Inverse blade magic again started his speed advantage waving swinging short blade to feathermoon.

Inverse blade magic heart way to kill this female Lin Yu from ruin?
When Lin Yu came to save the girl, he could kill Lin Yu himself.
After all, Lin Yu achieved this speed by the power of artifact disease feather. When he is distracted, his speed may slow down and appear flaws.
But the reverse blade magic abacus is wrong again. Seeing that he jumped on feathermoon and Lin Yu didn’t mean anything to save feathermoon.
The devil is so angry that his face is ferocious. "Well, even if you don’t care about your own woman, let me kill her!"
Inverse blade magic a short blade to cut to feathermoon throat trapped red mans star thunder array in the heaven and earth the strong can’t help secretly regret being killed this demon female is really not worth the death.
Which know inverse blade magic this chop was cut again!
Feathermoon figure like Lin Yu became extremely hazy spirit inverse blade magic that cut in the past is feathermoon virtual shadow.
"What is this?" It’s not just the red mountain star thunder array that makes the strong man dumbfounded. Even the big demon king Liu and Yuan Wei can’t help but be shocked by an artifact that can make two people fail in this chapter 358!
Everyone was dumbfounded. Zhongyu Moon’s vibration was as white as winter snow. His wings flew high and Lin Yu hung side by side.
Two people glowing with a red and a white light, red looks violent than the white light is sending out a soft and peaceful atmosphere.
"Sure enough!" Feathermoon looked at Lin Yu excitedly with a surprise on his face.
The shape of the artifact’s diseased feather is a red and white feather. All demon people have always thought that this artifact can be suitable for both white wings and red wings, but it can be used by one person.
But just a moment ago, when Lin Yu took over the artifact disease feather again, his demon clan priest temple suddenly woke up with the holy demon ability, and his yuan soul and artifact disease feather instantly merged together
This integration not only made Lin Yu get the skill of "Thousand Feathers in the Pro", but also made him learn the skill of hidden converging attack of the artifact disease feather.
This skill must be used by the Luo nationality with red wings and the Luo nationality with white wings at the same time, and both of them can get artifact power at the same time.
In this way, Lin Yu and feathermoon will display this skill naturally with the speed bonus of disease feather.
Lin Yu didn’t find this secret for the second time, probably because he was in the Yuan spirit realm at that time and now he is in the Yuan spirit realm. This skill can only be put to good use after Yuan soul wakes up.
See feathermoon so excited Lin Yuchao she nodded "well just let’s solve this guy".
"good!" Feathermoon promised a and Lin Yuyi left a right points on both sides at the same time to attack the reverse blade magic.
"His mother!" The reverse blade demon never thought that he would be attacked by two imps instead of killing two imps, which made him a big demon face?
With great resentment in my heart, the devil with a reverse blade is his strongest move this time.
Feathermoon and Lin Yu are not close to the reverse blade magic. The reverse blade magic hands are dancing at the same time. The short blade reverse blade magic hands are so fast that people can see a cold light flying.
Several pairs of positive and negative primordial blades appear. Around the reverse blade demon, these pairs of blades are interlaced with each other to generate several "thump" weapon frictions.
The friction is all around, regardless of the attack effect, such as the sound alone is enough to make people who can’t repair it break into pieces!
Even if it is repaired enough to avoid the vibration, if it is not as fast as the reverse blade demon, those who swing the cross blade at the same time will cut the reverse blade demon opponent into several small pieces
However, the opponent of the Reverse Blade Magic is Lin Yu and feathermoon who have the speed and strength bonus of the artifact.
Whoosh …
Two people just near the inverse blade magic figure quickly flash out two long red and white residual light.
The two remnants of light incarnated into a number of two people in two places at once, and the trick of reversing a thousand blades cut off the two people in two places at once, and the virtual shadow cut out several vitality stars.
The cold light of the short blade and the red and white primordial stars are mixed together to turn the surrounding area into a colorful one.
It seems that although it is beautiful, the strong man is white. Just now, if Lin Yu and feathermoon are slightly negligent, they must be dead bodies!
Fortunately, the artifact disease feather, like Lin Yu’s shura magic sword, can not only bring the speed of heaven and man to the messenger, but also make the messenger have a sense of fighting between heaven and man.
Otherwise, Lin Yu and feathermoon, the two yuan soul-bound little guys, have had enough fighting experience with the man-bound strong man-bound demon just because he fought against the man-bound demon that day.
"It’s time to fight back!" See reverse blade magic big move Lin Yu and feathermoon this heart, two people a left a right at the same time to cast a "thousand feathers".
See a red and a white two feathers from the hands of two people at the same time can’t blink. feathermoon’s white feathers change into a number like snowflakes, and the feathers roar and sweep away toward the reverse blade demon.
Lin Yu’s red feathers have also turned into snowflake-like feathers, but these snowflakes are impressively stained with blood!
Even if you are arrogant, you can’t underestimate the power brought by the artifact to the two young players. When you see a red and a white snow feather surging towards yourself, the reverse blade magic immediately rotates two short blades around the bow at high speed.
Brush brush …
Two short blades rotate at a high speed and become two vitality knives. The vitality knives suddenly become big, and the two snow feathers poop-poop cut into several pieces.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
Several red and white feather particles chopped by the short blade of the reverse blade magic are mixed and flying all over the sky like a red and white heavy snow.
"This skill is not so good ….." Looking at the magic with inverse blade, there is no way for Lin Yu and feathermoon to watch the strong people in heaven and earth secretly sigh.
Even with artifact bonus, the gap between strength and realm can’t be filled for a while.
But they are all wrong.
"shoot!" Lin Yu a call to drink he and feathermoon figure suddenly blurred red and white two vitality figure intertwined dancing together.
As the two figures staggered and danced with each other, the red and white snow feather particles reunited and became half red and half white giant bird-shaped, and spread their wings and swooped down on Fang Inverse Blade Devil.