suddenly zoomed in on everyone’s eyes.
Want to know now Du Yun is against all the late and he faced the enemy that’s half a step to immortalize the strong Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Against half a step to immortalize (in)
After the monstrous fire dispersed, Song Qi’s figure was a little embarrassed, but his half-step immortal strong breath filled the audience who were trying to hold back their smiles and suddenly woke up
At this time, Song Qi suspected that it was a mass of gunpowder. If they died in the hands of Du Yun and others, it would be fine. But if Song Qi took Tianfeng Imperial Friar to kill Du Yun and others, then remember that they looked like they were unlucky in the end.
The law of the jungle, the strength of the jungle, the competition for natural selection, this is the iron law of the monks!
No one wants to provoke the strong, even if some strength reaches this point, the monks will not go to a strong enemy because of a funny scene.
Now this scene can be said to be a bit ironic. It is just that no one in Song Qi can laugh at it.
"Brother Du is very fierce …" Not far away, Qin Sisi saw this scene and was innocent. She did have a bright eye, and the bright eyes flashed some touching colors.
Qin Feng didn’t listen to what Qin Sisi said to her when she felt that Qin Sisi had changed. On the contrary, an uneasy factor arose because of this change of her sister.
"Sister, this time you will be disappointed with Du Xiong and other characters … alas ……" Qin Feng shook his head secretly. His experience has always been his Qin Sisi shelter from the wind and rain.
Qin Sisi these subtle changes, he could feel his sister even had a little affection for Du Yun. Although these Qin Sisi didn’t know it, Qin Feng’s knowledge was not from his eye.
However, at the thought of the prospect of Du Yun, Qin Feng’s heart is a little dim. When his sister meets Kan this time, she can see herself. Qin Feng has the heart to protect her sister, but there is nothing he can do about this kind of men and women.
Du Yun is too dazzling after all!
Even this ghost battlefield is afraid of the few people who can stand out in the end-Qin Feng deeply knows that such people live in a different world from them.
Of course, Du Yun, the center of the battlefield, naturally won’t change here in white. His eyes swept away and Huo Yan played inextricably. Because Tianfeng Empire was crowded, Huo Yan and others had some support.
Fortunately, Zhong Huo Yan is extremely fierce, and the monstrous blood gas and his blood sword deterrence also make several monks in Tianfeng Empire fear.
Although this dazzling scene has been covered by the light of Du Yun, there are still many people who secretly marvel at the strength of Du Yun and others. One Du Yun is already a freak, and another Huo Yan makes people feel incredible.
He is not so lucky as Sha Bangwen. The powerful monks of Tianfeng Empire and the large number of people suppress the three of them. Now they are a little overwhelmed.
"Must quickly solve this Song Qi! Then we can alleviate their current crisis … "Du Yun’s heart andao also passed a sharp eye at the same time.
He has already experienced the strength of the strong. Although Song Qi has not yet come up with real strength, Du Yun believes that Song Qi should be serious through this collision.
But does he taste different in Du Yun? All the collisions just now were just a test of one’s promotion and later revision.
Now that you have experienced the strength of the strong, there is no need to leave your hand. On this day, the friar of the peak empire will report it to you.
For this kind of person, now that you have scratched the road, Du Yun has put them on the death list in his heart. There is no right or wrong means. * * It is good that evil is just right.
Du Yun always does whatever he wants, regardless of other people’s opinions. All he has to do is feel guilty. Words are always in the hands of winners!
"Come on!" Du Yun’s mind moved his eyes and looked at Song Qi. The origin of his body must have been running wildly. The mighty spiritual force swept through him and he gave off a monstrous war gas, which made him like killing God.
Feel Du Yun rising fighting spirit Song Qi that because of eating a loss than angry look is instantaneous ferocious.
"I’ll let you know what it means to be immortal in half a step. This half a step will be the realm that you will look up to in the later period!" Song Qi blurted out that he never thought that he was also a route to the late stage of entering the realm of immortality
But at this time, no one questioned what he said, the strength of the strong and the strength of the immortal saw that Song Qi’s words had just fallen from the other body, and a very different force of spiritual force suddenly swept wildly.
"Fairy power … is this the strong man whose spiritual power has been transformed by half?" Song Qi stepped out of a silver screen, and his body appeared, which made many people suddenly feel that their physical strength seemed to be sluggish in an instant.
This kind of power, unless the body cultivates the Godsworn Immortal Force, the general Godsworn will feel that his spiritual power seems to be hindered and does not run smoothly when he is hit by this power.
Immortal power is beyond the category of spiritual power, and it is precisely because of this that half a step is to cultivate monks, and what goes far beyond the later period of exchange, that is, the peak state of exchange, monks.
Half a step to immortality. This is when most of the body’s spiritual power has been transformed into immortal power. When they finish transforming the body’s spiritual power into immortal power and then spend a robbery, that is, when they ascend to immortality.
According to the explanation of two vice presidents of Jingwu College and Lingyun, it is said that once a monk stepped into the fairyland before, he could step through the vastness of the six realms-the fairyland!
However, for some reason, it seems that his five realms are isolated from his interface array and so on, which has long been lost.
The reason for this is probably because of what major changes have taken place in the origin star. Of course, for more information, it is obvious that the vice president of Jingwu College and others also don’t know much.
"Ice growls!"