"What is poor? Hey, I haven’t been here for so many years. I haven’t seen our village rich. Of course, the day is getting better every day. Compared with decades when I didn’t have enough food, I’m happy to die. But I can’t look back. I have to look forward. Now the city people are so prosperous. Our village is still tepid … "The old clan said with a sigh.

"The old clan za what tepid in the village? What can’t be as prosperous as the city? " Dry elder brother continue to ask.
"Don’t develop Bai people’s cities have developed for many years, but in our village, it’s good to have enough to eat …" The old clan took a sip of dry tea and said.
"Then what do you think is the main reason why our village is not developing?" Brother gan, ask what comes next.
"The brain is not smart. There is no such idea as a city dweller …" The old clan wanted to think and replied.
"Ha ha, you’re right about this. The reason why the old clan can’t get rich in our village is that the concept of our village still stays decades ago. This is the most terrible thing …" Brother Gan finally got the answer he wanted, smiled and nodded and said to the old clan.
"Come on, don’t talk to me as an old man when you are young. Just say what you have to say. I am an old man who has imposed this rotten stall on you. I will be responsible for it in the end …" The old clan is one of the words that I understand, so I took a sip of tea and smiled and said.
"Ha ha, old clan, you are really an old clan. I told you, ordinary villagers in our village have a hard time, especially because the concept is too conservative. Let’s say that Sun Ershu did this today, although the family planning master did something wrong, but we are also wrong. Is it so important to have three girls?" Dry elder brother smiled and confessed directly
"Ah, Xiaotian, you grew up in the countryside. It’s not that you don’t know who you said. If there is no boy from one generation to another, he can’t stand up in the village! No matter how many girls you have, sooner or later, other people’s families will get married and girls will pour out water … "The old clan didn’t expect dry elder brother to pull out the baby thing again, and Nai sighed.
"Old clan, it’s the 21st century. Besides, boys and girls are all their own flesh and blood. Now the city has already given birth to an only child. I have three girls in my life, and I will give birth to a girl in the city. Let alone training and education. It’s hard to say that you can’t afford to raise it. You said that you are better than others! Don’t be so poor from generation to generation! In my opinion, if we want to develop our Dawangzhuang village, we must first change the villagers’ concept, and this thing of having children is the best starting point … "Brother Gan listened to the words of the old clan and tried his best to persuade him that it doesn’t matter whether a person’s life is good or bad. What matters is how you can develop the village planning in Chapter 5.
"Hey, don’t talk to my old guy about such a big story. I don’t understand and I don’t know what you city dwellers think. Chairman Mao’s old man’s house said that people make more efforts. You said that if you don’t have children, who will give you a pension and die? If we don’t have children, we will hold dogs and kittens as children all day, as you said. You let your father and your mother judge you and ask them what your father will do to you if you don’t have children after you get married! " The old clan left the pie mouth and talked endlessly. At some point, they pointed out that they were busy cooking in the courtyard outside, and their parents warned.
"Hey, old clan leader, why don’t you be white? Before I was bullied, I was afraid. Now our country is short of people, but with money, we have everything. If there is no money, we will not all starve to death!" In the face of the old clan such stubborn old fool dry elder brother nai sighed and said
"Come on, Xiaotian, I know you are thinking about our village, but if you want to understand that we are in the countryside, not in the city, and we have never seen any big world and received any big education, we have that kind of unified concept in our bones. If you think you have the ability to talk to the old men and women in our village, you can talk about it. I’m an old man who will never stop you, but Xiaotian, believe it or not, you have to be driven out of your house just now. You said these words to make them cut off their grandchildren!" The old clan stopped him with the wave. He knew that Brother Gan was painstaking, but he also knew that this painstaking village of Dawangzhuang would not work, and it would not work in a short time.
"Well, let’s not say that this old clan went to the family planning office today. The fat family planning owner didn’t do anything to you, did he, old clan?" After listening to the words of the old clan, Gange Nai nodded his head. He knew that even if he said that it was broken today, there was nothing to have children. It was not a matter of time, and the concept of eugenics was infiltrated into the villagers, so he quickly changed the subject and said,
"What can he do to me? It’s not like having your little brother. They take care of our roots. It’s nothing that the official wants to do with us …" The old clan said, pointing to Li Hushan and admiring them.
"Ha ha that’s good, but I don’t think that family planning master is a good bird. He can’t do that family planning master for long …" Brother Gan smiled thoughtfully and said that sometimes he must call Choco, the county party secretary of Juye County, to reflect one.
"There are several good birds now, and times are different. Now they all want to get two. How many people still want to do things for the real people?" The old clan sighed and said with indignation that he felt more and more confused.
"Don’t be so pessimistic, old clan. Most people still have a good reality. Although it’s not perfect, there will be milk in bread …" Brother Gan looked at the old clan in pain and comforted him. He really didn’t expect an old man who was nearly 80 years old to have this feeling of worrying about the country and the people, so he was a little worried and said.
"Don’t tell me what’s going on in Xiaotian. I know what’s going on. Although my old man has never seen the world, I still understand that my old man is a big old man. I can’t enjoy those foreign things like bread and milk. I’ll be satisfied if I can eat enough … Ah, but it’s hard for you kids …" The old clan replied with a wave and then held the hand of dry elder brother.
"Come on, old clan, let’s not talk about these national events. We are all small people who can’t control him, but we have to control the old clan in the village of Dawangzhuang. Please introduce me to the situation in our village. After I went out for three or four years, I didn’t know much about the situation in the village, so you pushed me to the position of village head. Things in our village should also be planned …" Brother Gan smiled and held the old clan’s hand and said that Wang Xiaogan was a person, not a god. What he could do was to try to make people around him live a good life without being bullied or. It’s all he can do to get justice if he is bullied, but he can’t let himself meet it. If he meets a stall, he must take care of it. Just like today, the big brother of the family planning office has to get rid of him whatever he says. He just doesn’t like it. Maybe it’s not a good bird, but cleaning up one will always make him clean up that day.
"Well, when you say this, you should listen to Xiaotian like you young people. You should be a little aggressive. Don’t think so much. Just do it with a stuffy head. When you really do something, you will be white. You should be aggressive and energetic in your off-year life. You are as bitter as when we were young. You can’t eat and are suppressed and invaded by Xiaori. But that’s it. Our group of teenagers are still struggling happily all day. There is nothing wrong with being young. That’s the case in our village. When you came back several times, you also saw that being poor was like tofu … "The old clan listened to Brother Gan and finally got to the point. He was happy to say that he had long wanted to discuss things in a village with Brother Gan, but he was afraid that the big things in the city had been delayed. It was the best thing for Brother Gan to take the initiative to say it.
"Old clan, you have lived in our village for so many years. You are the oldest old man in our village. Tell me where to start if you want to make our Dawang Village rich?" Dry elder brother nodded and asked
"Again, if you want to build a road first, you can’t build a road in this mountain corner because of the poor terrain. If it’s cloudy and rainy, you’ll find that it’s hard to walk except mud. The man walks inside like a live loach and slips away! Only by building a road to connect our village with the outside can the villagers go out and let outsiders come in … "The old clan replied.
"Well, I listen to your old clan leader, but I still want to say that building roads will gradually lead everyone to get rich, and at the same time, we must pay attention to changing everyone’s concept. Otherwise, when everyone is rich, it will be some outbreaks. The rich people don’t know how to enjoy it. It is better to live comfortably now, although they are poorer …" Although Brother Gan pays attention to material improvement, he always feels that the most important thing is to raise the spiritual level, because there is a spiritual level to meet the growing material needs.
"Ok, if you can find a way to make everyone rich first, so that everyone in the village can live a good life, I’ll listen to you, the old man. You young people have a new concept, unlike my old man. The future development of Dawang Village is reliable for you. Xiaotian, you make the decision and I cooperate …" Although the old clan is old, it is not confused. Of course, this has to rule out the external cause of having children, but it’s a continuation of incense and a big event that glorifies ancestors. I’m afraid that the old clan can’t do it. Since the old clan can
"Ha ha, what’s my call, your call, old clan? This is all about the village, old and young. Everything is discussed. Since we want to get rich, we should build roads first. It’s not a problem. How much money is needed? I’ll just come back directly. I’m afraid the road workers will have to make their own people in our village. What do you think, old clan?" Dry elder brother smiled suggested.
"No problem, no problem. Hehe, that’s great. For so many years, the roads in Dawangzhuang Village haven’t been blocked by money. Everyone in our village has the strength to get the money in place and can start construction at any time. Just leave it to me. I can’t guarantee that everyone will be greeted in one day. It’s a clever woman who can’t cook without rice. Now I have rice and I don’t want to do anything. The villagers are all hungry and holding their breath!" When the old clan heard that the elder brother was going to pay, he was excited and said that it would be nothing if he had money left.
"Ha ha, then let’s make a deal on this matter. When the old clan is busy with this autumn harvest, we will start work. Then I will call the money in one step, and you will always be worried …" Brother Gan smiled and said that brother Gan is the kind of person who wants to do it and never drags his feet.
"Line didn’t say you are now a village head village people have to listen to you who if you don’t listen to you see how I tidy up him! I’m an old man who also listens to you. What can I do for you? Just arrange it. Xiaotian, I haven’t buried this old bones in the loess yet. I’ll see who dares not … "The old clan nodded and guaranteed.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, old clan. I don’t do bad things. It’s all about the happiness of the old and young men in the village. How many people object to it? Besides, I know it in my own mind. You can rest assured that old clan, I still have a small request. I want to change an accountant. Now that the accountant is old, it’s time to retire. Otherwise, the account in our village will still be a muddled account …" Brother Gan said with a smile and then requested.
"Come back, I’ll tell them that since I’m going to let our village develop, I can’t be too conservative. When the time comes, all the members of the village Committee will be re-elected for a new one. We old guys should also retire. Don’t shit and occupy the toilet to make room for you young people …" The old clan nodded and promised.
Brother Gan looked at the old clan and nodded and smiled. Now he has done almost everything. He has a good accountant and then he can find a young deputy village head to do things well even if he is not in the village. At that time, Dawangzhuang Village must be another prosperous scene. Brother Gan thinks about looking forward to the beautiful days of the villagers. Chapter 53 Brother, I want to see it!
"All right, Xiaotian, I want you to remember the things in our village, but the most important thing is not to delay your big deal, or I’m really crazy, this old guy …" The old clan said meaningfully to the elder brother.
"Ha ha, look at what you said about the old clan. What’s the big deal in our village? A village head doesn’t even have the ability to let the villagers live a good life. What’s the big deal?" Dry elder brother replied with a smile
"Ha ha, don’t fool me, you little rabbit. You have been playing with mud naked until now, that is, you have been out for three or four years. You said that one day I didn’t watch you grow up, and this group of young people in our village really had a future, that is, you. You are not an ordinary person. Although my master is dazzled, I can still see through you …" The old clan smiled and pointed to the dishonest "child" who was the elder brother.
Li Hushan, who was said by the old clan, has been listening to the dialogue between the elder brother and the old clan. He smiled in his heart. It seems that the old man is the old man. It’s really a look at Li Hushan, who is a quasi-elder brother. But knowing who the elder brother is is, he can’t do whatever he wants. So far, this is the case. And when the former elder brother described the vision of the red-crowned gang to the Loyalty Hall brothers, although everyone firmly carried out the orders, not many people knew when that day would come, but now they More and more believe that that day was not a dream. How long did it take? Brother Gan led the Loyalty Hall horse to dominate Dongshan. At that time, Brother Gan was the emperor of the Red Pole Dongshan. Who would fight for it! It’s like the old clan leader said that being a brother like that is not an ordinary person!
"Ha ha, come on, old clan, let’s not talk about this. You are old and drink water …" Brother Gan said with a smile that he didn’t want to compete with his master, although he said that he had seen the world, but it was still far from being compared with his master. Although he didn’t go far, he believed that his master had eaten more salt than he had drunk tea and peed more than he had ever seen.
"You little ah give me! All right, I should go back and chat with you young people. My master won’t follow me. My wife at home should also cook and go home for dinner … "The old clan said and took the dry elder brother and handed me the teacup, took a sip of tea and put it in the teacup and said with a smile.
"Don’t go, old clan. My mother will make a good meal. You can eat here tonight …" Brother Gan urged the master as he got up and left.
"Ha ha, I’ll be home in a few minutes. Besides, my wife can’t leave me. If I don’t go home, she won’t eat. Come on, my wife, my wife. You’ll know the meaning of my wife when you get to my age …" The old clan said with a happy smile, as if it were a young couple in love.
"Ha ha, that’s good, then I’ll send you the old clan. Wait a minute …" Brother Gan said, handing him the old clan crutch and then holding the old clan to go out carefully, while Bai Zhongwu and Li Hushan followed him up and went out to send the old clan.
"Oh, you hurry back to Xiaotian and chat with your little brothers. What do I want you to send? There are not many steps in total. If my old man doesn’t even have this thing to go home, it’s really over … and what do you hurry back to sit and send?" The old patriarch said with a wave when he saw that a room full of young people were up.