Three acres doesn’t sound real or small. There are still many vegetable fields in Yang Laotou’s yard. His old man’s house also has Gu Zhongdi to help him take care of it when he is not in time.

Hua Zhenxing walked out of the bamboo forest without filling the bamboo basket with bamboo shoots, but he saw Zhu Yujing head on.
Hua Zhenxing stopped and said, "I wish brother didn’t go to the Moon Lake and come to see me again today?"
I wish Yujing the first two steps to worship and salute. "China always wishes someone to be ashamed! I told you about my family yesterday that Chen Fengyan had overstepped the rules and insulted others but didn’t realize the problem. "
Hua Zhen knew that he had come because Pan Cai left yesterday and found Chen Feng to admonish him. Chen Feng turned around and asked Zhu Yujing to tell Pan Cai about their private quarrel.
Zhu Yujing asked what it was. Chen Feng said, "It’s just those words that scold you for being worthless."
Zhu Yujing wondered, "Do I still tell Brother Pan these words? You said them to his face."
Chen feng is also a friar of the five realms. I remember clearly that "what’s the promise of staying here to be a cow and a horse?" Why don’t you go to Brussels and have fun?
I didn’t say these words in front of Pan Cai, but Brother Pan just called me for a lecture … Did you tell him? "
Zhu Yujing was shocked at that time and came to Hua Zhen early this morning.
Hua Zhenxing put away his hoe and said, "It’s really your turn to come to Chen Feng. That’s not for me, but when I quarrel privately, I tell you that she still has Pan Cai’s admonition and someone will admonish you."
What she eats, what she wears, and what she wears, if she doesn’t come by grab and grab, don’t violate the rules of the door and the law abroad, even if I don’t like it, it’s just that I don’t like it.
Whether you like her or not, it’s up to you. If you don’t want to see her, then dissuade her. If you can’t dissuade her, you can either admit it or forget it. It’s up to you.
If Chen Feng bullied or bullied you, he would not sit back and watch, but this is not the case. I can also listen to you talk about it if you find someone to relieve your mood.
Chen Feng, if you know this in private, but you don’t admonish her face to face, you should not be warned not to make a big mistake.
Not only did you not do that, but when you told me about it, you took Chen Feng’s adverbial with a wry smile. You didn’t admonish me in person, but you told me privately that you were up to something. "
Zhuyujing cold sweat came with his head down. "Chen Feng means that I am not outspoken against my classmates. She said that I am used to not joining Yangyuan Valley. That’s it.
And I really didn’t realize that the problem was by no means organic, otherwise I wouldn’t have been so understated in front of you yesterday. I only know what I lost at this moment, so I came to China to guide myself. "
Hua Zhenxing took him up and said, "It’s not a mistake. It’s just a small matter of right and wrong. Maybe you are open-minded but you don’t distinguish it. I have to say that you are worthless!"
As soon as the voice fell, Zhu Yujing heard "Just know and do it!" Suddenly a gust of wind swept around me and looked up again. I don’t know where Hua Zhen is going.
Hua Zhen line at this time a flicker has arrived at the cave gate, and then a flicker is wearing a small bench to go out and fly straight in the direction of Yanyuehu large array, and I don’t know what’s the emergency there.
Chapter 529, exhausted cattle among flowers
There is no signal in Yangyuan Valley, except that some experimental projects in the research institute sometimes need to go to the "human engine" valley, which is also impassable and has no power facilities.
For example, the office building, training department, Dongfushan … There are no lights, refrigerators, washing machines, or even a socket.
If, like Hua Zhen’s trip, he has been able to skillfully charge mobile phones, tablets and notes with his "unarmed" avatar … it’s nothing too big. At most, he can’t brush the information online.
Even so, how many people can practice this magical skill to a level in Yangyuan Valley in Hua Zhen? I want to practice, but I don’t know how many mobile phones I’ve broken. Now I still entrust Dongguo to buy cheap old mobile phones.
The operation of the big shell is always not refined enough, but the "human-driven hair dryer" or "magic-driven hair dryer" has developed several models for him and formed a series of laboratory samples
It is almost isolated and secluded, which is not suitable for the long-term life of most modern people.
Hua Zhenxing wants the instructor who has just broken through the four realms to learn the skill first, that is, refining bright beads? You can’t talk about everything all the time, can you?
There are also some reasons why Hua Zhenxing intends to put the training courses for the third-level students in Bihu in the future, both in the Ministry and abroad.
Even in Yangyuan Valley, the instructors will rotate regularly, not always practicing in this isolated state. They also have various jobs in secular life outside.
People like Mr. Feng can call whether there is a signal here or not, whether there is a word from Hua Zhen’s mobile phone, but most people, including most monks, don’t have this thing
So what should we do if there is an emergency outside? Yangyuan Valley has a "Dashi", that is, the comprehensive scientific research outside the door, and a special audio device.
Bixi is a copy of the hurricane tray to clean the dust, and it is also a copy of the imitation.
There is also such a similar instrument called a circular mirror, which is said to be an imitation of the mysterious light, and the mysterious light is also an artifact pointing to the moon.
There is a wonderful unknown thing about the mysterious light of the moon, but the mysterious light mirror is two sides. It is said that even if Wan Li’s magic inspires one side, you can see the scene taken by the other side.
The round mirror is not as mysterious as the Xuanguang Jian, but one side of Yangyuan Valley is enough, and the other side is placed in the comprehensive scientific research duty room. Both sides of Yangyuan Valley office building are manned 24 hours a day.
These two circular mirrors were taken out by Uncle Mo to build the cave boundary, and at the same time they were arranged. If you want to stimulate it, you must master the "circular optics", and it is not very difficult to repair it.
What urgent news should be notified to Yangyuan Valley when the scientific research team receives it? For example, if there is something urgent to find someone, the staff on duty in the valley will convey it through the circular mirror.
Just now, there was an urgent message from the circular mirror in the office building duty room. The site of Bixi large array in Yanyue Lake was attacked by monster beast. What’s the latest situation?
Hua Zhenxing is the true meaning of raising Yuan Valley Valley Lord. He immediately noticed the urgent news.
He was able to walk through a large array of holes in the hurricane tray and flicker to the door, then flicker and go through the door and fly away.
How can there be a monster beast in the construction site of Yan Yuehu? Hua Zhen was shocked and remembered Rui Shiguo’s encounter with the Snow Wolf and the Lich King.
I’m glad to think that Dahua is really good in the wilderness of Tebang North, and I can’t guarantee that a monster beast doesn’t have this thing. It depends on the chance.
For example, in Yangyuan Valley, Old Man Yang mounts Kirin, which is the head of Huo Jiaguan. Now Yuangu doesn’t support him. I heard that Old Man Yang sent him to Gusu for "further study". If he came back after the repair, he would be a monster beast.
If there are so many mentors on the scene and Sima value, this monk Dacheng should have no problem. If it is like the snow wolf, the demon king will be caught off guard and will cause heavy casualties. Hua Zhenxing is worried.
The large array construction site of the Moon Lake in the distance is a different scene. If you are in it, you will be amazed at the beauty!
There is indeed a monster beast falling from the sky and wrapped in a dark brown barrier. The long horn of the bridge of the nose gives off a pale golden light, and a sharp shock wave falls from the middle.
At that time, all the instructors and students gathered in a place not far from the pivot position of the array. Sima Zhi explained the mystery of the Bihu array and arranged the sky.
General Manager Tianhua came here to personally place the array pivot and start and run the large array. Nine six-level instructors each took a team to guard nine array eyes to help others protect the array pivot.
Director Hua will personally run the large array for one day and one night after starting it.
This is an opportunity for everyone to be in the array, and the position of each mentor and student should be determined in advance.
The monster beast just sent a shock wave from the sky at this time. If the magic attack falls into the crowd, I’m afraid there will be hundreds of casualties, especially those third-level students.
Fortunately, Sima value reacted quickly enough to detect the bad news. He got up and brandished a knife, and he brandished a knife with him. There were eleven other six-level tutors who greeted him. It must be whether Sima value is coming or not. They communicated with each other and they instantly formed a knife array.
In Yangyuan Valley, except for three old people and Hua Zhen, Pan Cai should be the first to discuss the technique and the repair of the instrument, but Sima value should be the first to discuss the array method and the repair of the Dan method
After all, Hua Zhen’s last step in refining Chundan during this period mainly fell on Sima’s shoulder, and now he has led so many people to preside over the construction of Bixi Large Array.