The sharp shadows of several white air guns fell from the sky and smashed hundreds of golden-eyed big men with belts and bones into a paste!

Hundreds of golden souls want to fly away, but they are all included in the sleeve with a wave of their hand.
The owner of this cold sound is naturally wandering in the sea.
Take away the golden souls of these people. Just before the sky ahead, a tall figure in a golden priestly robe appeared instantly.
This man is the priestess who appeared in the lobby of the Mercenary Federation of Trade Unions, and she is also the client!
"God is blue, you’re going too far." The priestess’s inhuman voice came out of her golden priest, and she couldn’t see a part of her face except for her robe and golden eyes.
Ming Tianqing said coldly, "You should belong to the Yuan family. If you don’t want to die, go back to your parallel immediately!"
"Ha ha ….." The priestess laughed. "This is our home. You sinners have expelled us sons and daughters of God, and you dare to talk nonsense?"
"Children of God?" Ghost azure grumpily snorted "enslave and hunt us at will. Do you also deserve to be called the sons and daughters of God? If it weren’t for our limited ability, we would have completely extinct you, where would you stay in parallel! "
"Good winner king, we can talk!" The priestess’s golden eye pupil glowed with a fierce look. "I didn’t expect you to stare at this exit for a long time. This time, I think the pirates were planted. The purpose is to let your son get more spar source mines from me?"
Ghost azure noncommittally said, "That child is smart and not greedy, and will not stay here to die. Since you are willing to give him a gift, I will naturally not stop him."
"I really don’t understand why you are so guarding Cangyu mainland?" The priestess suddenly changed her tone to be very tempting. "If you are willing to join our Yuan clan, I guarantee that you will be my Mr. Right, Cheng Cangyu, a mainland deity."
Ghost azure seems to have heard the funniest joke in the world, and laughed loudly. "Haha … you are too big to be uncomfortable to do. I don’t like a woman who is older than me. I always feel like a man without femininity."
Priestess immediately a cold "ghost azure you dare to humiliate me? Hum to tell you the truth, when you and Yu Xuan fell, it was I who revealed to the demon race that the old undead. If you dare to continue to be arrogant, I don’t mind revealing your son’s identity. "
"Yuan, Wei!" Bibi’s sharp eyes shone from the eyes of the azure mask and stared at Yuan Wei, the priestess. "Trust me, you will die miserably!"
"Ha ha, I dare you to kill me!" Yuan Wei’s triumphant voice scattered around, and the figure turned into a golden light and flew away in the distance.
Ghost azure clenched fists and kept shaking "Ah Xuan, I will repay you for your revenge! Death to the Yuan people! "
Heavenly blue fists steeply put five fingers toward the island, and two white bus handprints hit Tianjing Island with a bang.
A cloud of dust, like mushroom-shaped smoke, rises into the sky until the clouds dissipate and the island of Tianjing disappears.
"What’s the matter with Master’s island?" Lin Yu, a small town inn tens of thousands of miles away from the chaotic city, received the news that Zhang Xiaorou was destroyed by everyone this time and asked curiously.
Yuan Lan hem said, "Parallel to the spar source ore is parallel to the crack seal of Cangyu mainland. Dig out the spar source ore in parallel, and the ancient adherents can drill out through this crack."
"They can’t dig from the inside, but they can find a way to get outsiders to dig. If others dig, it may cause his powerful forces to doubt that these mercenaries are the best choice."
Lin Yu secretly glad that he escaped quickly and got spar and saved his life.
If I stay on the island like those guys, I guess I can’t even keep my body.
"Master, how did that island come out?" Lin Yu asked curiously.
The little girl’s master snorted contemptuously. "Of course, it’s those who think about returning to the mainland of Cangyu all day long. Chapter 173 Threats to do good deeds.
"Yuan clan?" Lin Yu eyebrows a wrinkly "teacher, they are also ancient nations? Are they strong? "
"Yes," Master Loli immediately explained to Lin Yu the origin of the Yuan clan.
It is said that Cangyu mainland was ruled by the Yuan nationality a long time ago, and his ancient ethnic group was their minions, while the three ethnic groups of people, demons and demons were their slaves.
They claim to be gods, and the mainland claims to be arrogant and arrogant, and they don’t care about other ethnic groups.
They rely on the genius of the tribe, the cloud master, to wreak havoc like a cloud and squeeze people of all ethnic groups in the mainland.
Their brutal rule attracted the resistance of all ethnic groups in the mainland, and the ancient god war broke out.
No one knows how long the war lasted. Anyway, after the war, powerful people of all ethnic groups and many powerful vitality divisions fell into the decisive battle field, the ancient God War Field.
Even if these powerful people are dead, their souls are still very strong, making the battlefield around the ancient gods a wasteland, so don’t get close to strangers.
Not only that, the battlefield of the ancient gods is like a big cancer in Cangyu mainland, which makes its surrounding area barren and bigger.
So people, demons, demons, three families and all the strong joined forces to turn the battlefield of ancient gods from the partition of Cangyu mainland into an independent place.
This is the detailed origin of the ancient god battlefield.
Lin Yu finally understood what the Yuan clan was like in the battlefield of the ancient gods, but he had another question: "Master Yuan clan is so powerful that he can tear up and escape from the parallel. It is reasonable to say that many Yuan clans have escaped now. What continent or base has no trace of Yuan clans?"
"That’s because there is a family in the mainland that has never forgotten the Yuan clan. They have been silently guarding the mainland, even if there are only two people left in this family."
If the little girl’s master looked at Lin Yu meaningfully, "and one of them is still a loser."
Lin Yu didn’t notice the strange eyes of the little girl’s master. He listened to the little girl’s master and remembered that there was only one person left in the mainland guardian family who still insisted on fighting. His heart secretly admired him.
That’s what men should do.
"What family is Master’s family?" Lin Yu asked curiously.