However, such a light and heavy person will spill his own blood in this dispensable account? This is really a miracle.

Or because I was a little excited to see Ye Han again, Ye Rou accidentally saw that pool of blood, but she didn’t have any doubts about it.
Lengling, who came outside the tent, stood on a flat grass, facing the tent and staring at the oasis in the distance.
Seemed to feel Ye Han and others near Lengling had slowly turned around and smiled at Ye Han and then smiled at Ye Rou.
Some clues can be seen from the softness in the middle of Lengling’s smile. Although this smile looks like kindness, it actually contains several bitter feelings.
"Who’s this, Han Er?" I feel that although this leaf is soft, I have some bold guesses about Lengling’s identity, but now the other party is not curious in front of her.
"She" body Ye Han is to want to take this opportunity to tell Lengling things to Ye Rou, but now listen to Ye Rou’s initiative to ask him, but he has some hesitation and doesn’t know what to answer.
Recalling that Ye Han, a variety of Yan Yunzong, was naturally Bai Yanyunzong, Ye Rou had already developed a feeling for him that was beyond the feelings of his brother and sister. That feeling has already been deeply rooted in her heart.
And Ye Han? Although I have repeatedly told myself that this kind of feeling is at best dependence rather than love, now I think about it, but I have to deny that I once thought about it.
Once upon a time, Ye Han thought that if he could marry Ye Rou in the future, it might be the greatest happiness in life.
However, things are often not as simple as imagined. Ye Rou did not get married in the end, but married someone else, which gave Ye Han the first feeling that his dream was shattered.
However, after this dream was shattered, he was able to get married because of his reasons. From another point of view, Ye Han still failed Ye Rou after all, and he still felt a little guilty about it.
But what is this guilt? Well, he never wanted to know that he married someone else, and that was disappointing Ye Rou’s sincerity.
But what was the original reason for this matter? Is he Ye Han failed Ye Rou or Ye Rou failed him first?
On the surface, this matter is that Ye Rou married someone else first, so it can be said that Ye Rou failed Ye Han first.
However, reason has made Ye Han come to his conclusion. In the end, it’s still his own fault. If it weren’t for Yan Yunzong’s ignorance and failure to find out Ye Rou’s feelings for himself, maybe none of this would have developed today.
However, what should have happened has happened, and regret is the only feasible way. Perhaps it is to make up for it. But how should we make up for it now? Is there anything else to make up for it?
The more I think about it, the more I blame myself. Ye Han is stupefied, and his eyes look slightly at the sky. It is clearly visible that the afternoon sun is hanging high in the sky.
Although the scorching sun is dazzling enough to burn people’s eyes, Ye Han seems to have never taken back his eyes for a long time.
"The solution is to be solved!" After a long time, Ye Han seems to have made up his mind. The other person sighed lightly and withdrew his eyes. He shouted at the soft leaves standing aside and smiled bitterly.
Ye Han wry smile fell LengLing immediately is also a wry smile at the same time, leaves soft also gradually determine the idea in my heart at present this woman must be Ye Han wife.
"Linger is my wife!" Ye Rou just concluded that Ye Han was like some impatient and busy telling the truth together, and at the same time affirmed Ye Rou’s idea.
Get Ye Han affirmation leaves soft charming body suddenly Yishan and then face slightly hesitant obviously for Ye Han such words she temporarily root method to accept.
See soft leaves so Ye Han can give a wry smile and then a bitter sigh "I’m sorry, soft sister, I didn’t mean to disappoint you! Real "
"Do you think I’m qualified to blame you?" Ye Han voice not deciduous soft is also a wry smile and then busy interrupted his words.
Hearing Ye Rou’s words, Ye Han suddenly hesitated for a while, then Nai shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Maybe this is God’s will!"
As for the qualification mentioned in Ye Rou’s mouth, Ye Han can naturally be as white as he thought before. Who failed this matter first?
Although Ye Han himself swept the guilt department, who can guarantee that Ye Rou’s heart will go to see it like this?
But now the situation has changed. In Ye Rou’s heart, it is not to blame the source of this matter, that is, Ye Han was ignorant at the beginning, but to push the whole thing to himself. After all, he chose not to leave Ye Han but himself.
If you think about the facts carefully, it is obvious that Ye Han’s ignorance is not the culprit that leads to the increasingly serious situation, and Ye Rou’s original choice is not the source of evil.
To say that the real fault is not Ye Hanye’s softness. If one person wants to blame, he can blame fate for playing tricks on people. Lovers can eventually be separated alive.
Naturally, this is also before meeting Yan Ling jade. Now everyone is already white. All these sins are caused by Yan Ling jade or by soft leaves hiding physique.
If the Yan family didn’t know that Ye Rou’s constitution was different at the beginning, then maybe they wouldn’t want to marry Ye Rou into the house and lead to all kinds of misfortunes behind.
But now? The Yan family really got what they wanted, but did they really get anything from the development of things?
The answer is obviously that there is no inflammation’s family at that time, but now it has lost the inflammation Xuan, the chief of the fathers, and then it has lost the important person of Ye Rou.
If Yan Xuan hadn’t died, Ye Rou might have to care about the husband and wife, but now everything has changed!
Or all this should not have happened tragically, but it should have gone up in smoke because of Yan Xuan’s death. Although Ye Rou still feels guilty about not behaving like a woman, it should be an unwarranted thing after all.
All’s well that ends well? This is a perfect thing in Ye Han’s heart and Ye Rou’s heart, but is it really possible to do this now?
From a certain point of view, this is necessary and inevitable. After all, people who share the same fate have eternal entanglement, and this entanglement is not as simple as love.
However, the fact is often unexpected. Although Ye Hanye is entangled in her fate, who can believe that this fate can last?
"Yes, Yan Xuan is dead!" Suddenly remembered the scene of Yan Xuan’s death before Ye Han was busy at Ye Rounai and shook his head with a wry smile way
As soon as Ye Han’s voice was soft and charming, he couldn’t help but tremble and immediately asked, "How did he die?"
"Hehe, Sister Rou, it seems that you still care about him?" The original Ye Han wanted to tell the soft truth but didn’t want her to behave in such a hurry. Ye Han had to endure a wry smile way.
"no!" Listen to Ye Han said leaves soft heart suddenly move immediately looked at Ye Han cheeks see face slightly a little melancholy so he nai shook his head a way
Although Ye Han didn’t recognize the truth and falsehood from Ye Soft’s face and words, he already knew that even though all this was not so real, it was rare to prove that Yan Xuan in Ye Soft’s heart still occupied a whole floor. Perhaps the so-called long-lasting love is so. Ye Han didn’t complain in his heart, but when he knew that Ye Soft’s heart had another figure, there was no change in his heart!
I feel that my words don’t seem to have been achieved. Ye Hanxin Ye Rou’s heart suddenly moved again, and at the same time, I thought to myself that when I heard that Yan Xuan died, my heart would suddenly give birth to a different feeling!