Their strength has been stuck at the peak.

There are many star-level colonialists, but their strength is inferior to that of the top different artists. There are many ways to go forward. If you want to make further progress, you must find another way.
Isn’t quarrelling the best way?
Pope Leigh, who got the fighting skill from Mei’s inspiration, formed a powerful fighting army prototype himself, and at the same time easily brought in several confidants for himself.
If he is lucky, these people will be his most loyal cadres sooner or later.
As a result, the Pope ordered Xuanzhen to be the head of the quarrelling corps …
Although this move is contrary to the convention that the qualifications of the original church are always greater than their abilities, when the Pope comes out, Xuanzhen’s personal experience confirms the authenticity of these quarrels, and your practice is also inseparable from Xuanzhen’s guidance
You know, if an unheard-of practitioner is instructed, the original church of God will not be responsible for what problems you have solved then.
No one dares to have opinions when this is said …
Of course, all this is done in secret.
However, Mian Xuanzhen and others still stay in "Limit" OL. Every day, they carefully follow the elders of Yunlan Sect to practice and work hard to raise their level.
Their order now is that Cheng Yunlan’s elite brother should buy his high-level fighting skill as soon as possible and then bring it back to the original church aboveboard.
When the time comes, these people who secretly practice quarrelling can confidently surface.
After a long time, the OL of Limit was very calm … All the players were practicing and improving themselves.
Although they don’t even know why they should work so hard, they can always feel a sense of inexplicable anxiety chasing behind them.
It seems that if you don’t hurry up, you won’t be able to practice.
And during this time …
Mei’s inspiration relies on her own failure to deal with the darkness before, and now she has played a role beyond imagination, so she wants to start thinking again, especially when she is suppressed so badly by Taoism and Buddhism that she almost survives. He can’t wait to find out the way to break the situation from Limit OL.
So every once in a while.
Vince will always find Su Wei, who loves to ask him for advice on all kinds of trivial matters.
"I don’t know the word Su Zhangmen very well. Can you tell me?"
"Su Zhangmen refers to the seven methods of robbery. Can you give me some specific instructions?"
"As you know, Mr. Su, I grew up in the United States of Galilee. Although I know the script of the Central Asian Empire, it is very difficult for me to write a color. Can you please help me make a profit?"
I’m afraid even Mei’s inspiration can’t imagine that he read that informative report actually written by Yue Buqun.
I can’t help it. Su Wei is not a Central Asian Empire …
His literary talent is excellent, and he can copy out a preface to the Tengwang Pavilion in minutes, or it’s not difficult for him to write words by himself.
During this period, Taiping Island was also very calm.
In addition to the rest, a lucky player has won the peerless achievement method or the peerless martial arts class announcement appears.
However, these announcements have not caused any big waves in the OL world of Limited.
Everyone in each player group, including Huashan Dongliang Group, is just envious and jealous.
Samsara has opened a lot up to now, even if it is just entering the "limit" OL players will also know one thing.
That is, many seemingly lucky things are actually doomed.
The former samsaras are just lucky. I can do it, too. Samsaras are full of cheats. Just pick them up with sacks …
In fact, it is the most superficial and arrogant idea.
They can get the peerless achievement method because they have such ability, and then they can take off directly with a little chance.
Especially like the brave prostate in the brave five group, it won the S-level evaluation first in the trial cycle, but also quickly got the peerless achievement method Jiuyang siddhi after entering the cycle, which added a possibility to Su Wei’s strength.
Ninety-nine percent of the pairs have been paid attention to by successful players. They are not rewarded with reincarnation points, but are all digging deep into the reincarnation curtain … Although these samsaras only last for a few days, their parts have become a world of their own.
So they dig too much.
Almost every reincarnation has lived a full life.
Only a three-year appointment. This is the only one who has not been connected yet.
He …
The bucket level of the strong is too strong.
In terms of absolute combat power alone, I’m afraid Yunshan’s combat power is much stronger than that of the emperor …
This is Xu Xi’s conclusion after entering a three-year meeting with Yunshan.
In the end, the strength of big BOSS is stronger than that of elite deputy BOSS?
The price-performance ratio of these three years is really too low.
Therefore, most of the reincarnation almost completely gave up this reincarnation …
But there are still two people who are obsessed with the three-year contract.
Especially nowadays, almost everyone has lost interest in this reincarnation …