Zhouyi nodded and walked to the front of the two coquettish women.

"Don’t kill me"
Don’t frighten the coquettish female horse to beg for help. Just now, she went to Zhouyi to interrupt Xie Dayong’s leg, which would have frightened her. Now Zhouyi is here to kill her, which is even more harmful. Chapter 43 is trampled on.
"Don’t get my hands dirty if I kill you []"
Zhouyi sneer at a flash like two feet kicked two coquettish female head.
The coquettish woman who fainted before and the coquettish woman who didn’t faint collapsed to the ground.
Zhouyi arrested the two women and played the box health goalkeeper. The two women were thrown in, and then Hou Zhenyu, who was lying on the ground, was also stuffed in.
Zhouyi packed up two broken bottles in the box a little. Dayong Xie had crawled into the sofa box and there was still soothing music as if nothing had happened just now.
Zhouyi packed all this to create an illusion that Li Yugang would not know what happened here just now.
Zhouyi sat on the sofa opposite Xie Dayong and continued to pick up a glass of red wine. Xie Dayong had to smoke heavily to relieve the pain because of his broken leg. However, Zhouyi kicked off his bone and his leg didn’t bleed. If you don’t pay attention, you can’t tell what Xie Dayong is like.
A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door outside the box.
"Yong, you’re not doing anything now, are you? Don’t wait for me to come in and get a bad picture." A music outside shouted that it was Li Yugang sound.
"Brother Gang, come in. The two women have gone to rest. I just killed them with a bludgeon." Xie Dayong said that he was born to act and cheat people to talk as usual.
"Haha, brother, you are awesome."
Li Yugang laughed outside and then came in.
The box was dimly lit, and Zhouyi was not sitting at the door. As soon as Li Yugang entered the box door, he went straight to Dayong Xie and didn’t find Zhouyi.
"Director Li didn’t expect us to meet again so soon. It’s really fate."
Zhouyi slowly said while drinking red wine that Li Yugang was cheated into the box by Xie Dayong, and now he has mastered everything, and then he is how to settle accounts with Li Yugang.
"What are you doing here?"
Li Yugang was startled when he heard Zhouyi talking, as if he had seen a ghost
"How director li so magnate forgetful? You don’t know me? We had dinner together three hours ago. "Zhou Yixiao laughed, but his eyes were like a knife to Li Yugang.
"Dayong, what is this?"
Li Yugang stare blankly for a hurriedly ask around da-yong xie da-yong xie just said that severely repaired the Zhouyi meal interrupted a few bones of Zhouyi, but now Zhouyi is unscathed here, so he doesn’t know what happened.
"Brother Gang, I’m miserable by you."
Xie Dayong said naively, "I didn’t expect you to ask me to move, that is, Zhou Shaoshao. If I knew, you would lend me a hundred guts, and I wouldn’t dare Zhou Shaoshao to come here now. Let’s settle your grievances. I won’t intervene."
Xie Dayong said that it was a state before Zhouyi and Li Yugang.
"Xie Dayong what do you mean? You lied to me? I want you to teach this little guy a lesson, and you treat this little guy as a guest? We are brothers, but you help outsiders to seduce me. Are you still a fucking person? You cut people in Hunan. If I hadn’t saved you, you would have taken a gun at this time? "
Li Yugang opened his eyes wide and then stared at Xie Dayong and said that he felt very puzzled and angry.
"Brother Gang, I am not lying to you. You are my benefactor and brother. You and your father are kind. I will always remember that I will repay you well, but you shouldn’t do this to my brother. You want me to send someone to plot against Zhou Shaoshao. You should also tell me Zhou Shaoshao’s identity, but you didn’t say anything about letting me know. Aren’t you trying to put me to death?"
Xie Dayong also raised his voice and said that he also had grievances in his heart. If Li Yugang hadn’t asked him to send someone to teach the Hangchow Mafia Too Zhouyi, how could he fall into a situation where his leg was interrupted by Zhouyi and he was almost killed?
"Isn’t Zhouyi our TV host Li Linglong’s nephew? Is there anyone great? How did I kill you? Did you take the wrong medicine today? Dare to talk to me like that? I have no idea what you’re talking about. I think you are an ungrateful guy. My father and I were kind to you! "
Li Yugang was puzzled. He was a student in Zhouyi, but Xie Dayong was a little bit angry.
"Just elder brother you don’t be stupid, you still think about how to explain to Zhou Shaoshao what you want me to send someone to plot against him? Brother, I’m soft in front of Zhou Shaoshao, and you’re soft. Let Zhou Shaoshao cut you some slack. If you and Zhou Shaoshao die, dozens of my brothers and I will not be able to get along in Hangzhou. "
Xie Dayong sighed for a long time and said that he was rude and cautious, and he was a white man. He was so offended at this time that there was absolutely no good place to bow to Zhouyi, otherwise there was absolutely no good place for him to say that to Li Yugang.
"Xie Dayong to your brain is really broken, and your bravery has been eaten by dogs? What is Zhouyi? It’s just a student. You dare not teach your mother a lesson? You give him back his softness? When did you become so timid? "
Li Yugang root wouldn’t listen to what Xie Dayong said, but yelled at Xie Dayong. "You don’t help yourself personally, but from now on, you and I will be disloyal."