Some cold ice shot out and covered the ground with a thick layer of ice

The wind blows up the body and suddenly falls to the ground. The giant swordsman’s attribute energy urges the huge blade to suddenly gush out a strong flame. The fire attribute energy overflows and the heat wave spreads out to kill God. Everyone feels hot.
As the energy of the giant sword fire element radiates out, the wind has already appeared. Those people who are frozen into ice sculptures generally wave their giant swords and windmills, and the giant sword crashes into an ice sculpture.
Ice and fire are incompatible with each other. These people were first frozen into ice sculptures and hit by the energy of manic fire elements. The ice sculptures suddenly burst and were frozen by ice. The teenager suddenly vomited blood and flew out to kill God. He struggled hard to get up, but he was like a thread.
There are two kinds of energy, one is ice gas and the other is fire element energy. The young man’s body is on the rampage and competing with each other, and the child’s body is regarded as a’ battlefield’. This’ battlefield’ is a miserable situation.
Feng Yang’s body keeps moving, and the sword in his hand is dancing like a flash, and it keeps hitting those frozen into ice sculptures, making a deafening explosion and screaming.
At this moment, the windy attack made 30 people experience a real meaning of ice and fire.
Everyone can’t help but look dumbfounded. Is this guy a freak? How can a person have two attributes at the same time?
Generally speaking, it is not impossible for a person to awaken two life elements. At such a time, there are always some lucky people in the world, but if you awaken two life elements, you don’t know whether it is tragedy or luck.
Many martial arts require corresponding life elements to be put to use, so Fengyang exerts ice attribute attack for a while and fire attribute attack for a while, which leads everyone to realize that Fengyang is awakening two life elements.
It’s just a coincidence that the fire element energy is from the fire element bead, and the ice element attack is from the wing, but the wind body energy root has no attribute. It seems that the other way around, it can be said that his attribute energy can make attribute Wushu.
Nearly 40 people at this moment, but less than 10 people have escaped the attack of ice and gas. Although their bodies have not been hurt, their psychological pressure is ignored.
The wind blows up an ice attack, which causes 30 people to be frozen into ice sculptures. With the fire element attack, 30 people lose their fighting power in an instant. This kind of strength has brought people a shocking impact and people have to be afraid.
"Two kinds of life element range attacks are so powerful and lethal. This cargo is so abnormal."
"I heard that he was still a fighter at the recruitment meeting. How long has it been so strong now? Give him some time to develop, and it will be really impossible."
"Not only did he not die when he fell off the cliff, but it seems that his strength has improved greatly. Is it?" Some people marvel at Yu’s bold speculation.
"Even if there is an adventure, do you dare to jump?" Some people also see the reality clearly. Some places know that there are treasures, but they just can’t get them. There are too many things to eat.
"He didn’t die when he fell." Some people are not angry.
"You are welcome to jump off the cliff and break the soul. You can open it at any time."
Seeing the strength of Fengyang at this moment, everyone can’t help but be curious about the fact that Fengyang fell off the broken soul cliff for half a year, and an adventure happened in everyone’s mind.
Most people think of the same one
The wind fell off the cliff, and it happened that there were trees all over the cliff. The wind fell off the trees and reduced the impact. Then fortunately, the branches hooked the underpants and landed safely. Then, at the bottom of the cliff, I met a peerless strong man who was chained to the mountain wall. This peerless strong man forcibly gave his lifelong skill to the wind and told him to cut enemies for him after the wind raised the mountain. Then the peerless strong man hung up with his legs turned over and flew in with all the treasures of the peerless strong man.
At this point, it should be time for the wind to blow up and shine.
This is a popular phenomenon. Most people think of this situation in their heads. Many people think that after a year and a half, the decisive battle will not necessarily lose. Trying to make him unable to participate is not to make friends with him or to help him.
Hand-written novels
Chapter one hundred and seventy-five Beating for seven days and seven nights
Welcome you to come.
"There are people in Shenyang who continue to call" Feng Yang once again put away his wings and looked at a face of shocking Shenyang.
There are seven helpers left beside Shenyang. At this time, they are looking at the wind, but their eyes are already full of horror. Where is the arrogance?
They want to beat Reservoir Dogs Nai Fengyang, but Tibetan mastiffs can’t be bullied by ordinary cats and dogs even if they fall into the water.
"Do you still want to die?" Cold eyes looked at the remaining seven young wind Yang step by step towards them approaching sound sen cold that eyes are bursting with cold murderous look.
Six of the seven teenagers looked at one of them at the same time, and the boy seemed to be the boss of the six people. All six of them were looking forward to the boy making a decision.
Shenyang disdain stare at the wind Yang sneer at a way "you and I will be scared off by you? None of them are cowards. "