I don’t know when Christie also leaned in. She looked at the screen and said to Zhuo Qiang, "Why bother? Wouldn’t it be simpler and more direct for us to kill a bank and then forcibly bomb their vault and sweep away all the gold, silver and jewels inside? "

Zhuo Qiang shook his head and said, "Banks are going to rob them, but the most important thing is that we can’t find a specific place to rob them blindly. That is too inefficient. Maybe robbing dozens of banks may not be able to grab 200 tons of silver, and the consequences will be more serious. Maybe Washington will be under curfew in the next few days."
"When are you afraid of serious consequences? But there’s some truth in what you said. The most effective means to get the maximum benefit is really in line with the purpose of our pirate group. "Christie laughed.
Zhuo Qiang looked at Christie and then at Liu Xiaolei and suddenly said, "Now Xiaolei looks much more organized than before. Does this have something to do with the silver?"
Hearing this, Christie and Liu Xiaolei shut their mouths tightly and never said a word again
43 arrest
43 caught 44 kidnapping
Closing chapter point
44 kidnapping
Zeng Guomin and several others acted very quickly and soon approached the old Jack, the president of the First Bank Company, from a far suburb and kidnapped him [novel reading! ]
Old Jack is in a hurry. In addition to his car, there are two cars full of bodyguards in his motorcade to protect him in tandem.
Of course, the old Jack car is also a luxury car, and the facilities in this extended Lincoln car are also very comfortable.
Zhuo emphasized Zeng Guomin’s images of several areas where they lived, and he carefully observed the details of their actions.
Because old Jack’s car is a defense center, the citizens naturally don’t use guns, they use them as their real strength.
If you want to deal with old Jack, you must first get rid of his bodyguards, who are sitting like turtles’ shells. Without a good action plan in the car, it is not easy to get it.
However, after seeing Zeng Guomin and the three of them, Zhuo Qiang thoroughly knew what real strength was and what all obstacles in front of earth strength were just a joke.
Because Zeng Guomin has been in contact with Zhuo Qiang, he can always know where old Jack is, so they have a crossroads at the right time.
This intersection is a red light at this time, and the three cars that old Jack took just stopped here to wait for the green light to come on.
Zeng Guomin and the three of them went straight to the front of the three cars where the old Jack and his bodyguard were riding.
There were many cars and people coming and going at the crossroads, so they watched Zeng Guomin and the three of them rushed to the front of three luxury cars.
Three people and three cars happened to get one for each person. They broke into the sidewalk and stopped in front of the three cars at the red light, and directly started to lift the three cars upside down.
Several people witnessed this spectacle, and these three weirdos with strange costumes were like brute-force monsters from different planets. They easily overturned three odd-weight cars and slammed them on the car steel plate like Tarzan, and in a blink of an eye, the three cars were already deformed.
"Well, this method is very good. Few bodyguards can’t get out of the car. This method is good." Looking at this scene, Zhuo Qiang nodded.
At this time, Christie also leaned over and looked at the screen and said, "Look at how direct, efficient and powerful this is."
The three men didn’t stop at all. After all this, Zeng Guomin suddenly pulled old Jack in that extended Lincoln and stretched out his hand to drag an old man with white hair in his sixties out.
Old Jack just fell below his scalp and the blood flowed from his forehead to his neck. He covered his head with one hand and waved his mouth with the other, shouting something.
A banker, he already knew that he had been robbed, but he didn’t understand why these robbers wanted to rob him.
Although he is rich, he is a famous banker. He is also a public figure. It is a great mistake to hijack him. Because he is a public figure robber, the resistance he will encounter will be unimaginable. Because the police are unified to resist the long crowd, they will definitely make great efforts to detect and intercept these robbers.
Although he is in danger, he still feels very puzzled. How can these robbers take him away from the police in this hall?
Washington, a city with good law and order, is naturally very efficient in handling police affairs. He believes that a large number of police cars will swarm in less than three minutes, and then the robbers will not escape.
Because of the robbers and three cars overturned, the intersection was in a mess at this time, and the timid had quickly left this wrong place.