Redjade patted her hand and was afraid when she came. At last, all the departments were steadfast at this moment.

Nangong Obsidian suddenly knelt down and said, "I didn’t protect the princess well, but I also asked the empress to punish me."
The nangongshan Sandy was startled and hurriedly pulled him up, but she couldn’t pull him up. She hurriedly turned to Redjade and said, "Mother doesn’t blame my brother for going out myself, so don’t punish him."
Redjade held his hand in front of him, pulled him up and looked at him lovingly. "I know you will feel guilty and feel uneasy about coming. This matter is over. It’s not your fault. You can blame Sandy for not being sensible. You must be punished."
"But …"
"Thank you, Mother"
The nangongshan obsidian words haven’t talk was interrupted.
And the most shocking thing at the moment is Su Xue. She can’t believe what’s happening in front of her eyes. Those two people … brother and sister? Is it all my misunderstanding? But she won’t be wrong! The emotion in that man’s eyes is too warm!
Don’t …
Haven’t come to think about it. Su Xue just wanted to chase it out and saw that the team had slowly set off. The guards behind him blocked his man’s elegance and figure gradually disappeared …
The carriage, Zhongnangong, leaned apologetically against Redjade’s body. "It’s all my fault for worrying you."
Redjade patted her. "Isn’t it right for a silly girl to worry about you?"
Sandy, the Nangong, blinked. "But my brother can handle this matter and disturb you?"
This is her biggest doubt. Everything can be solved and they have to worry about it?
Redjade looked at the puzzled eyes in front of her, and sighed, "Your brother did exactly what he wanted to do. Otherwise, he wouldn’t scare those people."
A queen and a princess forgive those people who are bold and will never confront the court!
The nangongshan Sandy or nodded "oh …"
Not far from the motorcade, Fengyuan people came to report that "the cabinet owner had left"
Half-lying man didn’t speak, but nodded with an evil smile on his mouth.
Nangong Sandy, we will meet again soon.
It took the motorcade three days to go to Beijing slowly. The people looked at such a big battle and knelt down for fear of offending a big official.
Nangong obsidian did not follow the team into the palace, but returned to the house alone.
As soon as I entered the palace, I saw Rui Wang’s sharp eyes looking at himself. "What’s going on?"
Nangong Obsidian’s eyes flashed slightly and truthfully said, "The princess disappeared because of negligence."
King farce frown look straight at him "just now you are all right, what’s the harvest? Chapter 186, 186, choose a princess.
When Nangong Obsidian told the truth, King Rui’s face became more and more deep with meditation eyes.
After a long time, I slowly said, "You will have a rest when I enter the palace."
The nangongshan obsidian shook his head "I go with my father"
He saw it with his own eyes, and it is more appropriate for him to know these things.
After entering the palace, Nangong reported the situation. After that, Nangong looked at it with deep eyes and a heavy tone. "Are you telling the truth?"
"Everything I said is true."
Nangong Che was silent. If it is as he said …
"Well, I know that I will deal with it. It’s an honor for you to come back safely this time. Obsidian, you are also a big brother. I discussed with your father the other day to choose the princess for you!"
Obsidian son has reached marriageable age, and the past should have passed …