But Bai Jing didn’t think too much and didn’t know what Alley was worried about.

When she was enjoying fighting and killing in the Kuroshio
"Maybe every top fighter has a fighting heart. I can’t understand that he can laugh in the face of such a situation."
As the day approaches, the number of weird things increases.
However, the level has dropped.
The Kuroshio seems to have entered the tail.
"It’s like it’s over. Hold on a little longer …"
Just now, a lot of weirdness suddenly stopped.
They all looked in a peripheral direction as if there was something attracting them.
"What’s wrong with these weirdness?"
"I don’t know where they are looking … there is a dark cloud."
"Dark clouds?"
Because it’s too far away, Alley, they can’t hear the sound of thunder clouds, but they can detect the flashing and thunder in the middle.
See these Riley suddenly feel there is a possibility … Xu Le there?
She was a little anxious to go over there and see if it was Xu Le.
But seeing others around her, she gave up the idea.
There are herders, tree people and polluters in Bai Jing.
These conditions are absolutely enough for her to find Xu Le and find Xu Le without moving.
That’s right and reasonable.
When she came to Tianrui Lifeng, there was a certain risk of being discovered.
At this time, we can’t and shouldn’t do this kind of risk-increasing business.
"I feel that these weird things are attracted by the thunder on the other side of the dark clouds, so that our side looks safe."
Bai Jing didn’t show any relief when he heard Alley say this.
Look dignified instead.
Alley is very observant and naturally perceives the strangeness of Bai Jing.
"What’s the matter with you? The pressure is reduced. Why do you look unhappy? "
"Nothing, nothing. I think there may be a familiar friend over there … a little worried about him."
"Ray area? Is it the person who gave you the ability? "
"Maybe, maybe not. I’m not sure."
Bai Jing shook his head.
But Alley here is more and more sure that the person in the mine area is probably Xu Le.
She showed indifference and curiosity according to her emotions.
"Oh, if that’s the case, it interests me. Is it so irresponsible for a guy with very special ability to teach his brother?"
"No, I’m not his brother. I’ve had some contact. I’m not even a friend."
Bai Jing looked a little inferior when he defended Xu Le.
Although her face-to-face fashion with Xu Le is very strong, Bai Jing knows very well that there is an insurmountable gap between her and Xu Le.
The former strength is just pretending to be inferior.
"Well, it seems that you are quite defending him."
See the tide weird retreat places have soldiers are relieved.
Fighting all night, even these people are exhausted at this time.