Chen Ping took a sip of coffee and said, "What are we afraid of the police? Who dares to provoke us? "

The waves smiled and sat on the sofa looking at Chen Ping and quietly said, "Chen Ping, are we brothers?"
Chen Ping calmly looked at the waves and said, "Brothers, of course! Good brothers! "
The waves said, "If I betray you, where will I betray you?"
Chen Ping hesitated and said, "Why do you say that?"
The waves said, "Because I betrayed you and betrayed you!" "
Chen Ping looked at the waves and said, "In that case, I will kill you!" "
The waves shook their heads and said, "You have no chance to kill me! You have drunk me now * * Even if you don’t drink medicine, you have no chance. "
Chen Ping sighed and said, "Yes, I’m not your opponent."
The waves said, "I didn’t give you the medicine for fear that you would fight back, but I wanted you to sleep here for 12 hours in the middle of the night, and you took the opportunity to escape as far as you could."
Chen Ping said, "What?"
The waves said, "Since the Star Gang will lose you from today, the Lord of the Star Gang will also be the key wanted criminal."
"Are you a policeman?" Ling Mang flashed in Chen Ping’s eyes.
The waves sighed and said, "I’m not a policeman. It’s almost the same. After today, I can wash my hands of it and stop eating this line of work."
Chen Ping’s eyelids drooped slowly and she gradually fell asleep.
The waves carried Chen Ping to the bed, and he took off his shoes and quilt before leaving.
When the waves leave the hotel, call Old A immediately. Old A has been waiting for the waves to move outside the city.
Old A said, "Five buses and 100 special police officers from Beijing are on standby, and Deputy Director Chen of the Public Security Department is also here. Once we take action, 100 special police officers will seize all the industries of the Star Gang."
The waves said, "Draw up a plan for action, and officially take action at 11: 30! If there is any change, I will call before the meeting. There is no change. You are going to rush into the Red Chamber at eleven thirty. "
After the call, the waves looked at their watches. It was eleven o’clock, and there was still half an hour before the action.
Fifteen minutes later, the waves returned to the Red Chamber, and the novels were sorted out and published in Ωрㄧбс n.
The red chamber is already full of traffic and colorful decorations, and there are prominent people entering and leaving, not only senior officials from the city but also senior officials from the provincial capital.
The waves stopped the car and made a wink to xiaolun. xiaolun nodded his head.
The waves entered the living room on the first floor. Today, the first floor is also full of dining tables. The waves winked at the little angel on duty again. Xiaotian also nodded.
The waves go on the second floor. Blue Star and some senior people of Star Gang are on the second floor.
Sitting on the second floor are provincial senior leaders.
Blue Star frowned when he saw the waves coming in alone.
The waves greeted him with a smile. He went to Lan Tianxing and said, "Where is the abortion?"
The waves smiled and said, "Moon Horse will come to her first floor to say hello to her classmates."
Lan Tianxing was relieved.
The waves greeted the guests while looking for Ouyang in the crowd. Ouyang didn’t find it, so he was relieved to know that Ouyang didn’t have a red chamber.
The waves know that if he doesn’t talk, Old A will bring the special police and will rush into the Red Chamber in ten minutes.
The waves looked at Lan Tianxing and saw that Lan Tianxing was smiling and thanking the guests. The waves suddenly felt a little pity for this Lan Tianxing.
Is Chen Ping good to him and Lan Tianxing bad to him? Letting a little guy like Chen Ping go, of course, hurts to let Lan Tianxing go-impossible!
He let the blue moon go without permission, and I don’t know what he will be scolded by the old A. It’s not that the old A wants to scold him because someone will scold the old A.
He didn’t feel relieved until the waves watched Lan Tianxing greet the guests in the restaurant. If Lan Tianxing ran away at this juncture, all previous efforts would be wasted.
-at 11: 30, 100 swat team members suddenly rushed to the Red Chamber, calling on everyone to bend over the Red Chamber. Outside the Red Chamber, there were layers of city police surrounded, and more police seized some star gang industries in the city.

"Su Wan, I will kill you."

Su Yue said, he rushed in front of Su Wan and wanted to talk to Su Wan desperately. Today, he was in a bad mood. At the sight of Su Yue coming over and lifting one foot, he kicked Su Yue’s heart in the past, which made her feel sore and set her back two steps. Su Yue turned around and walked away and said, "I’m going to tell my dad that you are cruel and cruel. You are worse than an animal."
Behind him, Su Wan gathered her sleeves and said slowly, "Are you sure that’s your father?"
A word stopped Su Yue’s footsteps. She turned around and looked at Su Wan in horror. "What did you say?"
"Didn’t you hear what I said? Do you want me to say it again? I’m sorry, I’m not happy."
After a pause, she looked at Su Yue and said, "Su Yue, go back to your Peach Blossom Garden and don’t bother me again. If you bother me again, I will tell you all the ugly things you have done. I will be interesting to see if you are shameless."
Sue month face a pale mouth tongue-tied "what did you say you 111"
"What I said, I said, don’t mess with me after you. I’ll let everyone see what the Lord of Anguo Houfu Jinzunyu Guiyiling County has done."
Su Yue’s face was covered with sweat, and she bit her lip intensely. "You talk nonsense, no one will believe you."
Su Wan chuckled, "Does anyone believe that I don’t bother you? By the way, I forgot to tell you that someone else saw your scandal except me. I think one person said that no one believed it, and two people said that they were afraid that someone believed it. Would you like to try?"
Su Wan looked at Su Yue and blinked, but Su Yue retreated like a ghost. "You are not human."
"Yeah, I’m not a person. I’m a ghost. Do you know what I let you go?"
Su Wan’s smile on her face became more intense and mellow as wine. "Because now you are in pain, I am glad to see your pain, so I’m not going to tear you up, but you’d better leave me alone and I’ll make you famous and let people know that you are right about your father."
Su Wan didn’t finish saying that Su Yue was crazy and ran away screaming. She would go crazy at the thought of what she had done and finally let others know.
Girls voted on the last day. Girls have tickets. Remember to vote for five or ten tickets this month. Remember to come and receive the prize. You can leave a message saying that you voted for a few smiles and will give out prizes. Chapter 9 The truth about falling into the water is black and yellow.
Listen to the bamboo porch Su Yuegang left soon, and Su Peng hurried to lead the people over. When he saw Su Wan, he was dissatisfied and said, "Wan, why do you bully your second sister again?"
Su Wan raised his eyebrows coolly and asked, "Are you here to commit crimes?"
Anguohou Su Peng looked at her with sharp and cold eyes like a knife, which made him feel a little scared. He quickly coughed and sat down in a side chair and said, "It’s not that I came to ask you what happened in the palace. Your mother was ill when she came back. Today, I asked a doctor to come to the doctor during the day. After reading the prescription, she didn’t get better, but she became heavier."
Su Wan looked at Su Peng with a smile, and her eyes were somewhat meaningful. Su Peng got the creeps in his heart. Why did he see this daughter’s eyes so disturbing?
"Are you sure you really want to know what happened in the previous palace? I’m afraid you’ll regret it when you know it. "
Su Peng’s heart sank sharply. "So what really happened in the palace shouldn’t have happened?"
Su Wan nodded his head in a casual way and toyed with his fingernails. "Something happened, but I don’t know if I should tell you that I’m afraid you’ll get hurt."
Su Wan finished smiling and looked at such a charming and handsome person as Su Peng, but he spoke like a knife.
I don’t want to tell Anguohou what happened, but the truth is full of profound meaning. How can Anguohou hold back his face and sink his mouth? "You said I want to hear what happened?"
Su Wan’s smile grew stronger. "This is when you want to hear it. It’s none of my business to be hit."
She changed her position and said, "So I’ll have someone take you to a play later, and you’ll be white after watching it."
She said that she called a "Yun Ge" in the dark.
Yun Ge appeared flicker, but this time, his pace was different. He was hesitant and inflexible. He seemed to be injured. Su Wan raised his eyebrows and looked at him puzzled and said, "What’s wrong with you?"
Yun Ge hurriedly shook his head and dared not say that he had been hit by the Lord for 30 times. If the Lord was injured again, he would die and apologize.
"It’s all right"
At this moment, Yun Ge dare not have the slightest carelessness. The person in front of him is his Lord, and he can live and die with her.
Su Wan saw that he didn’t say anything and didn’t ask again, and then smiled and said, "You take Master Hou to Yulan Courtyard to see a play. Remember that there will definitely be a master tonight. You should find a place to hide in advance and then cover up your personal breath. It’s not difficult, is it?"
Yun Ge nodded respectfully and said, "Yes, it must be done well."
Previously, there was a master in Yulan Hospital. He had some trouble getting in, but it was not difficult for him to hide it in advance and then cover up the breath of two people.

Then the old man kicked up a piece of gravel at will like Du Yun, but this time the gravel rolled into the spring and heard a crunchy thunk, as if it had hit a metal or stone surface, which didn’t look like water! "Hey, what the hell is going on?"

"Du Yun also has some doubts at this time. Why didn’t he hear the sound of water at this time?" Du Yun hesitated for a moment, then sat down and decided that he had to go to see the competition, otherwise he would never rest assured.
Du Yun is an acute person. After making up his mind, he simply said a few words to the old man and took out a rope next to the tree. Then he climbed along the rope to the spring. The moisture in the spring was extremely heavy, which also made Du Yun feel more hopeful. Since there was moisture in it and it didn’t dry up, there might be a spring!
Du Yun’s slow direction along the rope is that the hole of this spring is extremely deep, and Du Yun has finally reached the bottom for a long time. The bottom of the spring is a little loose and soft, just like the dry soil by the river.
It was dark at the bottom of the spring, almost opaque. Du Yun condensed the purple rock and took a look around and found that there was a slight sound of water flowing in the right rear of his position. Du Yun held the palm of his hand in front of him, and Du Yun finally saw a Wang Qingquan not far from the front!
Seeing that there is a spring not far ahead, Du Yun’s ecstasy has been bothering him for a month, and the spring of life has finally landed. At this time, he has been straining his nerves and can finally relieve it temporarily!
With the light of Ziyan Shenhuo, Du Yun tried to approach the line and found that the spring channel had turned. It is no wonder that they tried several times and found no traces of water.
Now the spring of life is in front of Du Yun, who can’t wait to take a few sips directly. It’s really sweet and delicious. As those springs enter the abdomen, a warm heat flow slowly flows around. It feels like a beautiful girl stroking his skin gently, which is very comfortable!
Du Yun knew that the spring of life had an effect at this moment, and then he sat cross-legged on the ground and slowly operated according to the usual immortal operation route. The heat flow generated by the spring of life was slowly moved to all parts of the body by the immortal force in the ribs and finally injected into every cell of the body!
Suddenly, all the elements in the cell became very excited like a stimulant, and the division speed suddenly doubled, which made some cells aging and the whole tissue lack of vitality. At this time, the phenomenon was completely improved, making all the cells of Duyun body glow with vitality!
After three weeks of continuous operation of Fairy Power, Du Yun sensed that the vitality of the other body had been extracted by forcing the sunset canyon. At this time, Du Yun clearly sensed that his physical vitality was not only restored to its original shape, but also strengthened!
Sensing drastic changes in the body, Du Yun knew that these life springs were absolutely true. He quickly took out all the utensils from the bag and filled them with the original rescue or Xiao Zi’s life only needed half a bottle. But now these elf springs are the main objects, so he won’t be called Du Yun.
It wasn’t until all the bottles were filled and put into the bag that Du Yun forced another one to drink enough. Only then was he satisfied with patting his belly and preparing to go. When he turned around, he saw something in front of him shining and passing away, accompanied by a very strong fluctuation of life energy coming from it!
"Hey, what is that that can fluctuate so strongly?" Staring at the spring ahead, Du Yun made a doubt mark in his heart, and then Du Yun spread out his spirit to spy on the front! Just now, according to the information reflected by the spirit, Du Yunke can conclude that there are black and wet rock walls on both sides of the spring in front, so Du Yungang wants to turn the spirit and see that light flash out again!
Is exploring the front Du Yun immediately found the light source spirit and quickly chased the past and found that the light source turned out to be a huge eye of Warcraft and that Warcraft seems to have sensed Du Yun’s screams and then drilled forward rapidly!
Du Yun finally found out that the original strong life energy fluctuation came from the eye of Warcraft, and Du Yun hesitated for a while and decided to explore the competition forward. Du Yun is not an adventurous person, but at this time, the shape of Warcraft is very strange, much like China’s dragon, and the strong life energy fluctuation has great appeal to Du Yun. Since this is the case, Du Yun’s theory is to explore the competition!
Du Yun followed the trail of Warcraft in the passage and walked on for a long time, but still nothing was found. Du Yun became increasingly uneasy in his heart. Could that Warcraft have disappeared? Otherwise, his speed should have chased him long ago, but now he has not found his shadow, and even his movement has left traces, which have disappeared.
When Du Yun was still wondering, he suddenly felt that his feet and ground were soft and his whole body was involuntarily trapped. At the same time, a strong suction came towards Du Yunlai. When he first came to track, Du Yunlai was cautious and alert. When he sensed that the situation was wrong, he immediately reacted and suddenly cast a fairy force to break away from that suction. The whole person also rose up, and Du Yunshen left and saw the original place where he stood. The whole land was violently twisted as if it were like an earthquake. At the same time, many spikes suddenly appeared on the land surface, but after Du Yun left, the land was restored to its original state and those spikes disappeared at the same time,
Du Yun, who was ready to drop in the middle school, immediately summoned the green wings and flapped them slowly to suspend himself in the middle school. Everything I remembered just now was like a dream! Du Yun heart secretly surprised what’s going on? Just now, if I had been slower, I was afraid that I had been directly pierced by those spikes. Although Du Yun probably took a look at them, I could clearly see that those spikes were pieces of bones. The top of the bone road had a light blue halo and smelled bad. At first glance, you will know that it is definitely blood, throat sealing and poisonous. If you are stabbed, you will definitely die.
However, since I came here, Du Yun didn’t want to give up halfway. After a while, Du Yun decided to try again to see Du Yun take out the square painting halberd from the bag and throw it at the place where he had just settled. As expected, the whole land moved violently when the miscellaneous things fell on that surface, and those weird spikes also quickly pierced those things. Then the pierced things emitted light blue smoke and disappeared in the blink of an eye. Then those lost thorns and the land returned to their original state. Then Du Yun threw some other things casually. The same thing happened. "How fierce and poisonous! "Du Yun heart secretly after a test just now, Du Yun found that as expected, as he guessed, there was a problem with this land. If something approached, it would cause the spikes in the land to react, and this range seemed to be covered behind and there was only a mat before. It seems that if you want to pass from here, you can fly over. Du Yun felt glad that fortunately, half of it was normal, otherwise these strange lands and spikes would be enough for him to have a headache.
Du Yun glanced around again and there was nothing of value. Du Yun was slightly disappointed in his heart. He was curious and put his life out. It was very unworthy. Thought of this, Du Yun decided to leave Chapter 439 of Warcraft.
As the saying goes, it’s easier said than done. When Du Yun just wanted to turn around, he found that he didn’t know his way when he came. At this time, his body occupied the whole mouth, not to mention that even a bird in Du Yun couldn’t fly!
See turned out to be such a result Du Yun shook his head with a wry smile "curiosity kills people this sentence was not false" but since the road can retreat Du Yun pride in the heart has also been stimulated in the hands of the day painting Ji tightly held up and made a battle preparation!
Du Yun just got ready for the battle, and suddenly he felt the strong wind coming from his head. Du Yun was the attack of Warcraft, but Du Yun was wrong this time. The root of Warcraft didn’t move at all, but a few thick bone spurs appeared strangely. After the blink of an eye, he came to him. Du Yun hurriedly covered himself with immortal strength and compressed into immortal strength armor. Suddenly, he saw several bone spurs hitting Du Yun’s body. The blue immortal strength armor bone spurs were extremely powerful. Du Yun’s realistic force was hit by those bone spurs, and the whole person flew straight to the ground. You can imagine how strong this bone spur carried energy.
Think of the ground will also come up with bone spurs. Du Yun was frightened and hurriedly transported the immortal power to the toe and touched the ground with a little strength. Then the whole person was ejected to the middle like a spring, and Du Yun’s toe touched the ground where bone spurs would come up. And then, as expected, a row of ribs were drilled. Du Yun was extremely fast. Before the bone spurs reached his feet, he had already left!
Avoid an attack Du Yun heart secretly relax and carefully look at the eyes of Warcraft not far away. Du Yun couldn’t help secretly getting excited. Indeed, it has a very strong energy fluctuation, as if all vitality were condensed together. Generally, Du Yun has never heard of this kind of thing, but he has never seen it, but he feels strong vitality. Even if Du Yun is a fool, he knows that the eyes are definitely a good thing. Therefore, Du Yun has the idea of taking him away. If he has this thing, even after Du Yun forcibly hit the sunset canyon to a higher level, Du Yun will not be so embarrassed!
Since Du Yun decided to get the eyes of Warcraft, he would never give up easily. When Du Yun was ready to start work, he heard a terrible roar from the Warcraft not far ahead, and then Du Yun felt that the walls of his spring trembled slightly.
Du Yun heard the sound vigorous mixed with grumpy breath Du Yun immediately knew that this Warcraft is absolutely buhaore, but the eyes of Warcraft are really attractive to Du Yun. Although he knew that the move was full of crisis, it was worth Du Yun’s careful weighing the pros and cons in his heart. After that, he has already decided.
That Warcraft seems to feel Du Yunshen carrying that kind of strong hostility. That Warcraft once again screams and a huge hill moves towards Du Yun. This spring of life is not small, but it does seem unusually narrow around it after putting it in. It doesn’t even have a crack!
Looking at this huge size of Warcraft, Du Yun’s heart secretly guarded against the huge vibration in the spring just now and the roar of Warcraft shocked the fields. Of course, the old man was shocked. He did not hesitate to jump and follow the extension direction of the spring and quickly found Du Yun’s position!
When he came to Du Yun’s side, he found that he was facing an old man who was bigger than Warcraft and came to Du Yun and asked softly, "Du Yun, why aren’t you hurt?"
"The seniors rest assured that I am fine!" Du Yun smiled at the old man and said, but even when Du Yun spoke, he didn’t relax his vigilance, and he didn’t relax at all. The old man’s high sensitivity was not bad, too. Even when talking to Du Yun, his sight had noticed the eye in Warcraft, "Hey, what is that? It has such abundant vitality."
He stared at the Warcraft eyes for a few seconds and the old man’s heart trembled fiercely. "Is it that kind of thing! It’s great. If you get him, you can not only recover quickly from your injury, but also keep one of these things by your side, which is equivalent to putting a panacea around you that can bring you back to life. "
The old man just wanted to take it, but he thought that it was Du Yun and the Warcraft confrontation at this time. If he went to grab it himself, he would be suspected of robbing the younger generation. He was an elf ancestor who had lived for ten thousand years. He would never do such a thing. The old man glanced at it and stared at the eyes of Warcraft closely. Du Yun secretly called it a pity, but the old man was a senior master who could afford it. Since he got help from Du Yun there, the old man patted Du Yun on the shoulder and smiled slightly. "Are you also attracted to Warcraft? Will you have cold eyes?"
Du Yun heard after slightly one leng frowning heart andao "difficult to is in front of the old man also value that thing is really so want him to take a pistol so he doesn’t even have a chance to ten percent".
The old man is an antique who has lived for ten thousand years, and he is familiar with the world! When he saw the change of Du Yun’s look, he had guessed that Du Yun was worried about the old man and said with a light smile, "Du Yun, don’t misunderstand that I didn’t take this thing with you, which means that if you don’t know the origin of that thing, even if you put it in his hand, you don’t know what to do."
"Oh, what is that? It’s so amazing! " Du Yun secretly relieved after hearing that the old man wouldn’t snatch the eyes of Warcraft with himself, but Du Yun also noticed that the old man’s eyes were shining when he saw that thing just now. Now Du Yun is eager to know what it is that has such strong vitality.
"That’s how the Grinch stole Christmas! It is the fountain of life that has been bred through poor years and finally compressed and condensed together to form the spirit of life. So this spirit of life is the essence of vitality in the spring of life, which contains a very strong vitality. It is no exaggeration to say that he can save you if you breathe, that is to say, if you want him, you will become immortal.
After hearing the old man’s words, Du Yun was ecstatic. He also felt that the eyes were a good thing, but he didn’t expect to see the rare treasure "the Grinch of Life" as if he wanted it all! Du Yun heart secretly determined.
As for Du Yun’s preparation to hand over the old man, he once again said, "So even if you beat this huge Warcraft, it will be a way to get that life spirit. The life spirit belongs to heaven and earth, and the treasure must be obtained by special means!"
Hearing the old man say these things, if it weren’t for his poor strength, Du Yun had the impulse to strangle the old man. How many words can’t be finished at once? It’s purely appetizing to say a little at once. But even if Du Yun’s heart is full of him, he dare not be presumptuous to the old man. At this time, he not only dared to show his dissatisfaction, but asked respectfully, "Would you please give me advice as always to get the Grinch of life?"
Looking at Du Yun’s modest and cautious attitude, the old man is getting more and more satisfied with him. After gently nodding his head, he smiled and said, "After several years and adding the energy of heaven and earth, this life spirit has generally produced some of its own consciousness, especially when it has been linked with the individual who gave birth to him. If you want to get him, you must instantly erase the consciousness carried by his symbiont and then drop a drop of blood, so that you can establish a new connection, so that there will be no accidents when you get him."
"hmm!" Du Yun gently nodded his head and indicated that he already knew how to handle this demon animal, even if he got the Grinch of Life, it was very troublesome. But Du Yun also knew that the trouble he paid now was absolutely proportional to the results he received. After he got the Grinch of Life, it definitely brought great benefits to him to walk in the mainland!
Now that we know how to collect the Grinch of Life, Du Yun decides to get him immediately. After that, Du Yun must also treat the injured and unconscious with the spring water of life. Now there is not a lot of time left. Du Yun has never been slow in doing things. This time, of course, it is no exception to take a glance at the place where Warcraft is located. Du Yun’s hand painted a halberd in the sky and shook it fiercely. He rolled up a black halberd in front of him and quickly shot away at the eye where the Grinch of Warcraft was!
Du Yun don’t want to delay here too long when just to force to see JiHua flashing a strange black flash from JiHua central here!
The volume of Warcraft is so huge that it almost fills the hole of the whole spring. At this time, it is impossible for him to avoid the root if he wants to look at the beauty, which is mixed with a terrorist crisis. The scream of Warcraft comes to him quickly, and then a thick layer of weird bone armor appears. But it can’t be said that the bone armor is not covered with a layer of bones, but a long bone spur emerges from his body and is closely arranged to form a thick bone spur defense. Du Yun fired out the halberd and chopped the thick bone spur, and only broke a few thick bone spurs. Chapter 440th closed Warcraft (I)