Everyone is painfully blocking their ears, and there is a teacher who enjoys swinging.

Chapter one hundred and nine-Declaration of War
"Finally liberated" Ling prone table is very tired.
"The most annoying thing is rock class." Mann also learned to lie on the table.
"I didn’t teach you the piano until the second rock class. I don’t want him to teach ~" Ling has the strength to discuss.
"Absolutely," Mann said. "Why?" Looked up and asked
Ling didn’t think about Zin until she looked up at the past. She and Han Rong didn’t know what to say, but Han Rong looked angry and angry.
—————————————————— Gorgeous dividing line
"Hoo ~" Zine breathed a sigh of relief. cut class was thinking about it.
Han Rong was no exception, but she was thinking about how to frame azine.
Han Rong picked up the bag and took out a sheet from the bag to give azine.
"What?" Zine looked at the face and said’ school beauty contest’
Qin Khan ~ This kind of aristocratic school just likes this kind of thing.
"Why? Is it better than that? " Han Rong provocative asked
Look carefully at the azine.
-rules of the school beauty contest-
The competition is divided into five items: the first item-dress design to show what you have designed; The second item-dance can choose to be good at dancing at will; The third item-singing and playing music to sing; The fourth item-musical instrument-choose a musical instrument that you are good at at at will; The fifth item-after the voting speech, let the audience vote to see who wins with the most votes (ps may choose different titles from different personalities)
In the first event, 5% people will be eliminated, in the second event, 1% people will be eliminated, in the third event, 8 people will enter the fourth event, and in the fourth event, more than three people will make it to the final.
You can’t copy others’ discovery and then the horse will be disqualified.
4 Competition reward can choose a school grass as a boyfriend for a week.
I have a bad feeling that the third article is plagiarized.
"How about it?" Han Rong saw that Zine didn’t answer Zine and dared not compare with her.
"Yes, I wish you were not afraid of losing to me, Miss Han Rong." Zin challenged her.
"You …" Han Rong was furious. "You’ll know I’m good then!" Han Rong is very angry
"See you in two weeks, Ling!" Don’t forget to call Ling after Zin leaves.
See you in 88 days. Lingma said goodbye to Mann and ran away.
"What did you say to her just now?" Lingwen
The word "declare war" alone makes Ling Bai understand.
11-Join the competition together
Since Han Rong posted a war post to Qin, Qin has rarely had a chance to see Han Rong, which makes Qin feel strange that she didn’t go to find the moon
However, because she didn’t go to find Yuehan, she was crippled by him. Every class, she was asked to help them buy lunch. Since she told her, she was asked to buy a snack in the middle of the night, and she was asked to go to her room to clean up early, which really ordered the maid of the Xihan Party.
"I’m exhausted." Zin just helped Yue clean the meeting.
"Are you ready for azine?" Ling went to her seat and asked Mann.
"Prepare what?" Zine half narrowing her eyes asked.
"Don’t tell me you forgot the school flower competition clothes," Ling said.
"ah! I forgot! " Zine wheezed up and ran away from sleep.
"what! ? You forgot? There are three days left before the game! " Man rob ling said in front
"Three days! ? Damn it! It’s all that ghost feathermoon! I completely forgot about the game! ! !” Zine clenched his fist and kept banging on the table.
"Cough ~ you really forgot that it’s a good thing that we woke you up." Ling said proudly that she was still glared at by azine.
Hum! I won’t be here for three days if I wake up! Wait! What did Zine suddenly think of?
"How do you know when the school flower contest will be held?"
"Ha ha, because we also participated." Ling said with a V-shaped smile.
"Take" Mann took out a piece of paper and gave it to Zine.
"What’s coming?" Zine took it and found that the face painting was a crystal pink skirt, and the dress was a sleeve, and a big ribbon was tied from the front to the back to form a big bow skirt, which was a multi-layered skirt stacked to become a fluffy princess skirt.
"Let you know that we designed a skirt for you first when you are not available." Ling is very proud.
"Thank you, but the rules say you can’t copy it and give it back to you." Zin returned the paper to Mann.
"Don’t be so narrow-minded? If you don’t talk, I won’t talk, Ling won’t talk, and no fourth person will know." Man took it and tried to force it on him.
"No, but I got an inspiration after Ling saw your painting." Zin took out a piece of paper and drew a horse with a pen.