[Judgment passed! 】

[Burner Robert’s Family Ruins] Another harvest: When you combine the ancient Celtic priests’ incomplete’ flame’ with unknown occult techniques, a new occult technique is born, which is more powerful and flexible, but what really makes it powerful is that you integrate the’ dragon breath’ feature! 】
[The effect consumes a little physical strength. The starting point of your palm sprays a conical flame forward. The flame angle is 4 and the length is 145 meters. The blade level is fierce. The attack level will increase physical strength when it is continuously sprayed. Or you can summon a fireball with a judgment level and a fierce blade to throw at the target]
(Label 1 does not need a gesture diagram. When your mind moves and raises your palm, the flame will spray out.)
(Note 2: You can spray the flame with one hand or both hands at the same time, but the energy consumption will be doubled.)
(Note 3: When you throw a flame, you need to aim yourself and the throwing distance needs to be determined according to your body.)
(Mark 4: This arcane method is upgraded)
What an accident!
Goethe’s eyes are full of accidents when he looks at the blood crow spirit and feeds back.
Not only the attributes of "mind" and "body" are obtained, but also "staring at the weary in doing one’s job" and "burning hands" are promoted.
With this promotion, the "weary in well-being gaze" has really become an imminent gaze for ordinary people.
And [burning hand]?
Once again, it can be listed as a conventional means of warfare.
Fierce flame is a great threat to most transcendental people.
And …
There seems to be a lot of’ anchor world’ and’ Dragon Blood Warrior’
Goethe thought of a sudden heart fiercely.
A peep suddenly fell on him.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen On the eve of the storm!
The sea waves rolled endlessly, bringing up waves.
White waves still appear in the night, and the Farber ship is slowly sinking in the distance, and people shout loudly.
But the sound seems to have stopped
It’s not just human voice!
And the sound of the waves!
Goethe felt that everything was still when that peep appeared.
Peep is fleeting.
Everything returned to normal in an instant.
But Goethe’s hair blew up.
Just like walking alone in a quiet forest in the middle of the night, a poisonous snake suddenly jumped out of the bushes, which is not only dangerous but also fatal.
But this eye is not staring at him!
But in the hands of "dragon blood crystallization"
More precisely …
Faber VII!
Goethe is thoughtful.
At this time, the archduke, who had been hiding in the dark, came out of the shadows and asked Goethe with his eyes. After confirming that Goethe had no problem, he made a sign to Sim Laike.
"I’ll give it to Em Laike first."
"Smyrk, Goethe and I will come back to Bear Castle."
Archduke said a flicker like this and disappeared.
Smolleke followed quickly.
And Goethe, who had already been motioned by the archduke, came to Margarita Margo.
"Do you want revenge?"
Goethe asked softly.
Margarita Magma nodded.
"Come with me if you want!"
Goethe said and turned to go.
Margarita Margo immediately followed.
On the other side of the dock with the Grand Guard, Enmlek sighed with regret.
Goethe is still too soft-hearted.
"Give me words …"
"What would you do if I gave you a word?"
Has been disappearing for several days, and Giercke came along.
"Of course, hold Margarita Margo firmly in your hands and then … kill all the Faber nobles here-their property and resources fall into their pockets and release Faber’s property belongs to them and to me."
Dagong times said and sighed.
"Do you believe that you dare to do this? Father will definitely break your leg."
Giercke grumpily turned supercilious look.
"I’ll do it even if I break my leg."
"It’s a pity that the key figure is Goethe instead of me?"
"It’s my brother again … alas!"
Dagong times repeatedly sighed.
But soon Dagong came to his senses.
He looked at his other brother.