Boulevard "I think we should not enforce the law on Joklin at present, but forgive the Lord!" If we deal with him in accordance with the law, it will not be very good for us to go out. Our county is developing. It is very important to introduce foreign capital. If foreigners know that their nationals have been arrested, who will dare to invest in our county? "

Director Zhang’s eyes lit up and said, "Well, that’s what I think. We should be polite to Mr. York so that he can feel the atmosphere of our polite country. This is called Germans!"
Tree-lined a listen to roar with laughter at the same time a thumbs-up sign to say "Zhang elder brother you think it’s really wonderful if youqing and Li Ji know we this method to deal with this matter, then they will be very satisfied? Ha ha ha … "
Director Zhang said meaningfully, "Of course I can understand the meaning of the two county leaders!"
After a pause, Director Zhang added, "The dead nurse Zhang Hehua must block her family’s mouth. Don’t be stingy with how much money she wants at home!"
Duan Qingyun, listening to the attitude of the two directors towards Mr. Yorkshire, is it up to you or the Chinese grandson? A foreigner, we rape and kill women in the yellow land. Instead of punishing him, you regard him as a condition for attracting foreign investment. Are you still human?
Duan Qingyun, however, also made a small plan in his heart to ask Colin to help bring Xiaoya’s parents to China, so I must find a way to kill that old Mao!
Even if you leave a message of * _ _ *, it will be a success. Please work hard!
Low Chapter seventy Lao Mao expensive?
Director Zhang and Erh Lin have been away from the hospital for more than an hour. Duan Qingyun can’t sleep in the ward. He doesn’t hate Mr. Yoklin so much anymore, which makes him hate and disgust even more. It is the attitude of director Zhang and Erh Lin towards Mr. Yoklin! His heart ached with hate at the thought of it! A woman raped to death by a foreigner in her own country. You law enforcers deserve revenge from your own people! Although an old man knows what is right and wrong! What’s the difference between what you did and the traitor king’s egg in the past? Well, you don’t punish Lao Mao, but you punish Lao Mao and let you say that attracting foreign investment is ruined! But this can’t be done until Xiaoya’s parents reunite!
Duan Qingyun, who came to Mr. York’s ward, saw Mr. York smoking a cigarette in his mouth in front of the window, and his face was shining with the early morning sun. The whole ward smelled of smoke except his body. If it had changed, most people would have been scared out.
"Hello, Mr. Duan, please sit down!" See Duan Qingyun coming. Joklin greets and greets with a smile.
Duan Qingyun you’re welcome to sit on the sofa by the window and beat the window at the same time to let the fresh air out of the window purify the foul smell in one room.
Looking at Mr. Yorklin’s face, Duan Qingyun secretly wondered what a guy this old Mao had done to a woman’s death, and now he was as arrogant as nothing happened!
Mr. Yorklin said frankly, "You must have heard about Mr. Duan last night, right?"
Duan Qingyun nodded and said nothing. He observed the movement of Lao Mao.
Joklin laughed. "If this murder happened in our country last night, I will definitely be imprisoned for life. It’s a pity that your country’s legal system is unhealthy and law enforcers are worthless. For an international like me, you won’t do anything to me!"
When listening to Lao Mao’s talk, Duan Qingyun is extremely disgusted. Because you Lao Mao are human, aren’t people in our country human? Can you get away with killing people in our country? Maybe you won’t take responsibility for my old man being cut down by you one day!
However, Duan Qingyun suppressed his anger. He knew that he couldn’t offend this old Mao at present. Because the life of Xiaoya’s parents was in his hands, Lao Mao’s parents died in a foreign country!
Mr. York gently twisted his beard and proudly said, "I have to thank you for Mr. Duan. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be able to Fuk. You are my benefactor!"
Duan Qingyun forced a smile and said, "Mr. Yue, we are friends. Don’t be so polite!"
"Ha-ha, Mr, your country pays attention to reciprocity. I naturally want to do as the Romans do. You told me to do things. I have agreed with my friends that in a few days, they will personally send those two old guys to you. Don’t worry about this," Mr. Yoklin said confidently.
Duan Qingyun deliberately pretended to be ecstatic, grabbed Mr. York’s big hand and said, "I really want to thank you, Mr. York!"
Mr. York was excited and grateful to see Duan Qingyun, but he didn’t speak again. He turned to look at the street view outside the window and seemed to be thinking deeply.
Duan Qingyun’s heart said that it was your bad day when Xiaoya’s parents returned home! I want you to know that the orientals are amazing!
After a few minutes, Mr. York turned to Duan Qingyun and said bluntly, "Mr. Duan, I have one more thing. Can you help me?"
Duan Qingyun said, "What can I do for you, Mr. Yue? If I can do it, I will try my best to help. If you need money, I still have tens of thousands of dollars there. "
Joklin waved his hand and smiled. "I really want some women. I wonder if you can get me some."
Duan Qingyun scolded first when he was obedient and didn’t say it. Lao Mao just raped that ugly Zhang Hehua to death last night. Now you want to do the same thing again? At the same time, Duan Qingyun was secretly surprised by Mr. York’s super ability! He is the kind of man whose body is full of yang, but his body is limited but his yang is constantly expanding. If he can’t release it quickly, he will be extremely painful and crazy!
"Hey, hey, Mr. Yue, I really admire your ability now!" Duan Qingyun deliberately changed the subject.
Mr. York Lin laughed, "You oriental women can’t talk at all, and I won’t have a problem with five women in one night." Then Lao Mao took out a thick stack of RMB from the bed pillow and stuffed it into Duan Qingyun’s hand.
Duan Qingyun looked at Mr. Yoklin’s face in shock, then at the fact that there were almost 100,000 bills in his hand. "Mr. Yoo, can you stand it?" He didn’t return the money to Lao Mao.
Mr. Yoklin laughed. "There are no men. If it’s okay, you have to find women. The more women, the happier men will be!" It’s a pity that you oriental men are very conservative, and everything is secretive. I don’t appreciate it! By the way, do you know where Mr. Ma in Huang Liang is now? "
Huang Liang Ma Duan Qingyun immediately thought of Lin Yushan’s heart jumping.
"Mr. Duan, why do you look so ugly?" Mr York Lin seems to have noticed Duan Qingyun’s psychological abnormality.
"He left last night, and I don’t know where he went." Duan Qingyun has made up his mind to get something from Mr. Yorkshire to help the Golden Skull. Of course, it would be better if he could find out about the southern Lin Yushan!
Listening to Mr. Yoklin, "Mr. Huang Liang Ma is hypocritical. I don’t believe him!"
"Oh?" Duan Qingyun took the opportunity to ask, "I think Huang Liang Ma is a good friend."
Mr. York shook his fluffy head like a rattle drum and said, "Mr. Duan, you are wrong!" You don’t know him! "
Looking at Duan Qingyun’s stunned expression, Lao Mao hey hey sneered, "Don’t worry, Mr. Duan, I can assure you that Mr. Ma from Huang Liang will definitely come back to me in a few days."
Duan Qingyun heart way Huang Liang hemp parents are imprisoned by you abroad he must come back! "Mr. Yue, as far as I know, you will be discharged from the hospital in a few days, so where will you live?"

Redjade patted her hand and was afraid when she came. At last, all the departments were steadfast at this moment.

Nangong Obsidian suddenly knelt down and said, "I didn’t protect the princess well, but I also asked the empress to punish me."
The nangongshan Sandy was startled and hurriedly pulled him up, but she couldn’t pull him up. She hurriedly turned to Redjade and said, "Mother doesn’t blame my brother for going out myself, so don’t punish him."
Redjade held his hand in front of him, pulled him up and looked at him lovingly. "I know you will feel guilty and feel uneasy about coming. This matter is over. It’s not your fault. You can blame Sandy for not being sensible. You must be punished."
"But …"
"Thank you, Mother"
The nangongshan obsidian words haven’t talk was interrupted.
And the most shocking thing at the moment is Su Xue. She can’t believe what’s happening in front of her eyes. Those two people … brother and sister? Is it all my misunderstanding? But she won’t be wrong! The emotion in that man’s eyes is too warm!
Don’t …
Haven’t come to think about it. Su Xue just wanted to chase it out and saw that the team had slowly set off. The guards behind him blocked his man’s elegance and figure gradually disappeared …
The carriage, Zhongnangong, leaned apologetically against Redjade’s body. "It’s all my fault for worrying you."
Redjade patted her. "Isn’t it right for a silly girl to worry about you?"
Sandy, the Nangong, blinked. "But my brother can handle this matter and disturb you?"
This is her biggest doubt. Everything can be solved and they have to worry about it?
Redjade looked at the puzzled eyes in front of her, and sighed, "Your brother did exactly what he wanted to do. Otherwise, he wouldn’t scare those people."
A queen and a princess forgive those people who are bold and will never confront the court!
The nangongshan Sandy or nodded "oh …"
Not far from the motorcade, Fengyuan people came to report that "the cabinet owner had left"
Half-lying man didn’t speak, but nodded with an evil smile on his mouth.
Nangong Sandy, we will meet again soon.
It took the motorcade three days to go to Beijing slowly. The people looked at such a big battle and knelt down for fear of offending a big official.
Nangong obsidian did not follow the team into the palace, but returned to the house alone.
As soon as I entered the palace, I saw Rui Wang’s sharp eyes looking at himself. "What’s going on?"
Nangong Obsidian’s eyes flashed slightly and truthfully said, "The princess disappeared because of negligence."
King farce frown look straight at him "just now you are all right, what’s the harvest? Chapter 186, 186, choose a princess.
When Nangong Obsidian told the truth, King Rui’s face became more and more deep with meditation eyes.
After a long time, I slowly said, "You will have a rest when I enter the palace."
The nangongshan obsidian shook his head "I go with my father"
He saw it with his own eyes, and it is more appropriate for him to know these things.
After entering the palace, Nangong reported the situation. After that, Nangong looked at it with deep eyes and a heavy tone. "Are you telling the truth?"
"Everything I said is true."
Nangong Che was silent. If it is as he said …
"Well, I know that I will deal with it. It’s an honor for you to come back safely this time. Obsidian, you are also a big brother. I discussed with your father the other day to choose the princess for you!"
Obsidian son has reached marriageable age, and the past should have passed …

"Su Wan, I will kill you."

Su Yue said, he rushed in front of Su Wan and wanted to talk to Su Wan desperately. Today, he was in a bad mood. At the sight of Su Yue coming over and lifting one foot, he kicked Su Yue’s heart in the past, which made her feel sore and set her back two steps. Su Yue turned around and walked away and said, "I’m going to tell my dad that you are cruel and cruel. You are worse than an animal."
Behind him, Su Wan gathered her sleeves and said slowly, "Are you sure that’s your father?"
A word stopped Su Yue’s footsteps. She turned around and looked at Su Wan in horror. "What did you say?"
"Didn’t you hear what I said? Do you want me to say it again? I’m sorry, I’m not happy."
After a pause, she looked at Su Yue and said, "Su Yue, go back to your Peach Blossom Garden and don’t bother me again. If you bother me again, I will tell you all the ugly things you have done. I will be interesting to see if you are shameless."
Sue month face a pale mouth tongue-tied "what did you say you 111"
"What I said, I said, don’t mess with me after you. I’ll let everyone see what the Lord of Anguo Houfu Jinzunyu Guiyiling County has done."
Su Yue’s face was covered with sweat, and she bit her lip intensely. "You talk nonsense, no one will believe you."
Su Wan chuckled, "Does anyone believe that I don’t bother you? By the way, I forgot to tell you that someone else saw your scandal except me. I think one person said that no one believed it, and two people said that they were afraid that someone believed it. Would you like to try?"
Su Wan looked at Su Yue and blinked, but Su Yue retreated like a ghost. "You are not human."
"Yeah, I’m not a person. I’m a ghost. Do you know what I let you go?"
Su Wan’s smile on her face became more intense and mellow as wine. "Because now you are in pain, I am glad to see your pain, so I’m not going to tear you up, but you’d better leave me alone and I’ll make you famous and let people know that you are right about your father."
Su Wan didn’t finish saying that Su Yue was crazy and ran away screaming. She would go crazy at the thought of what she had done and finally let others know.
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Listen to the bamboo porch Su Yuegang left soon, and Su Peng hurried to lead the people over. When he saw Su Wan, he was dissatisfied and said, "Wan, why do you bully your second sister again?"
Su Wan raised his eyebrows coolly and asked, "Are you here to commit crimes?"
Anguohou Su Peng looked at her with sharp and cold eyes like a knife, which made him feel a little scared. He quickly coughed and sat down in a side chair and said, "It’s not that I came to ask you what happened in the palace. Your mother was ill when she came back. Today, I asked a doctor to come to the doctor during the day. After reading the prescription, she didn’t get better, but she became heavier."
Su Wan looked at Su Peng with a smile, and her eyes were somewhat meaningful. Su Peng got the creeps in his heart. Why did he see this daughter’s eyes so disturbing?
"Are you sure you really want to know what happened in the previous palace? I’m afraid you’ll regret it when you know it. "
Su Peng’s heart sank sharply. "So what really happened in the palace shouldn’t have happened?"
Su Wan nodded his head in a casual way and toyed with his fingernails. "Something happened, but I don’t know if I should tell you that I’m afraid you’ll get hurt."
Su Wan finished smiling and looked at such a charming and handsome person as Su Peng, but he spoke like a knife.
I don’t want to tell Anguohou what happened, but the truth is full of profound meaning. How can Anguohou hold back his face and sink his mouth? "You said I want to hear what happened?"
Su Wan’s smile grew stronger. "This is when you want to hear it. It’s none of my business to be hit."
She changed her position and said, "So I’ll have someone take you to a play later, and you’ll be white after watching it."
She said that she called a "Yun Ge" in the dark.
Yun Ge appeared flicker, but this time, his pace was different. He was hesitant and inflexible. He seemed to be injured. Su Wan raised his eyebrows and looked at him puzzled and said, "What’s wrong with you?"
Yun Ge hurriedly shook his head and dared not say that he had been hit by the Lord for 30 times. If the Lord was injured again, he would die and apologize.
"It’s all right"
At this moment, Yun Ge dare not have the slightest carelessness. The person in front of him is his Lord, and he can live and die with her.
Su Wan saw that he didn’t say anything and didn’t ask again, and then smiled and said, "You take Master Hou to Yulan Courtyard to see a play. Remember that there will definitely be a master tonight. You should find a place to hide in advance and then cover up your personal breath. It’s not difficult, is it?"
Yun Ge nodded respectfully and said, "Yes, it must be done well."
Previously, there was a master in Yulan Hospital. He had some trouble getting in, but it was not difficult for him to hide it in advance and then cover up the breath of two people.

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!