"Is this the will of heaven and earth?" At this moment, the first feelings of those hidden and secret masters and Song Qi are unbelievable. It is unbelievable that the heaven and earth source will appear a person who will cultivate himself later.

But the truth happened before them, and they could not believe that Du Yun’s eyes just popped out and it was a very subtle source of heaven and earth.
Only those who have the will to go to fairyland can understand that they don’t know how Du Yun has the will of heaven and earth. This result makes many experts’ eyes emit a kind of fanaticism.
Everyone was shocked. Just now, the idea was all a moment. It was still not recognized by many people. At this time, Du Yun put out the burning flame, which turned out to make many people petrochemical and roared out of Song Qi. The lighter did not achieve the expected effect, but this moment was cracked by Du Yun.
After a long whistle, the fire dragon swept through the silver line with unparalleled momentum, and Song Qi’s body collided instantly.
The spread of the monstrous flame has dyed half of Song Qi’s house red and hot, and this tension has gradually been ignored.
After staying away, Song Qi’s slightly embarrassed figure is also revealed. At this moment, Du Yun’s figure suddenly zoomed in on everyone’s eyes.
Want to know now Du Yun is against all the late and he faced the enemy that’s half a step to immortalize the strong Chapter one hundred and thirty-six Against half a step to immortalize (in)
After the monstrous fire dispersed, Song Qi’s figure was a little embarrassed, but his half-step immortal strong breath filled the audience who were trying to hold back their smiles and suddenly woke up
At this time, Song Qi suspected that it was a mass of gunpowder. If they died in the hands of Du Yun and others, it would be fine. But if Song Qi took Tianfeng Imperial Friar to kill Du Yun and others, then remember that they looked like they were unlucky in the end.
The law of the jungle, the strength of the jungle, the competition for natural selection, this is the iron law of the monks!
No one wants to provoke the strong, even if some strength reaches this point, the monks will not go to a strong enemy because of a funny scene.
Now this scene can be said to be a bit ironic. It is just that no one in Song Qi can laugh at it.
"Brother Du is very fierce …" Not far away, Qin Sisi saw this scene and was innocent. She did have a bright eye, and the bright eyes flashed some touching colors.
Qin Feng didn’t listen to what Qin Sisi said to her when she felt that Qin Sisi had changed. On the contrary, an uneasy factor arose because of this change of her sister.
"Sister, this time you will be disappointed with Du Xiong and other characters … alas ……" Qin Feng shook his head secretly. His experience has always been his Qin Sisi shelter from the wind and rain.
Qin Sisi these subtle changes, he could feel his sister even had a little affection for Du Yun. Although these Qin Sisi didn’t know it, Qin Feng’s knowledge was not from his eye.
However, at the thought of the prospect of Du Yun, Qin Feng’s heart is a little dim. When his sister meets Kan this time, she can see herself. Qin Feng has the heart to protect her sister, but there is nothing he can do about this kind of men and women.
Du Yun is too dazzling after all!
Even this ghost battlefield is afraid of the few people who can stand out in the end-Qin Feng deeply knows that such people live in a different world from them.
Of course, Du Yun, the center of the battlefield, naturally won’t change here in white. His eyes swept away and Huo Yan played inextricably. Because Tianfeng Empire was crowded, Huo Yan and others had some support.
Fortunately, Zhong Huo Yan is extremely fierce, and the monstrous blood gas and his blood sword deterrence also make several monks in Tianfeng Empire fear.
Although this dazzling scene has been covered by the light of Du Yun, there are still many people who secretly marvel at the strength of Du Yun and others. One Du Yun is already a freak, and another Huo Yan makes people feel incredible.
He is not so lucky as Sha Bangwen. The powerful monks of Tianfeng Empire and the large number of people suppress the three of them. Now they are a little overwhelmed.
"Must quickly solve this Song Qi! Then we can alleviate their current crisis … "Du Yun’s heart andao also passed a sharp eye at the same time.
He has already experienced the strength of the strong. Although Song Qi has not yet come up with real strength, Du Yun believes that Song Qi should be serious through this collision.
But does he taste different in Du Yun? All the collisions just now were just a test of one’s promotion and later revision.
Now that you have experienced the strength of the strong, there is no need to leave your hand. On this day, the friar of the peak empire will report it to you.
For this kind of person, now that you have scratched the road, Du Yun has put them on the death list in his heart. There is no right or wrong means. * * It is good that evil is just right.
Du Yun always does whatever he wants, regardless of other people’s opinions. All he has to do is feel guilty. Words are always in the hands of winners!
"Come on!" Du Yun’s mind moved his eyes and looked at Song Qi. The origin of his body must have been running wildly. The mighty spiritual force swept through him and he gave off a monstrous war gas, which made him like killing God.
Feel Du Yun rising fighting spirit Song Qi that because of eating a loss than angry look is instantaneous ferocious.
"I’ll let you know what it means to be immortal in half a step. This half a step will be the realm that you will look up to in the later period!" Song Qi blurted out that he never thought that he was also a route to the late stage of entering the realm of immortality
But at this time, no one questioned what he said, the strength of the strong and the strength of the immortal saw that Song Qi’s words had just fallen from the other body, and a very different force of spiritual force suddenly swept wildly.
"Fairy power … is this the strong man whose spiritual power has been transformed by half?" Song Qi stepped out of a silver screen, and his body appeared, which made many people suddenly feel that their physical strength seemed to be sluggish in an instant.
This kind of power, unless the body cultivates the Godsworn Immortal Force, the general Godsworn will feel that his spiritual power seems to be hindered and does not run smoothly when he is hit by this power.
Immortal power is beyond the category of spiritual power, and it is precisely because of this that half a step is to cultivate monks, and what goes far beyond the later period of exchange, that is, the peak state of exchange, monks.
Half a step to immortality. This is when most of the body’s spiritual power has been transformed into immortal power. When they finish transforming the body’s spiritual power into immortal power and then spend a robbery, that is, when they ascend to immortality.
According to the explanation of two vice presidents of Jingwu College and Lingyun, it is said that once a monk stepped into the fairyland before, he could step through the vastness of the six realms-the fairyland!
However, for some reason, it seems that his five realms are isolated from his interface array and so on, which has long been lost.
The reason for this is probably because of what major changes have taken place in the origin star. Of course, for more information, it is obvious that the vice president of Jingwu College and others also don’t know much.
"Ice growls!"