Waiting for a moment, the three-headed and five-level Warcraft can’t support much longer. Sometimes the wind blows, Alex and Liu Dongdong seem to be exhausted, and the general combat frequency gradually slows down.

Deyou and Liang couldn’t bear the excitement any longer. They looked at each other furtively and rushed over. At the same time, they shouted, "Let’s give you a hand."
With that, Deyou and Liang rushed towards a seriously injured Warcraft, and it seems that the fight will be just right, and the two people will save it.
"You have a rest, and the three heads of Warcraft will be handed over to us." Deyou said in a hypocritical way that I don’t know how brave and chivalrous he is. He not only contained two heads of Warcraft, but also attracted Liu Dongdong’s hand to fight against the three heads of Warcraft, which was seriously injured. It was quite fierce.
"Thank you for your brave action. I’ll leave it to you here," said Feng Yang.
"You’re welcome" Deyou laughed
The wind Yang waved at Liu Dongdong and others, and a line of people left.
"These idiots" Deyou sneered and continued to deal with the three-head-injured level 5 Warcraft. In his view, this is simply a day when Yuan Dan, a level 5 beast, meets an idiot. It is also a good thing to lose pie.
"These two idiots" have already walked out of the baizhang at the same time, and Liu Dongdong can’t help but scold with sarcasm.
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and seventy Strong lips
Welcome you to come.
Three heads of Warcraft are dying, Deyou and Liang are ecstatic, and suddenly a hundred heads of Warcraft are coming in all directions, which seems to have a tendency to surround this place.
Deyou and Liangxie felt strange and looked around. Suddenly, they were frightened, and their bodies trembled wildly. The dense Warcraft presented a surrounding potential, and a circle blocked the retreat in all directions.
"Mom, they did it on purpose." Deyou suddenly realized that Fengyang, a group of people, would surrender the three-headed and five-level Warcraft so easily.
However, it is too late to wake up now. Facing hundreds of levels 4 and 5 of Warcraft Deyou and Liang Yi Wu Huang’s strength is far from enough.
In an instant, two people were terrified, and their eyes were full of Warcraft, which flooded them like a flood.
When Warcraft left, there were already two bodies that couldn’t be found. There were blood all over the ground and broken bones, just like chopping two bodies at the end of Ru.
A few moments later, several young girls reappeared here, impressively gone and returned to the wind and others.
Seeing the bloody scene here and now, two girls, Ling Wei and County Yao, suddenly exclaimed and turned pale and quickly turned away from seeing it.
If they see three men doing things, I’m afraid they won’t dare to go with them.
At this time, Feng Yang, Hua Tian and Liu Dongdong are looking for Deyou and Liangwu in a pile of Ru, and finally find two intermediate rings to explore the Yuan soul force and see the rich harvest inside, which shocked Feng Yang.
"These two bastards are not the kui is a five-level beast Yuan Dan. There are more than ten five-level beast Yuan Dan and more than fifty." Feng Yang was shocked and immediately felt extremely despised for them. These things were bought by those two bastards for thousands of lives, but they felt so at ease.
"This ring also has obviously they agreed to split it equally." Alex laughed.
"It seems that killing people is more direct than killing Warcraft." The three-headed death of the five-level Warcraft body rummaged for a while but found a five-level beast Dan Liu Dongdong’s mouth with a dim radian. That smile is enough to attract more Warcraft.
"Go or you won’t be able to go later," said Feng Yang, and he walked towards the mountain.
Now I’m envious and jealous of Feng Yang and hate Liu Dongdong, and it’s getting a little more popular. After all, Gang Feng Yang can not only accurately and wrongly say that he is being followed, but also find out that there are a large number of Warcraft surrounded around him and deliberately slow down the killing of Warcraft, and let Liu Dongdong and Alex also show that it’s very difficult to kill level 5 Warcraft, so Deyou and Liangqiangguai failed to make the tableware of Warcraft.
There are many bodies of Warcraft along the way, but there are many human bodies. Almost every time you walk, there will be a team that doesn’t kill and trample on the horrible bodies. The whole mountain is filled with a cold breath and a strong pungent smell of blood.
There are always flying Warcraft wandering back and forth, and people have been afraid, not only to meet the Warcraft in the mountains, but also to prevent the encounter with high-order Warcraft and to prevent the discovery of flying Warcraft, which will lead to the collapse of a group of people who are not mentally exhausted.
"Someone’s coming," said Feng Yang. However, Feng Yang was frightened for a moment. "No, it was chased by level 6 Warcraft."
Suddenly, Feng Yang and others rushed over to a shocking place, and a large group of human beings were all flustered, and their faces were full of horror and horror, and they couldn’t wait to be as full of legs as centipedes.
The line of sight of the "Six-level Warcraft Team" can touch the place. Feng Yang and others have seen five huge and winged dragons flying extremely, and people have been bombarded by five dragons, and their bodies have been blown to pieces.
Fengyang originally wanted to climb in this direction, but at this time this direction was intercepted by the five-headed and six-level Warcraft dragons and could fly to the other side.
Huatian is a lightning-like N-degree pole. When it flies, its legs shine like a laser shadow, which makes the wind rise unexpectedly. When Baihua Valley is a man and two women, it is also a good theory. Even the posture of Yao in Shuiyuan County is quite fast.
Three-headed and six-level Warcraft is equivalent to three strong Emperor Wudi, and it can still fly. The strong Emperor Wudi and the three-headed flying dragons occupy high territory. They can easily attack humans, but humans are not convenient to attack them in the sky.
Three people who are equivalent to the flying level of Emperor Wu of Warcraft are no different from tofu in front of them. A long Libo can kill a large piece.
However, it belongs to Feng Yang, followed by Huatian, Liu Dongdong, Jun Yao and Ling Wei. At this time, Ling Wei and Feng Yang and others have pulled more than two zhangs away from her, and less and less people are fleeing.
Almost every step of running, there will be blood flying around the limbs, and the three heads and six levels of Warcraft will continue to send out long Libo, and more and more people will be blown up.
Aware that level 6 Warcraft is getting closer and closer, Ling Wei’s heart is anxious, and the more he wants to intensify it, the more prone it is to the situation of losing his cool head, and his body seems to become less flexible.
"What nonsense is this? Where did you get so many high-level Warcraft?"
"I shouldn’t have come. I knew I shouldn’t have come when I went out. I haven’t married yet. I shouldn’t have come."
"If I can survive today, I will be a happy person from the sky, feed horses, chop firewood and travel around the world from the sky, and I will have a house facing the sea and warm flowers in spring."
Followed by a group of people screaming, remorse, accompanied by a series of explosions.
Being chased by level 6 Warcraft, a large group of people were killed all their lives, and the bodies were everywhere all the time, with the exception of dismembered bodies.