Wen Yan Ling smiled and tapped on the top of her right daughter’s head. "Dad will take you to a place."

LingRenYao immediately eat pain to cover your head is flashing eyes asked "oh? Where to go? "
"Let’s go. You’ll know when we get there."
See LingYouDao thugs a recruit like a white cloud rolled up LingRenYao two people step on the white clouds rainbow.
Soon they returned to the ground.
Ling Renyao looked shocked and said, "Dad, this isn’t where you want to take me, is it?"
In front of Baiyun Square, there are monks coming in and out of the gate, and there are gatekeepers. Brother Ling saw Ling Youdao and immediately ran towards this side.
Ling Youdao shook his head. "Of course, I didn’t come here. I just went to Baigui Island by bus."
Ling Renyao has been practicing for nearly six years and is not ignorant of cultivating immortality.
She knew that Baigui Island has the largest chain of Thousand Islands, Xiuxianfang City, Baiguifang City, where the Terran hinterland in the east of the Thousand Islands Chain is a very important island, and there is a Terran Yuanying bodhi old zu sitting in the town all the year round.
"It turned out to be going to Baiguidao Square City."
Ling Renyao said with surprise that Ling Youdao didn’t explain anything about this.
Speaking, Brother Ling, the gatekeeper, finally came towards Ling Youdao, which is a great gift. "I don’t know if I have seen the elder today, but I can’t meet him from afar and hope that the elder will atone."
Ling Youdao waved his hand and said in a serious tone, "I’m not here to inspect, but to take the shuttle bus to Baigui Island."
"Well, you go home."
Smell speech that friar Ling dared not refute respectfully and said "Yes".
Then he went back to LingYouDao with LingRenYao into the Fang city and went straight to send array position.
It’s the first time that she’s grown so big that she’s seen it with her own eyes. It’s hard to be excited.
"Okay, it’s time to go."
"oh oh!"
Ling Youdao took her daughter into the array for a while, and then when she opened her eyes, she reached Baiguifang City.
"Dad, is this Baiguifang City?"
LingRenYao curiously looked around and asked to LingYouDao beside.
"Then let’s go out and have a look around. I heard that this is the largest Xiuxianfang city in the Thousand Islands chain. There must be a lot of fun."
"I have to go somewhere else now."
LingRenYao zheng "dad, I am not to white turtle square city?"
"Who told you?"
Smell speech some angry mouth said in her heart, "but you didn’t say you didn’t come to Baiturtle Square before."
"Well, this time we are going to Zhenxuanzong."
She said with instant surprise, "It turns out that you are really Xuanzong, so hurry."
The true Xuanzong, the leader of the five schools in Beihai, can be described as the famous Wenzongmen, whose aura is extremely rich, but Ling Renyao, a veritable fairy family, has long wanted to see it.
White Turtle Island is not a place where Ling can ride whenever he wants. Ling Youdao doesn’t want one person to pay for many people’s lingshi, but he waited for a while to bring it to Wufangcheng with a hundred people.
Ling Renyao just arrived in Wufengcheng and was immediately attracted by the bustling here.
"Wufangcheng is really a loss because it is the first city in Beihai to cultivate immortals, and it is far from the city of Baiguifang."
"Dad, I want to look around the city."
Ling Youdao thought that when her daughter detected the spiritual body, she would really practice Xuanzong’s words. It is estimated that she would have to wait until after the preconditions, so she nodded in agreement.
"Well, then, dad will accompany you around Wufengcheng."
Then Ling Youdao took Ling Renyao’s Wufengcheng for a round of the bustling Wufengcheng, which really attracted this 16-year-old lively child as quiet as Baiyun Mountain.
It’s a pity that Wufengcheng is too big to play for a day and only turn a small part of the area.
On the evening of the same day, they stayed in Wufangcheng until early the next day when they arrived in Xiuxianfang City, outside Xuanzong.
How many cultivation resources can prosper around this Fang city is because of the true Xuanzong brother.
At first, it was the real Xuanzong brothers’ trading ground, and then gradually, the monks from other forces came and slowly developed into Xiuxian Square City, where the real Xuanzong sent his brothers to directly manage and the square city was very prosperous because of the real Xuanzong’s attendance.