In the violent blasting, the huge body of the cannibal flower was looming and kept screaming. It was wrapped in huge petals, and it resisted the huge blasting force. Then it broke with howls and howls, and several petals flashed cold light towards the sky, and the giant bird suddenly appeared.

"Had a narrow squeak. It’s like a crow and a phoenix creature. It must be a black burn. It’s finally drawn out. Otherwise, we must be the disgusting man-eating flower king now."
Purple bell purple pupil secretly relieved, but the whole person suddenly sat down and looked at the sample JingXie loss, which consumed him a lot.
"Can you still insist?" Sammul He frowned slightly.
Purple pupil nodded. "I can hold on for a while, but it won’t be long before I find a place to cultivate first."
Sammul He thought for a while and then said, "It’s relatively safe in the northwest, so let’s temporarily stop the purple bell somewhere there."
The purple pupil should be shaken by a purple bell and then stabilized. It should have fallen to the ground. The two powerful creatures have been fighting with them.
"When you hurry, there is no absolute security in restoring this forest." Sammul He said cross-legged to absorb the surrounding aura. Only by constantly improving his strength can he protect himself as much as possible from being swallowed up by wild animals
At that time, Zijinjingling was quiet, and Brady was idle and interesting. While reading the recipes, he muttered, "I don’t know if I can get out of this forest of death."
His words were naturally regarded by Sammul He.
Reiki quickly gathers and keeps pouring into Sammul He’s body. After a circle, Dantian gathers more.
At first, the increase of aura was quite stable, but as time passed, his aura actually throbbed, like excitement and trembling.
He Tianyi light yi reiki abnormal reaction made his heart wonder. This reaction is not the first time he met Bo Dong when he met underground. Now he has induction. Does it mean that this dead forest is as powerful as Bo Dong, the water god?
As soon as this idea came out, Sammul He frowned tightly. He didn’t know how strong Bo Dong was, but he Bai Bo Dong waved if he wanted to kill them even if it was a trace of the dead.
If the dead forest is that high, it is definitely a danger signal.
Body reiki is still throbbing, and suddenly reiki accelerates inexplicably, like sending him all kinds of information. This is reiki’s induction to heaven and earth.
Reiki guided him in the same way as he had guided him to Bodong.
This forest of death is either a great man like Bo Dong or a place with a very pure aura of heaven and earth.
There are two reasons why the aura of other bodies will throb.
Of course, he would rather have the aura throbbing because of the latter, or whether they can walk out of the forest of death will have a definite answer-if they don’t, they will die!
Because of the aura, he points out the direction, that is, the direction they want to go is exactly where the dividing line is located.
In my heart, I suspect that Sammul He is not going to tell Purple Pupil and Brady that he doesn’t want two people to worry. At the same time, he thinks about whether they should be with him. Aiwei is not afraid of sacrificing his life. For this world, he is lonely. He has no fetters, even if he sacrifices, there is not much regret. After all, he is not from this world, but Purple Pupil is different from Brady. They have relatives, parents, their own family and power. If he dies because of him, his heart will be branded and his pain will never be erased.
In the end, he made a decision that he could not let them take this fatal danger.
"Purple pupil will transfer me out, I’ll go to the front to explore the way." His light mouth and eyes can’t see how much fluctuation there is
Purple pupil one leng then nodded, no doubt it said "be careful".
For a moment, Sammul He appeared in the forest to steal the dzi beads and automatically suspended them in front of him. He stole the pictures of Fiona Fang for miles and made sure that there was no danger around him before he moved forward cautiously.
Blood-red reiki emerged to cover his breath and avoid the keen sense of smell of wild animals.
After nearly a hundred miles, all the way was blocked. Although he met several powerful beasts fighting each other, he had already spared him by stealing the dzi beads to find out.
It’s been nine nights since he came out when he calculated! This walking distance is a full 1000 miles! However, it is still a short distance from the destination, and the forest of death is too big.
Pull a piece of cloth from the clothes, wrap the body wound around his legs, and sit and absorb the aura of heaven and earth to restore his body.
At this time, his body was scarred, although he stole the dzi beads, but the horror of the dead forest still made him gasp. Some unknown animals and plants would suddenly sneak up on him around or underground. His most terrible injury was that his right chest was bitten by a frog-like creature, and a large piece of flesh and blood showed his ferocious bones. The seemingly weak animal actually looked at his aura armor or bit his defense armor.