Chen Ping took a sip of coffee and said, "What are we afraid of the police? Who dares to provoke us? "

The waves smiled and sat on the sofa looking at Chen Ping and quietly said, "Chen Ping, are we brothers?"
Chen Ping calmly looked at the waves and said, "Brothers, of course! Good brothers! "
The waves said, "If I betray you, where will I betray you?"
Chen Ping hesitated and said, "Why do you say that?"
The waves said, "Because I betrayed you and betrayed you!" "
Chen Ping looked at the waves and said, "In that case, I will kill you!" "
The waves shook their heads and said, "You have no chance to kill me! You have drunk me now * * Even if you don’t drink medicine, you have no chance. "
Chen Ping sighed and said, "Yes, I’m not your opponent."
The waves said, "I didn’t give you the medicine for fear that you would fight back, but I wanted you to sleep here for 12 hours in the middle of the night, and you took the opportunity to escape as far as you could."
Chen Ping said, "What?"
The waves said, "Since the Star Gang will lose you from today, the Lord of the Star Gang will also be the key wanted criminal."
"Are you a policeman?" Ling Mang flashed in Chen Ping’s eyes.
The waves sighed and said, "I’m not a policeman. It’s almost the same. After today, I can wash my hands of it and stop eating this line of work."
Chen Ping’s eyelids drooped slowly and she gradually fell asleep.
The waves carried Chen Ping to the bed, and he took off his shoes and quilt before leaving.
When the waves leave the hotel, call Old A immediately. Old A has been waiting for the waves to move outside the city.
Old A said, "Five buses and 100 special police officers from Beijing are on standby, and Deputy Director Chen of the Public Security Department is also here. Once we take action, 100 special police officers will seize all the industries of the Star Gang."
The waves said, "Draw up a plan for action, and officially take action at 11: 30! If there is any change, I will call before the meeting. There is no change. You are going to rush into the Red Chamber at eleven thirty. "
After the call, the waves looked at their watches. It was eleven o’clock, and there was still half an hour before the action.
Fifteen minutes later, the waves returned to the Red Chamber, and the novels were sorted out and published in Ωрㄧбс n.
The red chamber is already full of traffic and colorful decorations, and there are prominent people entering and leaving, not only senior officials from the city but also senior officials from the provincial capital.
The waves stopped the car and made a wink to xiaolun. xiaolun nodded his head.
The waves entered the living room on the first floor. Today, the first floor is also full of dining tables. The waves winked at the little angel on duty again. Xiaotian also nodded.
The waves go on the second floor. Blue Star and some senior people of Star Gang are on the second floor.
Sitting on the second floor are provincial senior leaders.
Blue Star frowned when he saw the waves coming in alone.
The waves greeted him with a smile. He went to Lan Tianxing and said, "Where is the abortion?"
The waves smiled and said, "Moon Horse will come to her first floor to say hello to her classmates."
Lan Tianxing was relieved.
The waves greeted the guests while looking for Ouyang in the crowd. Ouyang didn’t find it, so he was relieved to know that Ouyang didn’t have a red chamber.
The waves know that if he doesn’t talk, Old A will bring the special police and will rush into the Red Chamber in ten minutes.
The waves looked at Lan Tianxing and saw that Lan Tianxing was smiling and thanking the guests. The waves suddenly felt a little pity for this Lan Tianxing.
Is Chen Ping good to him and Lan Tianxing bad to him? Letting a little guy like Chen Ping go, of course, hurts to let Lan Tianxing go-impossible!
He let the blue moon go without permission, and I don’t know what he will be scolded by the old A. It’s not that the old A wants to scold him because someone will scold the old A.
He didn’t feel relieved until the waves watched Lan Tianxing greet the guests in the restaurant. If Lan Tianxing ran away at this juncture, all previous efforts would be wasted.
-at 11: 30, 100 swat team members suddenly rushed to the Red Chamber, calling on everyone to bend over the Red Chamber. Outside the Red Chamber, there were layers of city police surrounded, and more police seized some star gang industries in the city.