Jade Duxiu looked at the gangster coldly with his hands in sleeves. "It’s better for Taoist friends to return to the seat if this magical power hurts, or they can get rid of evil thoughts and introduce the right way to seek the avenue."

Mafia people laughed "avenue? Everything in this world should be cultivated to the extreme. According to the evidence, you can smell the road. Now you are practicing less than 500 years. You have lived for tens of thousands of years and you have the virtue to guide you. "
Jade Duxiu’s face shows compassion. "It’s good to use the method of exorcism today to measure the stubborn Taoist Buddha."
Said but see jade Duxiu right hand outstretched sleeve a Lei Guang fingertips vertical and horizontal day thunder rolling a thunder fire split toward the gangster.
Thunder and fire are Vulcan, and thunder naturally restrains all evil things in the heavens. Thunder and thunder are the power of heaven and earth, and everything is afraid.
"La" saw the thunder coming and not dodging, but saw a bell jingling in the hands of the gangster, and a big clock suspended above the head would cover it up.
"Ahhh ….." A sharp roar from the clock counted black gas and instantly wrapped the Mafia National People’s Congress clock.
The thunder thundered and thundered, and the number of women and men came out of the big clock. The power of the big clock was cut a lot when it was hit hard.
"Mafia people ask you again whether to turn over a new leaf." Jade Duxiu’s first line of thunder played behind and paused to heckle the Mafia people.
"No way, bodhi old zu, you weren’t born when I was vertical and horizontal. You want to be a bodhi old zu and I am a child. It’s a joke." He said, but he saw the gangster suddenly stamp his foot for a moment. The earth was like a water wave, and the black gas escaped out of the road. The land turned into black, and the palm tore the ground and a stiff body climbed out.
These bodies are all black in appearance, and the corpse gas fills the air, and the ptomaine spreads instantly, and the earth is corroded.
"Never repent" Jade Duxiu’s eyes turned cold for a moment, and the waist ice spirit flashed with fluorescence, and a cold current flowed along Jade Duxiu’s feet. Everything in the place where it passed was instantly frozen, and the earth became indestructible. All zombies instantly frozen the earth.
"Since I want to die, I’ll be you." Jade Duxiu’s voice is cold, mastering the operation of five thunder, and the thunder is rolling down one after another, chopping away the dark clouds in the sky and rolling down several thunder brewing.
These great powers made the Taiping Taoist brother dazzled and frightened.
This divine thunder is that the power of heaven and earth is too great, and if it falls down, it will make people carbonize their bodies. Although these people have passed through three disasters and stepped into a wonderful realm, they will be beaten to death by this divine lightning, but they will not be able to reply for hundreds of years.
After hundreds of years of reply, the delay is too long, and the delay is too great for practice. I am afraid that if I don’t break through the realm of healing for thousands of years, I will have exhausted my life and died.
"Very fierce, this can be like resisting" Huang Puji stared at his eyes slightly.
On the one hand, the old man in Yi Dao’s brow wrinkled badly. "I haven’t seen this little guy for a while, but it’s even stronger. If we go like this, we can’t go like this. Let’s bet on the war and win or lose."
Road flyover Bishui over there rolled his eyes. "We’ll bet on a fight, but we’ll definitely take the little one."
Old man Tai Yi Dao shook his head. "No, the risk is too great. If we push the magic weapon out, we can’t do anything. This is not a small matter. We need to be cautious."
Chapter 324 Fate Grafting See "Daoyou Please Stay"
Countless zombies want to get out of the ground, but they are instantly frozen by ice. Half of the earth is exposed and half is still buried in the ground.
"Click!" Thunder rolled in the sky, and the mighty thunder and fire were one after another. Zombies’ thunder and fire turned to ashes, and all the evil spirits vanished in shape.
Jade Duxiu’s eyes sparkled with divine light, and she looked at the bell ringing off the top of her head. Jade Duxiu, a gangster, gave me a sneer. "Since she refused to drop that being original, she could destroy the magic."
Said the jade show in the hands of a thunder cut virtual split to gangsters.
Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum, Hum
"Friends, wait a minute." A burst of old sound started, but an old man in Yi Dao blocked the gangster.
"It turned out to be an acquaintance" Jade Duxiu looked at the old man in Yi Dao with both hands and said, "Let’s be an acquaintance. I don’t know the name of the Taoist priest."
"Old NiuLaiFu met friends" Old man unhurried way
Jade Duxiu nodded "the old monk? Do you still want to be original? "
"It’s hard to be a friend when you are born and die." The old Taoist sighed and then the topic changed. "Now that the Taiping Road is gone, the Taoist friend will be tenacious and insist on the instructions."
Yu Duxiu was indifferent to the news. "Someone once said this to me, but since I am a patriarchal crisis in Taiping Road, it is a matter of position that I have to contribute my personal grievances."
NiuLaiFu smell speech nodded. "Monks should do less killing and being original, but there are millions of soldiers behind them. If the master of Tianzong Gate doesn’t count, it won’t kill many people and hurt the sky."
"Do you want it?" Jade Duxiu heard something in the old Taoist priest’s words, and his heart might as well move according to the old guy’s words. Maybe there will be a turn for the better.
The old Taoist priest touched the bar and said, "There are enough casualties in this robbery. If the old Taoist priest doesn’t want to add more killings, why don’t you make a pact with him?"
"If you agree?" Jade Duxiu stared at the old man.
"I have chosen the strongest three combinations from the nine big doors, and Daoyou has won two out of three games. If Daoyou wins, we will immediately retreat, and this catastrophe will end. If Daoyou loses, this wind and wild ridge really needs to be presented." Niulaifu said.
Yu Duxiu’s eyes moved and his thinking turned "combination?"
"Yes, Daoyou Shenwei, if it is a one-on-one fight, no one is Daoyou’s opponent. I’ll wait for someone to unite to exert the greatest power. Of course, both sides can agree on the number of people, and Daoyou can also choose helpers from their own clan." Niu Laifu said.
Jade Duxiu did a little meditation, but he didn’t come to answer, but he saw the wall Hongyuan climb up and down and Jade Duxiu "promised him" in front of him.
Hongyuan is excited at this time. This is a turning point. How many monks are there in Taiping Road? How many monks are there?
If mixed up, the root is to crush the other Coalition forces instead of Taiping Road, but the Coalition forces crush their own side.
There is no hope of winning the melee, but this struggle has given Hongyuan a chance.
Jade Duxiu nodded. "Since Uncle Hongyuan promised that one, it’s hard to say anything. Let’s win two out of three."
Looking at the opposite Niu Laifu, he said, "You want to cross the road like a bucket."
Niu Laifu touched the bar. "I waited for five brothers and Taoist friends to fight against the law and suffered heavy casualties. Today, I want to learn from Taoist friends."
When he said this, he saw the "senior brother" flying out of the allied camp again in front of Niu Laifu.
Niu Laifu nodded. "Now Miaoxiu Daoyou has promised to gamble and ask the two younger brothers to get ready."
Said the three instantaneous according to the three directions … heaven and earth qi machine throughout the three mighty.
The other three people, according to the rules, Jade Duxiu can also have two helpers, Hongyuan, saying to Jade Duxiu, "I’ll leave you as a helper."
Jade Duxiu waved his hand. "These three experienced people are deeply involved in the study of secrets and skills. Non-equal people can step in. Uncle Shi also invited you to board Chengtou to sit and watch the overall situation."
Hongyuan’s lips moved, but after all, she didn’t say anything and turned away.
Not far away, the gangsters picked up their lives and dared not say anything malicious. They put away the bell and flew back to the camp.
Jade Duxiu’s fingers moved slightly, and his whole body was boiling with blood, bursting into three hundred and sixty-five coherent crunches. "I didn’t expect to do it again today. Five of you brothers are not my opponents. Today, three of you don’t know if you have the courage to dare me to put it right."
Niu Laifu is sad and happy. "There are all kinds of obstacles in the past, and now it is even better for us to wait for the obstacles."
Jade Duxiu noncommittally "that DouYing, Yichuan now? Have you ever spent the five declines of heaven and man? "
Niu Laifu’s face was serene and sad. "It’s a pity that the two brothers have gone to the afterlife, and they will surely enter the avenue again. This day, the five failures of people are a disaster for our monks. No one can survive the death of the two brothers. It is also a death in heaven and earth."
"When you practice Yi Dao, you can easily change the number of lives, but you can’t change your own. It’s sad and sad." Jade Duxiu sighed gently.