"I heard that longed for home with suspection.i home not to get married? Later, after a beat, she also lost her job. "

"Yes, yes, now ask quickly."
"Miss mu …"
Another question came around.
"Let the horse roll for me," Mu Lijia was very angry and explosive and roared at the crowd.
"If you don’t get out of here, you won’t be able to bury your family."
Another explosive roar
Seeing that all the reporters were indifferent and didn’t want to leave the sample, Mu Lijia picked up the words.
"Hey, Kono Xuanma, take 1000 people from Sanke to Mu’s house and bury all the reporters near Mu’s house, so that no one can escape."
The tone is very angry and angry. These reporters don’t want to leave because they don’t eat and drink. So now let Shengke come and sweep all the reporters.
When this was said, everyone was scared. San Ke, the underworld ranked fifth.
Journalists have all fled, leaving everything behind. It’s important to escape. If the St. Ke people come, it will be terrible.
Mu Lijia walked forward step by step with a black face and then was stopped.
"Mu glass better your father? Let him come out and compensate us for all the losses. "
These are partners with Mu Chuyou, and now they know that Mu Tuan is bankrupt, and all of them have come to get their shares back.
This loss will cost millions.
"If you don’t want to die, just stay here." Throw a word coldly and go straight to your home.
For a moment, everyone looked at each other and didn’t know whether to leave or stay.
It’s very tangled, but I’m not afraid to die at the thought of losing millions of dollars. Stay here and wait for Muchuyou to come out.
Mu Lijia entered the house, and there was no one at home, not even one at home.
"Mom and Dad, don’t you?"
"Mom and Dad, are you not at home?"
The sound room echoed but no one responded.
Meng Minting and Mu Chuyou hid in their rooms, listening to Mu Li’s good news and worrying, "What if Jiajia comes back?"
"Will it matter if she knows martial arts? Now we must wait for Xia Yibing to come."
Meng Minting listened to Muchuyou’s words and wanted to think, but she also endured it and continued to wait in the room.
You can say to yourself, Jiajia, be careful yourself.
Hey, ask for more happiness.
Xia Yibing they have arrived at the door of Mu’s house at this moment, just as Saint Cosette Xuan Nuo came.
Xia Yibing’s car rain and Mo Han also followed the car. Xia Yibing said to Mo Han, "Blocking the family can let people go, but none of them want to go."
Deah355 It is very kind of you to let you die so soon.
"It’s the Lord of the Palace" who received Mo Han and drove all those shopping malls out.
"Han" cosette stopped stranger han.
Mo Han ignored her, and now she knows in her heart that she is here, but the other side is her best sister. What should I do?
So I can wait without talking and have other things to do.
Gave them a wink and returned to Xia Yibing.
"Let’s go in" Xia Yi said coldly.
Rain and stranger culvert nodded and three went into the longed for home.
But I saw Mu Lijia alone, and no one else saw her.
Mu Li Jia looked up and saw Xia Yi Bing Mo Han.
Isn’t Mohan dead? Why are you still alive?
And follow Xia Yibing? What do they have? What will be involved?