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And these born talents are the ones who have initially got the qualification to compete for the immortal clan.
When they were all paying attention to the virtual battle, the two men came all the way towards the enchantment.
Just then, a bright green mountain rose into the sky!
"It’s a symbol diagram!"
Chapter 261 Meet an old friend again
A green symbol figure rises into the sky!
Li Yuan’s eyes almost popped out in the direction of two people falling.
"This enchantment should be able to block …"
Li Yuan hasn’t finished yet, but he sees one or two people directly passing through the enchantment, and the figure of the bearer also rushes in the direction of Meng Chen and Shu Li.
Meng Chen leaned against the giant peak and felt a breath rushing behind him.
Without thinking about it, his hands are red, his eyes are shining, and his general consciousness is toward his back.
This claw figure was suddenly prompted by a green light beam falling from the sky.
Blink of an eye will Meng Chen and special from two people.
Meng Chen’s mind turned sharply when fists turned into palms and palms were rolled out!
With a hard support, Meng Chen’s palm was also printed with a punch.
"You …"
From startled bowed their heads and suddenly found a huge suction sky.
He is more familiar with this kind of breath.
All the people who get the inheritance map will be sent to different immortal sects in the end.
It’s abrupt. He didn’t expect Meng Chen to do this.
"Thank you for helping me into the extreme! This grace will be reported in the future! "
Meng Chen grinning with a trace of blood corners of the mouth cold sneer at a way
Otherwise, it’s incredible to be shocked. The green light in your eyes flashes and the whole person disappears into the sky.
Meng Chen doesn’t know what the sky is like. He knows that he has been away from here for a short time and can’t come back
Meng Chen knew that it was impossible for him and Jueli to tell the outcome in a short time.
He can feel that there is no card left.
But the same fight all the way to the present has long been aware that Meng Chen has not moved his strength.
How can a person who can slaughter that nine saint and escape from the sacred pillar be slay so easily?
At this moment, I don’t know that there is a giant peak in the sky, and the blood cloud in the prison is finally scattered by Meng Chen.
If this matter enters the ears of the Lord of Sanctuary, I’m afraid Meng Chen will face more than just a Lord of Sanctuary.
Of course, Meng Chen himself knows that it will still go out.
But if you can delay for a while now, it will be a while.
Time is pressing, and now Meng Chen has grown up when he needs it too much!
Meng Chen learned from The Hunger and Youwu beast that there is another world in the sky.
Ming JIU Tian Jie