Soon after he arranged these things and returned to the instrument and health department, Huang Jin came over and said that it was Jiang Feixuan. He thought that the dispute outside the door had reached Jiang Fei’s ear. During this period, Yang Chengzu and Jiang Fei had seen it several times and developed the rule of reporting something on a regular basis. At this meeting, the bead curtain had been removed and the two men talked face to face directly.

Jiang Fei is less than 40 years old. She looks like a graceful and luxurious lady in her thirties. She can be a princess. She is naturally not ugly, but her face is very kind. She belongs to a woman who is easy to get along with. The first person to accompany her is Mrs. Xing Xian. This woman is a few years younger than Jiang Fei. She is also a beauty with a somewhat sharp face, which makes people feel uncomfortable.
"What’s going on outside? The first king’s day, the za Xing Wangfu, has always been very kind. Although due to the bad status of Zongfan, we directly gave money and food, but we gave the state official money and food at all. In previous years, because Xing Wangfu could save many lives, today, this kind of knife and staff can’t be allowed if it is a sovereign day. "
"Yes, Yang Yizheng, it’s not too bad for you to do this. It’s all about buying weapons or training. But as soon as we drive away the victims, our Wangfu name will plummet this time, but some victims will be so nervous that they don’t know if they are rebels of Ning Wang."
Mrs. Wang didn’t have a good opinion of Yang Chengzu because of the Xiaocui incident, but also because the result of that incident was too unexpected for her, which made her restrain herself from confronting Yang Chengzu head-on.
Yang Chengzu didn’t kneel and kowtow because of the censure of the two princesses. "The princess empress has just asked some old people in the Department of Health. In previous years, although some refugees came to ask for relief, few people dared to build a house outside the Wangfu. Everyone felt that the farther away from the Wangfu, the closer it seemed. Moreover, the situation this year is different from previous years, and the market is not very peaceful."
"I’ve heard something about this, but the world will be a little chaotic when there are more refugees. Can’t you say that refugees are thieves?"
"That’s the case. Although these people may not be thieves, they can become thieves at any time. After all, they have no food in their stomachs, and the Wangfu extravagant eaters have me, which makes them feel resentful. We eat meat, they drink soup, we are full, they are not full, and we have clothes to wear. These are all resentments."
"A little bit of resentment will disperse without returning home, but if this kind of resentment accumulates, it will easily lead to problems. Every day, there is a backlog like a powder keg. I don’t know when it will blow them up. Today, I kneel outside the government to ask for money and food, and I will call more people to come. After all, everyone has folks and relatives. Today, the elderly are disabled, and the day is normal. If I don’t give them one day, I will feel that it is Wangfu, regardless of their lives."
"You mean?" Mrs. Wang is a little less kind than Jiang Fei, but more honest. Her eyes and look have changed a little after hearing this.
"nip in the bud every year, there will always be some people who rob rice shops and grain in some places. Those people may all be farmers, but when they are hungry, these people will become evil wolves. Now, if these people make noise and disturb the ministers, it will be difficult to atone for one thousand."
"We can also put people away before it happens, and then let them know that Wangfu will not give up porridge and rice, and it will also save them the trouble of running a liter of rice to raise a benefactor and a bucket of rice to raise an enemy. They don’t expect us to give some food to Wangfu, and they will think it is a kindness. If we give food as soon as we do, they will feel that it is natural for Wangfu to give relief. If they don’t come here in the future, they will be angry, so I dare to break them up."
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Means (5)
"So you do this is the wangfu consideration? It’s true that it’s hard for you to think so much, but it’s probably safer to leave this kind of thing to Yuan Changshi, who is a civilian. After all, you are a military man and sometimes you are too impulsive. It’s also a sin to kill someone. "
"Sister, this is not the case. Yuan Changshi is a scholar, and he always speaks about benevolence, righteousness and morality. Maybe in the end, he will pity these victims and in turn advise us to let those people go one step further. I have dealt with you, and they make sense. They can cry with you all day. If they pick up a whip, they will run faster than anyone else. I think Yang Yizheng is quite good."
When the world is safe, Jiang Fei has nothing to say, no matter how kind she is. It is her hope and Mrs. Wang’s hope that once there is anything in the world, even the country will be sealed
For them, the world is above everything else. When Yang Chengzu found out that refugees might mutiny and threaten the world, both of them changed their positions, but they gave Yang Chengzu a free hand to do it.
When the news arrived in the back garden, Zhu Houzong was pulling a bow in the back garden. This is a picture from the hard bow Wangfu in Shaanxi Military Guard. After pulling a few different bows, he was tired, but his face was full of sweat. "Today, I pulled Liu Bing more than yesterday. Am I great?"
"Chitose dragon and tiger are fierce, naturally strong in body and martial arts."
"Professor Tao Shenxian, my method is said to be for men and women to practice together, but I’m still in mourning. Besides, I haven’t finished Ding Hexie’s practice yet, and my spiritual strength has improved compared with the past. It can be seen that he is really magical. Today, Yang Yizheng’s scene of expelling refugees … is very enjoyable. Tell him once that if there are any more refugees, remember to ask Jiang Dalang to go out with him."
"Chitose, do you support Yang Yizheng?"
"Of course, I remember what he said when I went to the countryside to collect rent. How much food will so many victims eat this day? I don’t think people like Wangfu will be in their eyes if they cover the house outside the palace wall. If they are relieved again, they will be somehow indifferent. This is a kind of thing that I can’t do. Others dare to do things like Yang Yizheng. There are not many loyal officials who are not afraid to do things. Of course, I support him. I will send him a reward later to let him know Wang’s attitude. "
After saying this, he raised his bow again and imagined that the hungry people were pulling their bows and shooting arrows, shooting them as far away as possible.
In this expulsion, the refugees were very injured. After a few initial cries, some people took the lead. Many people went outside the state government to cry and complain. Wantong was dealing with the problem of money and food for levee construction, but he was frowned by waves of crying.
After hearing this, he hummed a pen and threw it away. "I don’t like the words of the captaincy but don’t care about the financial resources. Instead, I think this Wangfu is becoming more and more asshole. Forget it. It’s not good for a good official to take care of him if he doesn’t look for trouble. It’s not good for him to take part in my speech again in the future. All the injured people can be treated in the room by the state government. Let them repair the state government. Outside the state school, some people can also be arranged to live. There can always be no one to sleep in the furrow."
The autumn wind is getting colder in Anlu, and the temperature is getting colder. Most of the victims are dressed alone, and the cold wind is like a whip. Everyone’s skin is beaten through a thin cloth, and people are shivering. Fires caused by ignition and heating occur every day.
The state government has been burned twice, and even the camp has lost something at the same time. A house maid was held by a stranger when she urinated at night and dragged into the corner. If she hadn’t shouted, she might have been humiliated. By this time, Wan Tong also understood Yang Chengzu’s ideas. Refugees are not all as virtuous as they think, and the truth is not suitable for everyone.
The weapons of Anlu Camp have been delivered, and they are armed. It seems that Anlu Camp can’t quickly restore the order in Anlu. What’s more important is that they are not familiar with their own soldiers, but those who rely on martial arts or soldiers who speak the same accent are more likely to command those troops.
They are refugees born from the same root, and often they are more accustomed to protecting their own villagers in disputes, and then find some reasons to cover up their own township party. With the support of the army, those refugees will be even more reckless, but they will suffer.
This kind of situation is also beyond Wan Tong’s consideration. He is a scholar who speaks truth, and refugees can always find such and such truth, so that he can say that he can try his best to restrain them from making too much trouble.
At the same time, some of the refugees are becoming more and more active. They often walk from street to street to enter any shack, because they are not wearing thick clothes or medicine, and occasionally they bring food or money. What is more important than this is that they bring hope to these poor people and can have better hopes.
Refugees, they look at the relatively rich life of Anlu people. Many people have accumulated a lot of grievances in their hearts, such as the shortage of food and the poor living environment, which makes this dissatisfaction increase and makes them hate people more and more.
Foreigners are more likely to be oppressed by people, but when their number reaches a certain scale, there will be confrontation to get money. Because they are relatively more United, refugees will occasionally take the lead in this confrontation.
And what these people bring is that the people they defeated live a better life, hoping that some refugees are full of bizarre dangers and bloody words, and many people have returned to their hometowns, and some habits are secretly worshipping themselves, believing in God or praying quietly, but their prayers are unknown.
In this environment, Yang Chengzu’s family also welcomed an unexpected guest, which shattered the calm. The news that "White Lotus Sect wants Anlu to rebel from the inside and respond to Ning Wang from the outside!"
Chapter three hundred and seventy-three Means (6)
It was Hao Qingqing who brought this news. This time, she brought her own women’s army. Nearly 100 strong, thick and stupid women with bows, arrows, dark swords and guns actually entered Anlu City. When Yang Chengzu saw her, what he wanted to do most was to catch the defenders along the way and beat them up. How did this job work work?
"We have the roads of Qin Wangfu, and no one dares to search and say that there is a war now. Jiangnan’s commercial roads are impassable, and everything is missing. Most of the caravans are armed under the banner of caravans, and they are also called guards and filial piety. No one checks them carefully."
Hao Qingqing can meet her lover’s face and smile into a flower. Look at several pregnant women such as Iron Coral with a somewhat embarrassed look in their eyes. "I am later, all of you should take a look at me. What is that after us?" Sisters, right? Anyway, that’s what it’s called. I’m very easy to get along with. Everyone eats meat, drinks wine and shares it with men. "
It’s hard to be really angry with her because of her attitude. Liu pulled her over and said with a smile, "You are a real girl. Chengzu is lucky to have you. You all have to learn to live in her house to be peaceful."
Yang Chengzu brought her news. After talking about homeliness, he asked, "Where is your source? Are you sure? "
"It must be. Dad is afraid that you will suffer. Let me meet you. The news is that the White Lotus Saint Cold Frost told me personally. Anyway, the two of us used to be good sisters. She said that she would help me to disclose the news to me once. A large number of people from Wang Shiliang and Huguang White Lotus Society followed the refugees into the city to prepare for the capture of the city. You’d better hurry with me. These people are malicious. It’s too late to leave, even if they will come."
"Cold frost? Who is it? What is your Qinglong Mountain and White Lotus Sect now? Tell me about it carefully. "
Although Hao Qingqing gave the man to Yang Chengzu before, he never said anything about the cold frost. It’s not that he was worried about anything, but that the cold frost looked so handsome. She didn’t want Yang Chengzu to know about this person, but now it’s just a theory, so he can’t hide it, so he can introduce it from the beginning.
Only then did everyone know that Hao Qingqing had helped everyone during the grain war in hua county, and she had a better impression on her. Of course, the most important reason was that she was not in line with the aesthetics of the people of this era. For these women, Hao Qingqing was an ugly woman, so that people who were not a threat to them would be more acceptable.
On the contrary, her mouth is as cold as frost, which makes these women rise to guard against iron coral. "Is the white lotus witch in the city now?" I think it’s better to arrest her first, interrogate her carefully, and maybe even catch all those bad guys and cut them down. It’s really good to make something against it, even if it’s against something, it’s necessary to settle down. "
"Yes, why do they have to choose Anlu when there are so many Wangfus in Huguang?" Yang Chengzu shook his head and secretly called out bad luck. I didn’t expect to bump into the White Lotus Sect here. He asked, "How do you teach the school now?"
"Dad, this smell-scented teaching is just like what you said, even the nonsense is also like what you taught me. It was when my dad saved a fox spirit, a fox spirit, a tail, a debt of gratitude, a strange face and an edge avatar, and you said that a large number of Christians in the three provinces of the sheep pulling method were absorbed by us, and the White Lotus Sect didn’t take advantage of it several times. Now my dad has been classified as an evil spirit from the General Sect, saying that the leader would sooner or later urge the avatar to destroy our smell-scented teaching, but so what? Secretly, instead, they sent people to contact us to discuss the agreement. "
When Hao Yunlong was seriously ill, Yang Chengzu gave an idea to let them come to Huguang Qizhou to invite the famous doctor Li Yanwen to smell Lee Eon’s name. Perhaps his name is not well known, but he has a terrible name, that is Li Shizhen.
Lee Eon Wenshen Taiyuan Hospital is naturally not interested in treating bandits, but when these mountain thieves go out to visit his family, he just follows the mountain, and then he has to take a root to cure too much. This thing is not very valuable, so the disappearance of him and his family has not caused much impact. Compared with Ning Wangnan, a little cure too much is too small.
With Li Yanwen’s medical skill, Hao Yunlong’s experience in teaching has been Yang Chengzu’s later teaching methods, and the Wenxiang religion has developed extremely rapidly. Now there are tens of thousands of believers, and many gentry dajia have also joined the religion, which has made the Wenxiang religion develop more and more prosperously with strong financial support.
Although the White Lotus Sect abhors this kind of blood-sucking and flesh-eating behavior, he has no way to think about it except that the Sect mainly uses its magical powers to subdue demons. After all, even the loyalists have to suppress the terrain and location of Qinglong Mountain in three provincial capitals to level it down, so don’t expect to crush him with the strength of the congregation.
The friendship between the white lotus saint and Hao Qingqing can also stop here. It was when Hao Qingqing said goodbye that she deliberately said this important information as a reward for her sisters’ friendship in the past.
"Take charge of the equal king Shi Jinliang. My father has also heard that there is a person who counts in the Bailian Sect. I heard that he is very demagogic. Even those operatives are often willing to follow him after listening to him. This time, he entered Anlu with a large number of backbones. I will help you whether you want to fight or leave. If you want to fight, I will take these women soldiers to help you find people out and get rid of them. If you want to go, there are still roads in my hand for you to sit with me."
"It’s pretty good to be a leader," Miao Xiugu said carefully. When she saw everyone looking at her, she lowered her head for a long time before saying, "Without being a leader, it would be disappointing for me and Coral to be birthright. Who am I pregnant with now?"
"Silly, even if I marry you, what can I do?" Yang Chengzu simply picked her up and put her in his arms. Miao struggled for a few times at first, but finally he hugged him so much. "I’m not afraid of what others say to give you your birthright. I’m sure I’ll give it to you."
LiuShi way "ChengZu that you mean to catch people? Then be careful. These disorderly parties are fugitives. Don’t get hurt. "
"Auntie, don’t worry, I’ll take my female guards to catch people. No one can hurt the husband." Although Hao Qingqing is pregnant, it’s not a big deal that a strong woman in the hills can still pull a bow and kill.
Yang Chengzu hesitated for a moment and suddenly shook his head. "If I go with you to catch people, it will be a white lotus virgin. It’s a shame that you finally want to benefit an old sister. It’s a pity that this plan is for me!"
Chapter three hundred and seventy-four Means (7)
"Master, you mean?"
"I mean, she lied to you," said Yang Chengzu. "But I still have to say that she really listened to me and almost fell for it. It’s a pity that I’m not interested in meritorious service and I’m not interested in saving the people of this city. I didn’t listen to you and then I was eager to report and arrest people. Instead, I thought about what benefits I could get from this, and I didn’t fall for it."