This scene has had a great impact on him!

It was not until the wolf king’s head fell heavily before Su Mo that he took a long breath.
After a short silence, thousands of Cang Lang whimpered and ran away in the distance without looking back.
Suddenly disappeared completely, leaving the wolf’s body covered in blood.
Chapter two hundred and one Five thousand years of immortality
Su Mo looked back at the dark cave behind him and looked indecisive.
Leng for a moment Su Mo consciousness looked at the monkey.
After all, he hasn’t come back for two years. There is something in this cave that the monkey should know best.
Only to see Sue ink eyes spirit monkey also shook his head a face of confusion.
"… cold pool into … abode of fairies and immortals"
Just then Su Mo suddenly heard a strange sound than weak intermittent.
This sound is very abrupt, just like Su Mo’s mind!
Is there someone in the cave?
Just cold pool noodles?
What means is this?
Su Moping recovered his mind and looked at the monkey.
There is nothing unusual in the monkey’s sleep.
This means that the sound has been heard by himself!
What is the identity of the other party and what is the purpose? Su Mo doesn’t know anything about it, and she is not uneasy.
But on second thought, if it weren’t for this man, he would have been killed by a wolf kiss.
The worst result is just to die again.
Su Mo thoughtfully for a moment and did not tell the monkey about it.
There is a possibility that the mysterious man doesn’t want the monkey to hear the mysterious man’s voice.
Besides, Su Mo doesn’t want the monkey to take risks with him.
"Monkey, wait for me to go in and have a look." Su Mo struggled to get up with severe pain.
"Oh, oh!"
The monkey called several times, holding Su Mo with one hand and gesticulating with the other, meaning to go in together.
"You wait for me outside. I’ll be right back."
Su Mo added, walking slowly to the cave.
A pungent and familiar smell came into the cave, and Su Mo frowned.
It’s that dead monkey shit again
Little change in the cave Su Mo looked around and went straight to the cold pool.
There are layers of white air on the water, and the chill is biting.
Su Mo didn’t hesitate to take a deep breath and jumped in directly.
Because wearing Xuan Jin silk armour, Su Mo sinks quickly.
Two years ago, he had just cultivated to Yi Jin and sneaked into the middle position, and his blood had already frozen.

However, when he was about to approach the handsome boy, he suddenly swooped down on the ground, like Mount Tai suppressing the law and moving half a minute.

"I, I give up!"
Ye Hao just hurriedly lost.
This is coercion. If we follow this assessment system, I’m afraid no one can pass.
After all, it is impossible for everyone to resist coercion if they just wake up and have no training.
Then more and more people failed.
From the first to the dozens behind, there was no exception. I fell to the ground two meters away, and I didn’t get any closer.
You can imagine how overbearing this guy is.
"Hey, is that all you have in tianyong city?"
The handsome boy shook his head, and the more severe he was, the more he seemed to be forced to be high. It was so cool.
"Huh?" At this moment, a strange figure appeared on his head, which seemed to attack his own place.
"What is this … a ghost?"
As soon as this figure fell, even the earth smashed a big hole, and the hard bluestone cracked the cobweb crack, and the crack spread to the soles of the feet of the handsome boy.
His mouth twitched. "This thing jumped from such a high place? Still got such a big pit and died? "
But as soon as he flashed the idea, there came a swearing sound in the crater nearly one meter deep.
"Your sister sent the captain so violently, didn’t she send it over!"
Liu Yu jumped directly from a height of 1,000 meters, which is the top of Tianshan Mountain in Yaochi.
Fortunately, his physical fitness is ok, and this height is not enough to throw him half to death.
"yeah? Where is this? "
Liu Yu jumped up from the huge pit and turned his back on the handsome boy. At the moment, many eyes around him were focused with incredible colors and a little dementia.
"hey! !”
The handsome boy is angry. What happened to this man? Come here to make such a big hole brush feeling?
And he looked at the hole … What if he fell out of such a big hole and didn’t kill him?
"ah? You called me? "
Liu Yu turned around and looked at the handsome boy with a big smile on his face, but he was still not as handsome as me.
"Nonsense, of course, is always call you where are you from? What are you doing here? "
Liu Yu was calm and pointed to the sky. "I’m new here. Please give me more advice after I call Liu Yu."
"God?" Your sister Lautz knows that you jumped from the sky, but I asked if it was your family Sect. Are you so stupid?
"Yes, what are you doing? Can you count me in? "
Liu Yu, hey, hey, smile, I still feel that it’s fun to have scenery here, but I can fly around all over the sky without restraint. When I get familiar with this, Brother will play this role to make the mainland remember his name.
Then ….. Hehe, and then make a fortune.
Brother Cong is so clever, where can I find a man?
Handsome boy leng for a while and then eyes riveted on Liu Yu this little can’t? Playing the fool?
Say it’s a day? Why don’t you go to Sunday?
And he looked at Liu Yu as soon as he appeared, and he took aim everywhere. Is it still a terrapin?
Why don’t Lautz kick him off?
No, in case I can’t beat today, won’t the limelight blow? No, let me see what he can do.
"Can you count me as an important cabinet and force me to make a move so that you can enter my giant mountain to practice?"
Smell speech Liu Yu this just looked around eyes back at each other and then grinned "are you sure? I am afraid of myself with my hands. "
"There will be wu god peak? What the hell is that? "
Chapter 513 See who is cool for whom
"What do you mean?"
The handsome boy looks a little angry. Although he Ye Xiaochen’s strength is weak, he is the younger brother of Wu Shenfeng, which is particularly noble in the eyes of outsiders.
And now you’re being despised by a little guy?
This is simply that the uncle can bear it, and the aunt can’t bear it.
Liu Yu grinned. "I mean, do you have the strength to make a move?"
It’s a nice environment here, but you can stretch your fists and pretend to be forced
Ye Xiaochen roars, and as soon as he grabs his fist, it explodes like a wave. A mountain is higher than a mountain.
"Nine waves on the highest day!"
This explosive drink is condensed with anger.
Liu Yu’s eyes narrowed slightly, and it was said that there was nothing wrong. The qualification of martial arts here is really not comparable to that of Mushatokoro on Earth.
Single theory in front of him this guy ability can be hanging Jin Dao fighters.
"Buzz ~ ~ ~ ~"
The waves in this square have surged, and many young brothers have been horrified.
In their eyes, this is that Wu Xiu’s powerful display and instant repair can create such a strong momentum.
However, when they looked at Liu Yu in turn, they almost didn’t spray a face of blood.
Although they didn’t practice, they knew that Wu Xiu was powerful.
According to the current situation, Liu Yu will not stop or retreat in the face of Ye Xiaochen’s attack. Is this going to die?
"God, I can’t watch it."
Some girls have covered their eyes.
"How can this man die so handsome?"
When the girls saw Liu Yu, they all made anthomaniac for a while, but when Ye Xiaochen launched an attack, they were completely pulled back from the anthomaniac world.
Soon Liu Yu’s figure was drowned by the flip of the nine waves.
"Dead …"
A teenager was dumbfounded.
I didn’t expect that today was the first time they went to their own cultivation road, but it was cruel to see such a bloody scene.
At the moment, they also fully realized that brother Wu Shenfeng is really powerful.
"I depend!"
When everyone was in a circle, Ye Xiaochen’s cursing came suddenly in the square. When they focused their eyes on the past, they suddenly opened their mouths and shocked people.
Liu Yu didn’t die, but with a little bit of Ye Xiaochen’s eyebrows instantly resolved this storm and the riot around him eased up.

Through the war, the glove bag at the door smashed the front figure.

"bedroom!" Figure instantaneous backward shouted
After the war, I knew that I was confined to the house, so I definitely didn’t return it. I took a step to the mobile phone club, grabbed the other arm with my left hand and quickly picked it with my right hand.
The corridor was filled with blood, and the military Bi rowed one by one to split each other’s guns and wrists, and the guns snapped off the ground.
Through the war, instead of bending down to pick up guns, the shoulders bent down against each other’s chest and dashed forward. The right arm was extremely explosive and waved the military dagger again.
Through the war, pushing each other’s body is like riding each other’s body with two knives piercing his neck, pushing his left hand forward, and he immediately stepped back, stepped on the gangster’s right foot, dropped his gun and slid into the house directly.
After the war, I bent down to hide in the room, and the right hand knife was changed to the left hand, and the ground gun was picked up with an outstretched arm.
A thud was stabbed four times by the war, and the man fell to the ground on the spot.
"That fucking little bedroom!" A man yelled in the corridor.
Listening to the movement outside, I feel that the footsteps at the back door are more noisy, like more people are rushing over.
There is a window in the bedroom on the first floor, but the security fence is welded outside, and it will definitely not be rushed out after a long war.
Calm through the war, he chose to call out at the first time because he was afraid that the other party would be flooded into the house and he would definitely not live.
The gun exploded and the war probe shot a man on the left side of the corridor, but he staggered back and was about to rush forward again.
Through the war, adjust the shooting angle and lower the muzzle like a flash, and then the probe fired two shots.
One person was shot in the leg and thigh and fell on his back.
After the war, I turned around and put away the military dagger. I was about to drag down the closet in the house and push out the door to block the way for myself, but as soon as I turned around, I saw a figure flash by the window.
After the war, two shots smashed the window glass and surprised the figure.
After the war, I collected the military Bi and raised the bedside table with at least sixty or seventy kilograms in one hand. I jumped to the door and threw it directly into the corridor.
Guns rang wildly in the corridor and rushed out of the room bravely. I was just about to run in the direction of the main entrance. The blood bullet in the left rear rib instantly shot through the skin and directly shot out.
After a short pause, Li Zhan ran to the main gate.
Two shutter doors covering the main entrance floor-to-ceiling windows don’t know when they will be lifted, followed by several iron bars to smash the floor-to-ceiling windows directly. Four or five figures carrying long guns and short guns are ready to rush into the room.
After the war, the footsteps stopped, and I glanced back at the corridor and looked at the front. I can’t come to the second floor at the moment.
Step to the left and hide from the side of the living room closet without defending the direction of the floor-to-ceiling window, but aim the gun directly at the back door corridor
Four or five bandits wearing bulletproof vests came in through the broken landing window and rushed forward when they stepped forward.
Through the war, the left hand grabbed into the gap at the top of the closet and pulled forward abruptly.
At the bottom of the closet, there was a sour tooth ringing, and then it swayed back and forth and collapsed to the center of the living room.
"Lying in the trough!"
The leftmost figure exclaimed.
The closet fell to the other side, and the two raised their arms to block their heads and were smashed on the spot.
"High-pitched …!"

I’m afraid I’ll have to cut nearly 10% if I can get through the day safely.

And these born talents are the ones who have initially got the qualification to compete for the immortal clan.
When they were all paying attention to the virtual battle, the two men came all the way towards the enchantment.
Just then, a bright green mountain rose into the sky!
"It’s a symbol diagram!"
Chapter 261 Meet an old friend again
A green symbol figure rises into the sky!
Li Yuan’s eyes almost popped out in the direction of two people falling.
"This enchantment should be able to block …"
Li Yuan hasn’t finished yet, but he sees one or two people directly passing through the enchantment, and the figure of the bearer also rushes in the direction of Meng Chen and Shu Li.
Meng Chen leaned against the giant peak and felt a breath rushing behind him.
Without thinking about it, his hands are red, his eyes are shining, and his general consciousness is toward his back.
This claw figure was suddenly prompted by a green light beam falling from the sky.
Blink of an eye will Meng Chen and special from two people.
Meng Chen’s mind turned sharply when fists turned into palms and palms were rolled out!
With a hard support, Meng Chen’s palm was also printed with a punch.
"You …"
From startled bowed their heads and suddenly found a huge suction sky.
He is more familiar with this kind of breath.
All the people who get the inheritance map will be sent to different immortal sects in the end.
It’s abrupt. He didn’t expect Meng Chen to do this.
"Thank you for helping me into the extreme! This grace will be reported in the future! "
Meng Chen grinning with a trace of blood corners of the mouth cold sneer at a way
Otherwise, it’s incredible to be shocked. The green light in your eyes flashes and the whole person disappears into the sky.
Meng Chen doesn’t know what the sky is like. He knows that he has been away from here for a short time and can’t come back
Meng Chen knew that it was impossible for him and Jueli to tell the outcome in a short time.
He can feel that there is no card left.
But the same fight all the way to the present has long been aware that Meng Chen has not moved his strength.
How can a person who can slaughter that nine saint and escape from the sacred pillar be slay so easily?
At this moment, I don’t know that there is a giant peak in the sky, and the blood cloud in the prison is finally scattered by Meng Chen.
If this matter enters the ears of the Lord of Sanctuary, I’m afraid Meng Chen will face more than just a Lord of Sanctuary.
Of course, Meng Chen himself knows that it will still go out.
But if you can delay for a while now, it will be a while.
Time is pressing, and now Meng Chen has grown up when he needs it too much!
Meng Chen learned from The Hunger and Youwu beast that there is another world in the sky.
Ming JIU Tian Jie

But Xiao Ye came to see him again before dawn today. He said that if he didn’t completely break his heart today, he would commit suicide.

Don’t choose anything else
Xiao Huang thinks that there seems to be a vicious devil living in his eyes with steep eyes, but his words are as far away as the breeze.
"As you wish"
He said as you wish.
Say whatever you like, like to end up so light, as you wish.
Su wan’s bouts of fainting were not for her strong support, and she didn’t know if she could still persist in sweating all over, but she stared at the man with her teeth clenched.
She didn’t want to be so embarrassed in front of him. She used to be proud that Su Wan shouldn’t be so easily put up with her teeth.
But her side Feng Linglong and Feng Feng stayed up all night to see this, and she felt very sad.
Phoenix has walked out of the night and stopped Xiao Huang’s way. Sen’s cold mouth is abnormal. "Xiao Huang, it is absolutely impossible for you to take people away from here today unless you step on it alone."
"Then try your best."
Xiao Huang lifted her eyes and stood up to Feng from the night coldly.
As soon as two people trigger the war, they will fight. Although Su Wan hates Xiao Huang so much in his heart, it’s time to be afraid that he will be injured by his uncle. It’s really good to hate that she has no ambition and even tears are disappointing.
She said to herself, Su Wan, don’t cry, don’t cry. Didn’t you used to be a heartless person? Why do you cry and swallow it back?
Swallow all the tears back
But she couldn’t control her tears. They still flowed down her pale face.
She didn’t want Xiao Huang to see her mess and screamed sharply, "Let him go, let them go. From then on, we will meet again as enemies."
Feng looked at Su Wan at night and saw that she tried her best to support herself. She was too proud to be so embarrassed in front of Xiao Huang.
Phoenix from the night to the side let Xiao Huang strode over and took a look at the stream. The stream stumbled up and followed him all the way out, while Su Wan looked at the farther and farther behind. Finally, the two men could not bear the stimulation and fainted directly.
When she fainted, there was an idea in her mind that I would never love again in this life, and I would never love again in this life. I was so tired that tears ran down my eyes.
Everyone around rushed over and panicked and shouted "Wan Er Wan Er"
I didn’t dare to read the ticket paper or ask for it, but I want to say that it takes ups and downs to look good. If the girls feel abused, stop and read it in a few chapters … The back will be better … Chapter 144 Jing Wangfu benefactor Su Wan married.
Su Wan was held by Feng Linglong and sent all the way to the hospital for treatment. Feng ordered the physician to save people and handed over the remaining things to the Prime Minister of the DPRK to deal with himself and Feng Linglong to go to see Su Wan.
This is what he owes his daughter for 16 years. He doesn’t want her to have anything.
Phoenix didn’t follow the night. He slowly turned around and looked at it and walked away. Xiao Huang looked back at it and followed Feng all the way to the palace courtyard. Xiao Ye.
It’s a show.
Xiao Huang loves her son because he knows that it will never be pretending that he won’t have the heart to hurt her like this. Besides, he always remembers that he talked about her dazzling god, which is definitely not a fake.
Phoenix thought as she left the night and went straight for Xiao Huang.
He is a carriage chasing Xiao Huang outside the palace.
Before the carriage stopped to flicker, it jumped out of the carriage and stared at Xiao Huang in the carriage coldly.
At the moment, Xiao Huang’s face is particularly ugly, whiter than paper, and he is covered with frost. He faintly looks at Feng’s eyes from the night, and God seems to have no soul.
Phoenix raised his hand from the night and punched him. Xiao Huang didn’t move. He was punched by Phoenix from the night all his life, and then his eyebrows frowned with pain, but he still didn’t say anything.

Li Yu breathed a mouthful of air pockets and pushed 36 heavy white waves from the nose and mouth, like dragons and snakes dancing around to set off his virtual shadow.

He suddenly got up and the whole illusory world collapsed, and a heavy wave of pure gold spread and extended from his feet, losing the support of the mirror of heaven and science, and the world naturally dissipated
The waves roll and pollute the place, and everything seems to burn and melt and fall into the outside world for a moment.
"Ren Huang? !”
As soon as the immortal family relaxed from the state of mind of revenge, they saw the virtual collapse in front of them, reflecting a magnificent dynasty, in which the sun, the moon and the stars stood tall, mountains and rivers surrounded by the gods, the emperors of martial arts chanted prayers, the emperors of martial arts rang bells for worship, the majestic immortals burned incense and sacrificed sacrifices, and the iron torrent vault surrounded the throne of red gold.
It seems to be the manifestation of the will of the mind, and it seems to be the reflection of the law. It makes people unable to help but prostrate themselves, as if they saw the only master emperor.
And when she woke up from a daze, she found that she had crawled when she didn’t know it. The South Ren Huang had disappeared and there was a long residual jinxia card that had come.
"The southern wilderness will become a disaster!"
Inexplicably, an idea rose and she couldn’t stop shivering. Is there going to be a fairy war?
This vast and savage God of Xinjiang is invincible, but I don’t know how many dharma bodies have faded away. But now Ren Huang’s powerful ability is even more obvious than the God of Xinjiang!
At the same time, every step of Li Yu’s walking in the mountains and valleys in the south is echoed by all beings who are willing to float from a distance. This is the law of heaven and earth that connects the real world with the terrans from Ren Huang and is blessed
Before the end of ancient times, there was no terran in the real world, which was a law that could be protected to a certain extent. However, when Ren Huang changed his heritage, he made a fundamental modification to the road. Today, the intention of heaven and earth continues to make it a real part of the law, and its influence has no geographical restrictions
Therefore, there will be terrans who are the protagonists of heaven and earth, saying that there is a chance for everyone to be sheltered by fate.
Now this force has been reawakened by Li Yu, and Ren Huang’s sword control wants to reproduce the brilliant world leading role of Terran in the late ancient times.
The news of the demise of the bloodstained garment Sect also came out. The falling meteorite of Luo Cha, a blood-soaked altar, shook the whole Southern Wilderness. Several people cheered and broke free from the suffering hell, and even the remaining altar brothers dared not be confused and trembled, trying to escape from the mountains and forests.
But I don’t know when Zhou’s troops have gone south, and the strong men have blocked all the strongholds of the bloody clothes Sect to destroy them for heaven.
The aristocratic army also promoted the stationing and taking over the management of various tribal groups into Ren Huang; But this side if people move is completely angered the south drought another strong.
On this day, inexplicably, mountains rose from the ground, and some force manipulated and blocked the border areas of the southern wilderness, which were connected with each other and isolated from the cage of the mountains.
"Method of god! It’s the fairy here! "
To detain the masters of the major sects, they will know that this is what the gods say.
In this area, he is beyond the fairy land, the fairy land, the southern wilderness crown king, and all beings are willing to contribute to the glory, the glory and the loss, and the emperor will compete!
"God’s resistance to Dazhou Road is our enemy’s ten dead and alive."
At the same time, the majestic sound washed away by the pale wave and sent out ten circles of ripples to shake and roar the mountains and rivers, so that the past blocks the border and Da Yue collapses and collapses.
"Ren Huang’s epiphany is a holy shot today!"
They don’t think that the method of god can compete with Ren Huang, even if they are in the southern wilderness. What’s worse, Ren Huang Jian bring up the rear is said.
Who is the best in the world?
"Ren Huang, you crossed the line too much, and I respect you for three points, but you have to push your luck to slay the friends of the bloody sea and take me away. I am willing to plunder my people and regard the southern wilderness as your land in Dazhou!"
The mountains rumbled and shook, and strange sounds were heard around. Huge golden insects flew out of their bodies and covered hundreds of feet, blooming brilliantly, and they could compete for glory every day.
Accompanied by it, there are several miasma flying or poisonous insects or poisonous smoke everywhere. The mountains shake and Guanghua rises to cover the sun like a vast sea of clouds falling down.
"magic god"
Li Yu speaks softly, looking from the depths of the southern wilderness, this golden method insect has eyebrows and eyes, and it is covered with six semi-transparent wings on the back of the carapace.
The number of weeks is stained with blood, and all kinds of wishes and lights are both sacred and evil. It is the southern wilderness that I don’t know how many years have passed since the ancient gods blessed this place, and they have also blessed the Bloodcoat Sect.
"Ren Huang bloodstained garment teaching has been destroyed, and you still want to swallow me. It is a bad way to seize my will, and it is also immortal! If there is a fairy war, you and I can’t get good. "
Method of god has four human arms, two holding an iron black bamboo whip is unusually heavy and humming.
Although he occupied the southern wasteland with the fairy, he was also very afraid and unwilling to make a move in the face of Ren Huang, but the road would be destroyed and he had to confront the situation.
"The undead endlessly? Very well, I’ll satisfy you. Go ahead. "
Li Yu’s body was enlarged and revealed, and the immortal body suddenly turned into a statue of a thousand-foot-tall giant with a perfect red gold inscription. The purple mark was even bigger than that of the magic god, just like the god descending dragons and crouching tigers.
This man of god is like a demon Lord from heaven, and if he is too old, the auspicious clouds on his head will give birth to dynasties and mountains; Golden lanterns shine all over the body, the sun, the moon and the stars rise and fall, and a pair of Leng Mei rises like a knife, and hundreds of millions of gods shine in the sky!
"You really want to do this extinction!"
Method of god surprised anger saw the man of god stepped to tear force Wang Yang hands Meng to build a lock like a day to handcuff directly clamped it on both sides with a loud roar, it was actually blessed by the Southern Wilderness, and the whole body was thrown into the sky!
Boom! Sharp, harsh, scratching, tearing, virtual collapse, a golden meteor rushing up and heading straight for the sky
The aftermath of the foot earthquake and hundreds of giant mountains around it were uprooted and rushed to the sky to hit the gods and burst into dust.
Pull out the mountain and be angry with the world!
Everyone was shocked that the magnificent man of God became a symbol of "strength" and "power", which made their legs weak like a chaotic god in mythology, and their spiritual will was subdued, and they bowed and worshipped more than piety.
Ren Huang!’
It’s a shame that the gods in the clouds are ashamed and resentful, or that they are their own masters. It’s a shame to be so overturned and thrown into the sky. It’s reasonable to say that this place is an ordinary fairy. How can it suffer this robbery?
Omron! The sky is turned upside down, and the sky is dark and dull. When you see the bright red gold, five knuckles that support the sky like giant columns are gathered together, and the giant hand covers it!
Cover the sky with your hands, change the sun and the moon, and see that there is light in the palm of your hand, which is divided from the virtual, reflecting thousands of things in all directions, and drawing the outline of the holy land of humanity, the hometown of all beings falling from the sky and directly patting the back of the gods.
Winter! As dull as drumming, the sound is visible to the naked eye. The body of God is hundreds of thousands of pounds pale. air billow impacts and spreads in a circular way, which makes the virtual collapsed mountains and valleys distorted and thunderous, making everyone’s mind white and bleeding and unable to help but fall to the ground.
The blow made the method of god’s face twisted and his arms stiff, as if he wanted to crack and yearn for the leaking light spot like blood.
"Who gave you the confidence to play with your will in front of me?"
Li Yu’s indifference overlooks the hand slapping, but he doesn’t curl up. Instead, according to the method of God, he falls like a meteorite from the sky, directly hitting the southern wilderness area from the sky, and a hundred feet of earth and stone are flying in all directions in air billow.
Terrible ripples, such as earthworm turning over, make the earth tremble constantly. People can see that the magic god is more miserable than being pushed deep into the ground floor, and I don’t know how many things have been smashed all the way. It is a thousand feet deep to plow through a tunnel and lead to the ground.
"Ren Huang’s true god’s power can also overwhelm the gods in the south!"
People were shocked to feel that Zhou Huang was so powerful that even the whole Southern Wilderness could not affect him, and he could not penetrate the barrier of uniting all beings in the grassland and the Central Plains.

"I heard that longed for home with suspection.i home not to get married? Later, after a beat, she also lost her job. "

"Yes, yes, now ask quickly."
"Miss mu …"
Another question came around.
"Let the horse roll for me," Mu Lijia was very angry and explosive and roared at the crowd.
"If you don’t get out of here, you won’t be able to bury your family."
Another explosive roar
Seeing that all the reporters were indifferent and didn’t want to leave the sample, Mu Lijia picked up the words.
"Hey, Kono Xuanma, take 1000 people from Sanke to Mu’s house and bury all the reporters near Mu’s house, so that no one can escape."
The tone is very angry and angry. These reporters don’t want to leave because they don’t eat and drink. So now let Shengke come and sweep all the reporters.
When this was said, everyone was scared. San Ke, the underworld ranked fifth.
Journalists have all fled, leaving everything behind. It’s important to escape. If the St. Ke people come, it will be terrible.
Mu Lijia walked forward step by step with a black face and then was stopped.
"Mu glass better your father? Let him come out and compensate us for all the losses. "
These are partners with Mu Chuyou, and now they know that Mu Tuan is bankrupt, and all of them have come to get their shares back.
This loss will cost millions.
"If you don’t want to die, just stay here." Throw a word coldly and go straight to your home.
For a moment, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know whether to leave or stay.
It’s very tangled, but I’m not afraid to die at the thought of losing millions of dollars. Stay here and wait for Muchuyou to come out.
Mu Lijia entered the house, and there was no one at home, not even one at home.
"Mom and Dad, don’t you?"
"Mom and Dad, are you not at home?"
The sound room echoed but no one responded.
Meng Minting and Mu Chuyou hid in their rooms, listening to Mu Li’s good news and worrying, "What if Jiajia comes back?"
"Will it matter if she knows martial arts? Now we must wait for Xia Yibing to come."
Meng Minting listened to Muchuyou’s words and wanted to think, but she also endured it and continued to wait in the room.
You can say to yourself, Jiajia, be careful yourself.
Hey, ask for more happiness.
Xia Yibing they have arrived at the door of Mu’s house at this moment, just as Saint Cosette Xuan Nuo came.
Xia Yibing’s car rain and Mo Han also followed the car. Xia Yibing said to Mo Han, "Blocking the family can let people go, but none of them want to go."
Deah355 It is very kind of you to let you die so soon.
"It’s the Lord of the Palace" who received Mo Han and drove all those shopping malls out.
"Han" cosette stopped stranger han.
Mo Han ignored her, and now she knows in her heart that she is here, but the other side is her best sister. What should I do?
So I can wait without talking and have other things to do.
Gave them a wink and returned to Xia Yibing.
"Let’s go in" Xia Yi said coldly.
Rain and stranger culvert nodded and three went into the longed for home.
But I saw Mu Lijia alone, and no one else saw her.
Mu Li Jia looked up and saw Xia Yi Bing Mo Han.
Isn’t Mohan dead? Why are you still alive?
And follow Xia Yibing? What do they have? What will be involved?

Chapter 224 See the light through fog

There is a light green plant seedling in a flowerpot covered with sand. The sand in the pot is still wet. It seems that Mu Zhuifeng occasionally comes to water it.
Sitting by the bed, looking at that plant seedling, my heart is full of joys and sorrows.
Happiness is that the growth of plants and the reproduction of animals are unchangeable. It is a good thing that walnuts germinate when they break their shells.
Sadly, I can’t save Wang Yanpei’s life, and I can’t leave her soul. In the end, I didn’t even take care of her relics.
"Qian Fan on the side of the sinking boat crossed the sick tree in front of Wan Muchun." I shook my head and sighed.
"Don’t discuss something with you in the spring." King Kong cannon came in careless.
"What is it?" I took back my thoughts and took out a cigarette.
"It’s so hot that your apprentice and my son are sick." King Kong Bao took the cigarette and sat next to me. "I want to install a central tune."
"Ann" I nodded in agreement.
"You’ll have to put paper on the room glass, but it won’t work." King Kong cannon pointed to the window white silk cloth.
"Come on," I nodded again. It’s impossible to keep the original view of Ziyang, and it’s not necessary to be too old-fashioned
"That line, we’ll buy things in the mountain and then hire a nanny for Zhuifeng." King Kong cannon said, "We have to buy milk powder for three little things." Mu Zhuifeng can’t naturally feed three baby milk powders, which is the best.
"We have too much cash in our account, so you should try to deal with it. A headquarters will be reviewed next month," I added.
"We won’t come back to eat at noon when we know it. Get some yourself." King Kong Bao said and walked over.
I came to the front of the mountain to see Nalu after seeing the Three Shadows and the Water.
Nalu is not as lively as before when she is old. After teasing her, I came to the gate where Lao Li and Fugui lived.
"Have you eaten with real people?" Lao Li and Fugui were having dinner and hurried up when they saw my arrival.
"Didn’t give me a bowl" I took the riches and honour dragged chair to sit down.
"Wealth, take Nalu out for a walk." After dinner, I made an excuse to support wealth.
"Yu Zhenren has something to ask me?" Lao Li stretched out his hand and took the cigarette I handed him.
"It’s nothing important. It’s just a lesbian routine." I lit a cigarette and thought it would be more appropriate to start from there
"Ask the real person if you have something to say." Lao Li is very sensitive and knows that I won’t chat with him for reasons.
"Lao Li is a Maoshan Sect, right?" I asked easily.
"How many years ago?" Lao Li shook his head without denying it.
"Mrs. Ma Qianli’s temperature inclinometer is a descendant of my brother. Some time ago, I went to Maoshan. She told me about you." I got up and played in the past, which naturally eased the atmosphere
"Is Master Sister-in-law all right?" Lao Li raised his head.
"I’m fine, but I talk too much when I’m older." I laughed. I’m several generations older than the thermometer, so I naturally don’t have to worry about anything.
"Master elder brother and his wife treat me well," Lao Li sighed.
"How old was Lao Li when he left Maoshan School?" I asked.
"What is separation? I was kicked out by the master when I was twenty-four." Lao Li didn’t hide anything, and he knew that the thermometer would definitely tell me something about him.
"Why did you want to dig a grave with someone?" Since he doesn’t hide it from me, he won’t hide it from me.

"This little brother doesn’t know how to get to the cinema here?"

"Are you going to chase studios? I advise you to wait two days before you go to the nearest movie theater. "This young man seems to like Sammul He calling him little brother with a proud face.
He Tianyi leng "what is this? Is it that the light hunter went after the cinema to hunt for shadows? "
"It doesn’t seem that you’re not from around here, does it? Recently, many people have died after chasing the plague in the cinema. It is said that there are wild animals coming out of the plague."
Sammul He frowned. "Why? Is there any other place to go to Shadow City?"
"Go to the shadow city? It’s ok to take a detour, but it takes more than three times as long as it takes to chase the cinema and take the waterway. "
"So much? Little brother, why don’t you tell me something about chasing the cinema in detail? I’ll buy you a cup of tea. "Sammul He decided to chase the cinema. He was short of it!
"yes! Why don’t someone treat you? "
When they came to a teahouse, they found that almost all the people in the teahouse were talking about chasing the plague in the cinema, and they didn’t need him to invite the boy to tea!
"Oh, I have a relative who is chasing a movie theater. He escaped from the city yesterday. He said that he saw the beast. Alas, it was so scary. The beast was rotted like a man. He also walked upright with two legs and hands, but the two heads were long and the chain was tied. It was so scary. It was said that the plague came from it."
"I depend on two heads? A beast that walk like a man? So scary. "
"No, no, don’t listen to his nonsense. I also have a relative who escaped from the chase studio and was not infected with the plague. He said that he also saw a wild animal, which was a foot in size and looked very much like a Swiss beast in our mainland (read hai)."
"No, he is wrong? Is it really a beast? Impossible!!!! It is said that there will be great happiness in the world! How can there be a plague? "
Teenagers seem to be very embarrassed to hear the comments around them, and hurriedly pat the chest tunnel. "Teenagers, don’t worry, I’m a real person. Since you invited me to tea, I naturally want to give you some news that others don’t know, so I won’t let you down! Don’t you want to know that Tu Yun will appear? And what is that beast that looks like a man? I tell you there is a big chance in it! "
(Ask the VIP to smash crazily! Then pk also threw it over and liked this brother. Lift it up. The fiftieth section contains great opportunities.
"There is a big chance in it!"
The teenager’s expression is full of temptation, as if there are many secrets in this matter.
"Well, then we’ll go to the bag and talk about it in detail."
"That’s right! I’ll order some snacks for a walk and talk about your treat while eating. I feel free to look at you. I’m quite congenial. I’ll tell you everything I know to ensure that you won’t suffer. Xiao Er will make you good at cooking. "
"Good luck, two guests."
When Xiao er poured tea and sent snacks out of the bag, Sammul He asked, "Tell me, little brother, what’s the matter with chasing the plague in the cinema?"
The teenager took a sip of tea and a bite of lobster Bao Dao. "Don’t call me little brother. Although it sounds cool, please call me by my name. My name is Zitong."
"Purple pupil?" Sammul He eyebrows slightly wrinkled "how have such a strange name? My name is Sammul He. "
"Sammul He? Your last name is He? What’s weird? Your own name is different from mine. It’s rare to have a single surname. "Purple pupil pouted and swallowed a lobster bag." It’s delicious. "His words were plain, but Sammul He had a huge lang in his heart!
"Your name is purple? Hundreds of surnames? " The name of this continent has always been very different, and now there are hundreds of surnames, which makes him feel strange. Only then did he look closely at the young people with white teeth and cheeks like a little red and handsome in the spring dawn, almost the same as Napoleon, and even more handsome than Napoleon. This appearance really makes men envy and hate.
"It is necessary to be so surprised? People with single surnames are rare in mainland China. Hundreds of surnames? It is estimated that there are not as many as 100 families. At present, you are the first person with a single surname I have met. Ouch, we are not discussing surnames over tea. I will tell you about chasing the plague in the cinema now. This is a great opportunity! " Purple pupil is finally get to the point.
Sammul He nodded his head and motioned for the other party to continue.
"Just now, you also heard everyone outside? Actually, they are all right! This time, the cause of the plague is called’ corpse beast’. Do you know that it walks like a human? Because his body also has a human body! And its head is a man and a beast! The whole body is stinking and rotten, "said Purple Pupil." It’s like eating a lobster packet with relish.
"Corpse beast?" Sammul He felt shocked. "What the hell is this?"
"You don’t even know about corpses?" This time, the purple pupil was shocked. "Are you a mainlander or not? Corpse beasts have appeared in a long time. At that time, there were many fierce beasts in the whole continent. These beasts swallowed up many light hunters in their lives. After death, they absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon for some reason, and the corpse became a corpse beast, which is difficult to appear once in a thousand years." He took a sip of tea and said again, "To put it simply, it appeared because the essence of the sun and the moon enriched its weak intelligence! Raised in situ. "
"In situ resurrection! Absorb the essence of the sun and the moon? " Sammul He is thoughtful. The old man once said that everything around animism contains spiritual wisdom. If a corpse is eroded by aura all the year round, it makes sense to have a little aura and weak thinking.
"Well, that’s about it."
"Then what do you say is the chance?" Sammul He question exit
"The chance that is derived from a said" purple pupil hey hey smile so mysterious.
"say?" He Tian was attracted by Purple Pupil because he needs a big chance now! He needs to be promoted quickly.
Purple pupil dozen satisfied burp seems to finally eat enough wiped her mouth, "didn’t you just hear someone say tu? In fact, the relative of that person may not be dazzled, and it is very likely that he really went to chase the cinema! "
"Is there really a beast in this continent?" Sammul He felt incredible.
"Of course, it’s a treasure to live to show up. I said it would be a good chance! Do you know why Tu Shao will chase the cinema? Because it is naturally auspicious and sensitive to evil creatures, it has come to destroy the corpse beast. "Purple pupil hey hey smiled like a fine little fortune teller."
"Tu Zan will destroy the resin beast? Wouldn’t it appear whenever there is a corpse? "
"This is not necessarily a natural freedom. Even if it is too far away, it can’t clearly sense the position of the corpse beast. There was a corpse beast thousands of years ago, but at that time, the corpse beast appeared in the mainland, and it was only at the expense of several shadow hunters that the corpse beast was killed."
"What? Shadow hunters are no match for zombies? " He Tianbi shocked the film hunters, which is equivalent to the returnees. How many film hunters have died in this way? He has always felt that shadow hunters and returnees are the peak of the mainland and are almost comparable.
"Yes, it’s lucky this time, but it’s nearby, or the shadow mainland will suffer another catastrophe." Purple pupil was also worried, and then asked, "By the way, are you going to chase the cinema and return to the shadow city by boat?"
Smell speech, he was silent about the danger of the corpse beast. Whether to take the risk or not, he is now ambivalent. He wants to chase the studio for a chance and is afraid to touch the corpse beast. He doesn’t think that the shadow hunter can’t deal with the corpse beast. He can overcome it.
"Do you want to go? Since the corpse beast was born near the movie theater, it was said that it was born with a weak spirit. Only when the aura of heaven and earth is more than the outside world can it be born with a corpse beast! If I were the place where it was born, the cultivation speed would definitely increase exponentially! For me, it is a paradise! "
In ancient times, there were many wild animals in mainland China, but there were not many wild animals that formed corpses over hundreds of thousands of years, because not every wild animal can contain enough aura of heaven and earth! If the thin aura root of heaven and earth was not enough to resist its body decay, it should have turned into bones long ago, and only a paradise can do it!

Wen Yan Ling smiled and tapped on the top of her right daughter’s head. "Dad will take you to a place."

LingRenYao immediately eat pain to cover your head is flashing eyes asked "oh? Where to go? "
"Let’s go. You’ll know when we get there."
See LingYouDao thugs a recruit like a white cloud rolled up LingRenYao two people step on the white clouds rainbow.
Soon they returned to the ground.
Ling Renyao looked shocked and said, "Dad, this isn’t where you want to take me, is it?"
In front of Baiyun Square, there are monks coming in and out of the gate, and there are gatekeepers. Brother Ling saw Ling Youdao and immediately ran towards this side.
Ling Youdao shook his head. "Of course, I didn’t come here. I just went to Baigui Island by bus."
Ling Renyao has been practicing for nearly six years and is not ignorant of cultivating immortality.
She knew that Baigui Island has the largest chain of Thousand Islands, Xiuxianfang City, Baiguifang City, where the Terran hinterland in the east of the Thousand Islands Chain is a very important island, and there is a Terran Yuanying bodhi old zu sitting in the town all the year round.
"It turned out to be going to Baiguidao Square City."
Ling Renyao said with surprise that Ling Youdao didn’t explain anything about this.
Speaking, Brother Ling, the gatekeeper, finally came towards Ling Youdao, which is a great gift. "I don’t know if I have seen the elder today, but I can’t meet him from afar and hope that the elder will atone."
Ling Youdao waved his hand and said in a serious tone, "I’m not here to inspect, but to take the shuttle bus to Baigui Island."
"Well, you go home."
Smell speech that friar Ling dared not refute respectfully and said "Yes".
Then he went back to LingYouDao with LingRenYao into the Fang city and went straight to send array position.
It’s the first time that she’s grown so big that she’s seen it with her own eyes. It’s hard to be excited.
"Okay, it’s time to go."
"oh oh!"
Ling Youdao took her daughter into the array for a while, and then when she opened her eyes, she reached Baiguifang City.
"Dad, is this Baiguifang City?"
LingRenYao curiously looked around and asked to LingYouDao beside.
"Then let’s go out and have a look around. I heard that this is the largest Xiuxianfang city in the Thousand Islands chain. There must be a lot of fun."
"I have to go somewhere else now."
LingRenYao zheng "dad, I am not to white turtle square city?"
"Who told you?"
Smell speech some angry mouth said in her heart, "but you didn’t say you didn’t come to Baiturtle Square before."
"Well, this time we are going to Zhenxuanzong."
She said with instant surprise, "It turns out that you are really Xuanzong, so hurry."
The true Xuanzong, the leader of the five schools in Beihai, can be described as the famous Wenzongmen, whose aura is extremely rich, but Ling Renyao, a veritable fairy family, has long wanted to see it.
White Turtle Island is not a place where Ling can ride whenever he wants. Ling Youdao doesn’t want one person to pay for many people’s lingshi, but he waited for a while to bring it to Wufangcheng with a hundred people.
Ling Renyao just arrived in Wufengcheng and was immediately attracted by the bustling here.
"Wufangcheng is really a loss because it is the first city in Beihai to cultivate immortals, and it is far from the city of Baiguifang."
"Dad, I want to look around the city."
Ling Youdao thought that when her daughter detected the spiritual body, she would really practice Xuanzong’s words. It is estimated that she would have to wait until after the preconditions, so she nodded in agreement.
"Well, then, dad will accompany you around Wufengcheng."
Then Ling Youdao took Ling Renyao’s Wufengcheng for a round of the bustling Wufengcheng, which really attracted this 16-year-old lively child as quiet as Baiyun Mountain.
It’s a pity that Wufengcheng is too big to play for a day and only turn a small part of the area.
On the evening of the same day, they stayed in Wufangcheng until early the next day when they arrived in Xiuxianfang City, outside Xuanzong.
How many cultivation resources can prosper around this Fang city is because of the true Xuanzong brother.
At first, it was the real Xuanzong brothers’ trading ground, and then gradually, the monks from other forces came and slowly developed into Xiuxian Square City, where the real Xuanzong sent his brothers to directly manage and the square city was very prosperous because of the real Xuanzong’s attendance.