"From Hate Sutra" was created by the most terrible magic emperor in ancient times, and it was called "From Hate Magic Emperor"!

The magic way says that the emperor is powerful!
I heard that I hated the magic emperor, but I still silently heard that later I suffered a great change, which led to a great change in my temperament. I hated all living things and hated everything in the world!
This strong hatred of the emperor broke out completely, killing immortals and buddhas, killing nine fierce families, and finally creating the shocking ancient "From Hate"
The power of this achievement method, known as the first secret code of the magic door, can be imagined!
Although he hated the magic emperor, he was miserable all his life. Even though the ancient emperor was surrounded by no relatives and no friends.
His ending is also quite sad.
His hatred finally reached its limit, and he hated himself for dying in the end of the ancient war, leaving a regrettable saying.
A generation of magic emperors ended up like this, which made several people sigh.
Yan Beichen went on to say, "From the hate road, Jun Yi broke into a cemetery and got half of the" From the Hate Classic ",which made a name-from hate!"
"His mind is known to all, that is, he wants to inherit everything from the ancient magic emperor and hate the magic emperor!"
It’s a half of "From Hate Sutra", which shows the horror of the enemy in the magic door.
Almost all of these arrogant genies have many chances and adventures to practice this step.
Sumo is not the only one.
Yan Beichen said, "Later, I joined the Shura Sect and got many opportunities such as Dao Huangcheng to realize that the Shura Sutra entered the virtual realm."
"When I fought for the title of Shura, I was still returning to the virtual world and getting away from hate, and I got away with it."
These past events came out calmly from Yan Beichen’s mouth, but Su Mo could feel the war and fierceness of that year in every word!
Su Mo knows Yan Beichen fairly well.
There are two people in Dao Huang’s possession, one is him and the other is Yan Beichen.
Yan Beichen’s talent is by no means weaker than him!
Yan Beichen stepped into the dharma realm and directly condensed out the dharma of up to five feet, so you can know that Yan Beichen is powerful.
But even so, Yan Beichen won half the battle!
Yan Beichen went on to say that "the struggle for shura titles ended and the hatred disappeared, and no one knew where he had gone."
"It was not until more than ten years ago that the appearance of hate made the whole magic door shake!"
Sue ink faint in the heart have a guess light nan way "don’t …"
Yan Beichen nodded and said, "He got the complete" From Hate "!"
From the birth of hate!
This means that a new statue of the demon king will rise with the trend!
"When I came back from hate, it was already a complete method. I pushed the magic door from Shura Zongheng, and the seven patriarchal clan systems were in Tianjiao! The brother of the Magic Sect lost in less than ten strokes! "
"Since then, the brothers of the Magic Gate have been silent to avoid the first knife of being sealed by the Magic Gate without fighting!"
It is not surprising that we can have such power if we inherit the complete "From Hate Classic"
Yan Beichen looked dignified and said, "Don’t say that I am now injured by Yuan Shen, and even if I am in a prosperous state, I am afraid I am not his opponent."
"No one can stop him from returning from hate."
No wonder Yan Beichen said so.
At the beginning, the two men understood half of the book from hate in World War I, and leaving hate was to lose to him.
How terrible will it be to get the complete "From Hate Classic" now?
Sue ink eyes didn’t have any fear.