Surdak found that Newman family members generally don’t hang out in the back garden. Everyone usually spreads either the vestibule garden or the courtyard garden, and the courtyard garden in this castle actually covers an area of about half an acre, which is equivalent to the fourth floor of the castle and is also on the top floor of the building.

When passing an archery driving range, Surdak also saw a group of young Newman nobles competing for archery.
Every young man is very good at archery, rarely much better than him. He can still shoot around the bull’s-eye at 50 meters, but he probably won’t shoot.
"Duck, how are you at archery?" Duke Newman asked curiously.
"Before I became a knight again, I was an infantry soldier in the heavily armored infantry regiment who hardly touched the bow and arrow …"
Surdak truthfully replied.
Further on, there is a practical driving range. There are many young people here, wood blade and Mu Dun. They wear ordinary leather armor and keep sweating and practicing some basic movements.
This Gensoul Ducker has a great feeling that the Newman family has been able to maintain its family glory for so many years and has always grown up some capable family members
Duke Newman was busy and didn’t accompany Surdak for too long, so he calmed down a little. The commander of the marked army, Duke Newman, continued to meet another noble Lord.
Surdak was led by a housekeeper through a long staircase and steps, and finally reached the vestibule garden of the castle.
When Suldak’s magic caravan stopped at the field near the stables, Suldak had been speculating about one thing, that is, whether Duke Newman had to walk so far when he was away from the Duke’s House.
The fountains and statues in the vestibule garden are very beautiful, and there are many green plants in the garden. There are shrubs everywhere, and the walls are higher to block the line of sight, and there are also shorter planning roads.
Just when Surdak was about to walk out of the vestibule garden, he looked up casually and just saw a beautiful picture flash across a small terrace on the high wall of the castle. A glimpse of that beautiful face left a deep impression on Surdak.
Her terrace disappeared as soon as she turned around, so Surdak stopped to look at her eyes and then followed the housekeeper away.
It was not until the magic caravan drove out of the suspension bridge at Duke Newman’s House that Aphrodite emerged from the virtual door and sat gracefully opposite Surdak and said cheerfully to him
"So what kind of face do you like? It’s not difficult for a succubus to change his appearance. Do you think it’s better to change it directly or change it imperceptibly?"
"Now you are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful and unique, and I’m not so superficial. That figure just touched me … I can’t say that she is beautiful, but she just matches a face in my memory a little bit. Her expression and appearance are similar."
Surdak towards Aphrodite explained
This succubus seems to have become a jealous altar after giving birth to Vivian.
"Like who?" Aphrodite asked curiously.
Sophie marceau
Surdak finished this sentence, and his eyes fell out of the window and kept flying backwards. The trees also repeated’ Sophie Marceau when I was young’
Aphrodite’s eyes flowed, and then she sat side by side with Surdak. Surdak had been with Hathaway and Beatrice for several days, and there was little chance to be alone with Aphrodite. At this time, while he was riding alone in the carriage, he was bored for a while.
It’s been more than two years since Count KleCushing moved to Bena.
Life here is dull and orderly.
Bena City is rich in materials. For an earl who comes here to support his old age, it is more enjoyable than Ruite City, but he must have enough money before …
The opera house, the arena and the auction house are all the best in the province.
Surdak, Hathaway and Beatrice visited the city to recuperate the Earl of Clecushing. He looked much older, his face showed more spots and his skin was loose, but his mental state was good.
Earl Clerkusen had a sumptuous dinner in his manor, and accompanied Count Clerkusen to say a lot about Hathaway before Surdak left.
Two days later, Risurdak visited the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dunstan Marquis Chester, and had lunch in Wilkes.
Before his holiday was over, Marquis Lu Se took the Lu Se legion to a plane to participate in the plane war there. It was more than half a month before Master quintus led the vanguard.
Surdak spent a relaxing and comfortable holiday in Bena City.
In this month, he attended many dances with Hathaway and Beatrice, and accepted many invitations from noble lords to take Venter around the scenic spots around Bena. It was like they had another honeymoon.
The only regret of returning home is that I can’t return to Ruite’s home and I haven’t seen the great changes in Mukuso City.
The second time I saw the girl who resembled Sophie Marceau in Newman Castle, it was Marquis Dunstan who gave a dance.
The young girl came from a magical caravan with a group of Newman family young people. Their arrival surrounded many nobles at the dance. These nobles knew them very well.
The ball is a place where nobles contact and communicate with each other. Suldak can quickly and gradually integrate into this circle and get to know almost all the nobles who make good friends with the Lu Se family
Of course, there are also some nobles who want to curry favor with him and follow him to Warsaw for gold, but these nobles are gradually decreasing …
The news that the reinforcements of Handanar City have withdrawn from the battlefield in a mess has been surrounded by small fans in the aristocratic lords circle of Bena City.
This not only let everyone know the cruelty of the battlefield, but also let everyone know the Surdak method. He won’t let people just take a bite of his prey and want to eat meat, but anyone who wants to come can show his strength and …
At one time, the lords who clamored to go to Warsaw with Surdak suddenly disappeared, and everyone stopped this matter and praised Surdak, the commander of the marked army.
Some people even say that the reason why the marked army was able to gain an advantage in Moyunling Highland was that it absorbed the blood of reinforcements from Handanar City.
Of course, the news of the killing of Moyunling Highland on the Warsaw plane by the marked army was also heated in the aristocratic circle.
The nobles at the ball all smiled when they met Surdak, but no one came back to reinforce Moyunling Highland.
But those ladies really want to dance with Surdak or take a walk in the garden. It would be better if we could make an appointment for afternoon tea …
Surdak has always put on a declined gesture.
During the month of vacation, Surdak knew how much trouble women around him had, mainly because they were waist-tied …
I feel that the holy light can’t recover my strength quickly.
Beatrice also wanted a baby, and Surdak worked hard on it the night before Bena.
The next morning, Hathaway and Beatrice took Surdak to the delivery hall in Bena City in a magic caravan, and watched Surdak walk into the delivery hall with tears in his eyes to deliver the door …
Chapter 1573 General assault horn
Walking out of the delivery hall of Ai Walson City, Surdak almost went directly to the square without delay in this city, and the huge delivery door entered the Warsaw plane with the material convoy.
This time, he didn’t wait. Just as several caravans lined up to enter Warsaw to deliver the door, the guard saw that his pass had Bena military seal on it and immediately let him jump in line and walk into the door.
Surdakai Walson City stayed less than an hour and entered Epson City.
It is obvious that it will not be so easy for the young Duke to return to Ai Walson City when he thinks that the Grand Duke Quentin of Walson Province is still under house arrest.
Forces from all sides also carve up the Warsaw plane. The Grand Duke of Walson Province is naturally as far away as possible.
Epson city has now become a huge center of hasty supplies, and the city is full of all kinds of supplies, and many large caravans are congested in the city.