Chapter 224 See the light through fog

There is a light green plant seedling in a flowerpot covered with sand. The sand in the pot is still wet. It seems that Mu Zhuifeng occasionally comes to water it.
Sitting by the bed, looking at that plant seedling, my heart is full of joys and sorrows.
Happiness is that the growth of plants and the reproduction of animals are unchangeable. It is a good thing that walnuts germinate when they break their shells.
Sadly, I can’t save Wang Yanpei’s life, and I can’t leave her soul. In the end, I didn’t even take care of her relics.
"Qian Fan on the side of the sinking boat crossed the sick tree in front of Wan Muchun." I shook my head and sighed.
"Don’t discuss something with you in the spring." King Kong cannon came in careless.
"What is it?" I took back my thoughts and took out a cigarette.
"It’s so hot that your apprentice and my son are sick." King Kong Bao took the cigarette and sat next to me. "I want to install a central tune."
"Ann" I nodded in agreement.
"You’ll have to put paper on the room glass, but it won’t work." King Kong cannon pointed to the window white silk cloth.
"Come on," I nodded again. It’s impossible to keep the original view of Ziyang, and it’s not necessary to be too old-fashioned
"That line, we’ll buy things in the mountain and then hire a nanny for Zhuifeng." King Kong cannon said, "We have to buy milk powder for three little things." Mu Zhuifeng can’t naturally feed three baby milk powders, which is the best.
"We have too much cash in our account, so you should try to deal with it. A headquarters will be reviewed next month," I added.
"We won’t come back to eat at noon when we know it. Get some yourself." King Kong Bao said and walked over.
I came to the front of the mountain to see Nalu after seeing the Three Shadows and the Water.
Nalu is not as lively as before when she is old. After teasing her, I came to the gate where Lao Li and Fugui lived.
"Have you eaten with real people?" Lao Li and Fugui were having dinner and hurried up when they saw my arrival.
"Didn’t give me a bowl" I took the riches and honour dragged chair to sit down.
"Wealth, take Nalu out for a walk." After dinner, I made an excuse to support wealth.
"Yu Zhenren has something to ask me?" Lao Li stretched out his hand and took the cigarette I handed him.
"It’s nothing important. It’s just a lesbian routine." I lit a cigarette and thought it would be more appropriate to start from there
"Ask the real person if you have something to say." Lao Li is very sensitive and knows that I won’t chat with him for reasons.
"Lao Li is a Maoshan Sect, right?" I asked easily.
"How many years ago?" Lao Li shook his head without denying it.
"Mrs. Ma Qianli’s temperature inclinometer is a descendant of my brother. Some time ago, I went to Maoshan. She told me about you." I got up and played in the past, which naturally eased the atmosphere
"Is Master Sister-in-law all right?" Lao Li raised his head.
"I’m fine, but I talk too much when I’m older." I laughed. I’m several generations older than the thermometer, so I naturally don’t have to worry about anything.
"Master elder brother and his wife treat me well," Lao Li sighed.
"How old was Lao Li when he left Maoshan School?" I asked.
"What is separation? I was kicked out by the master when I was twenty-four." Lao Li didn’t hide anything, and he knew that the thermometer would definitely tell me something about him.
"Why did you want to dig a grave with someone?" Since he doesn’t hide it from me, he won’t hide it from me.