Li Yu breathed a mouthful of air pockets and pushed 36 heavy white waves from the nose and mouth, like dragons and snakes dancing around to set off his virtual shadow.

He suddenly got up and the whole illusory world collapsed, and a heavy wave of pure gold spread and extended from his feet, losing the support of the mirror of heaven and science, and the world naturally dissipated
The waves roll and pollute the place, and everything seems to burn and melt and fall into the outside world for a moment.
"Ren Huang? !”
As soon as the immortal family relaxed from the state of mind of revenge, they saw the virtual collapse in front of them, reflecting a magnificent dynasty, in which the sun, the moon and the stars stood tall, mountains and rivers surrounded by the gods, the emperors of martial arts chanted prayers, the emperors of martial arts rang bells for worship, the majestic immortals burned incense and sacrificed sacrifices, and the iron torrent vault surrounded the throne of red gold.
It seems to be the manifestation of the will of the mind, and it seems to be the reflection of the law. It makes people unable to help but prostrate themselves, as if they saw the only master emperor.
And when she woke up from a daze, she found that she had crawled when she didn’t know it. The South Ren Huang had disappeared and there was a long residual jinxia card that had come.
"The southern wilderness will become a disaster!"
Inexplicably, an idea rose and she couldn’t stop shivering. Is there going to be a fairy war?
This vast and savage God of Xinjiang is invincible, but I don’t know how many dharma bodies have faded away. But now Ren Huang’s powerful ability is even more obvious than the God of Xinjiang!
At the same time, every step of Li Yu’s walking in the mountains and valleys in the south is echoed by all beings who are willing to float from a distance. This is the law of heaven and earth that connects the real world with the terrans from Ren Huang and is blessed
Before the end of ancient times, there was no terran in the real world, which was a law that could be protected to a certain extent. However, when Ren Huang changed his heritage, he made a fundamental modification to the road. Today, the intention of heaven and earth continues to make it a real part of the law, and its influence has no geographical restrictions
Therefore, there will be terrans who are the protagonists of heaven and earth, saying that there is a chance for everyone to be sheltered by fate.
Now this force has been reawakened by Li Yu, and Ren Huang’s sword control wants to reproduce the brilliant world leading role of Terran in the late ancient times.
The news of the demise of the bloodstained garment Sect also came out. The falling meteorite of Luo Cha, a blood-soaked altar, shook the whole Southern Wilderness. Several people cheered and broke free from the suffering hell, and even the remaining altar brothers dared not be confused and trembled, trying to escape from the mountains and forests.
But I don’t know when Zhou’s troops have gone south, and the strong men have blocked all the strongholds of the bloody clothes Sect to destroy them for heaven.
The aristocratic army also promoted the stationing and taking over the management of various tribal groups into Ren Huang; But this side if people move is completely angered the south drought another strong.
On this day, inexplicably, mountains rose from the ground, and some force manipulated and blocked the border areas of the southern wilderness, which were connected with each other and isolated from the cage of the mountains.
"Method of god! It’s the fairy here! "
To detain the masters of the major sects, they will know that this is what the gods say.
In this area, he is beyond the fairy land, the fairy land, the southern wilderness crown king, and all beings are willing to contribute to the glory, the glory and the loss, and the emperor will compete!
"God’s resistance to Dazhou Road is our enemy’s ten dead and alive."
At the same time, the majestic sound washed away by the pale wave and sent out ten circles of ripples to shake and roar the mountains and rivers, so that the past blocks the border and Da Yue collapses and collapses.
"Ren Huang’s epiphany is a holy shot today!"
They don’t think that the method of god can compete with Ren Huang, even if they are in the southern wilderness. What’s worse, Ren Huang Jian bring up the rear is said.
Who is the best in the world?
"Ren Huang, you crossed the line too much, and I respect you for three points, but you have to push your luck to slay the friends of the bloody sea and take me away. I am willing to plunder my people and regard the southern wilderness as your land in Dazhou!"
The mountains rumbled and shook, and strange sounds were heard around. Huge golden insects flew out of their bodies and covered hundreds of feet, blooming brilliantly, and they could compete for glory every day.
Accompanied by it, there are several miasma flying or poisonous insects or poisonous smoke everywhere. The mountains shake and Guanghua rises to cover the sun like a vast sea of clouds falling down.
"magic god"
Li Yu speaks softly, looking from the depths of the southern wilderness, this golden method insect has eyebrows and eyes, and it is covered with six semi-transparent wings on the back of the carapace.
The number of weeks is stained with blood, and all kinds of wishes and lights are both sacred and evil. It is the southern wilderness that I don’t know how many years have passed since the ancient gods blessed this place, and they have also blessed the Bloodcoat Sect.
"Ren Huang bloodstained garment teaching has been destroyed, and you still want to swallow me. It is a bad way to seize my will, and it is also immortal! If there is a fairy war, you and I can’t get good. "
Method of god has four human arms, two holding an iron black bamboo whip is unusually heavy and humming.
Although he occupied the southern wasteland with the fairy, he was also very afraid and unwilling to make a move in the face of Ren Huang, but the road would be destroyed and he had to confront the situation.
"The undead endlessly? Very well, I’ll satisfy you. Go ahead. "
Li Yu’s body was enlarged and revealed, and the immortal body suddenly turned into a statue of a thousand-foot-tall giant with a perfect red gold inscription. The purple mark was even bigger than that of the magic god, just like the god descending dragons and crouching tigers.
This man of god is like a demon Lord from heaven, and if he is too old, the auspicious clouds on his head will give birth to dynasties and mountains; Golden lanterns shine all over the body, the sun, the moon and the stars rise and fall, and a pair of Leng Mei rises like a knife, and hundreds of millions of gods shine in the sky!
"You really want to do this extinction!"
Method of god surprised anger saw the man of god stepped to tear force Wang Yang hands Meng to build a lock like a day to handcuff directly clamped it on both sides with a loud roar, it was actually blessed by the Southern Wilderness, and the whole body was thrown into the sky!
Boom! Sharp, harsh, scratching, tearing, virtual collapse, a golden meteor rushing up and heading straight for the sky
The aftermath of the foot earthquake and hundreds of giant mountains around it were uprooted and rushed to the sky to hit the gods and burst into dust.
Pull out the mountain and be angry with the world!
Everyone was shocked that the magnificent man of God became a symbol of "strength" and "power", which made their legs weak like a chaotic god in mythology, and their spiritual will was subdued, and they bowed and worshipped more than piety.
Ren Huang!’
It’s a shame that the gods in the clouds are ashamed and resentful, or that they are their own masters. It’s a shame to be so overturned and thrown into the sky. It’s reasonable to say that this place is an ordinary fairy. How can it suffer this robbery?
Omron! The sky is turned upside down, and the sky is dark and dull. When you see the bright red gold, five knuckles that support the sky like giant columns are gathered together, and the giant hand covers it!
Cover the sky with your hands, change the sun and the moon, and see that there is light in the palm of your hand, which is divided from the virtual, reflecting thousands of things in all directions, and drawing the outline of the holy land of humanity, the hometown of all beings falling from the sky and directly patting the back of the gods.
Winter! As dull as drumming, the sound is visible to the naked eye. The body of God is hundreds of thousands of pounds pale. air billow impacts and spreads in a circular way, which makes the virtual collapsed mountains and valleys distorted and thunderous, making everyone’s mind white and bleeding and unable to help but fall to the ground.
The blow made the method of god’s face twisted and his arms stiff, as if he wanted to crack and yearn for the leaking light spot like blood.
"Who gave you the confidence to play with your will in front of me?"
Li Yu’s indifference overlooks the hand slapping, but he doesn’t curl up. Instead, according to the method of God, he falls like a meteorite from the sky, directly hitting the southern wilderness area from the sky, and a hundred feet of earth and stone are flying in all directions in air billow.
Terrible ripples, such as earthworm turning over, make the earth tremble constantly. People can see that the magic god is more miserable than being pushed deep into the ground floor, and I don’t know how many things have been smashed all the way. It is a thousand feet deep to plow through a tunnel and lead to the ground.
"Ren Huang’s true god’s power can also overwhelm the gods in the south!"
People were shocked to feel that Zhou Huang was so powerful that even the whole Southern Wilderness could not affect him, and he could not penetrate the barrier of uniting all beings in the grassland and the Central Plains.