Adakang couldn’t help waking up, fearing that the strength of both sides was very close, Yi ‘nan couldn’t stop.

"General, I haven’t forgotten"
Yinan’s response was full of excitement and pride, and Ji Xinghe was captured alive with his own hands, and the war mark canyon was bound to win.
It was caused by the misjudgment of the combat power of the independent regiment led by Ji Xinghe due to the interference of Adakang.
I can get it all back, and it’s super double.
Idakang recognized Yinan’s mood and woke up at this time. "Be careful, Ji Xinghe is really strong, and the Federation and God will punish them."
"So what?"
Yinan asked a question because it was difficult to suppress excitement, and then quickly explained it.
"General tungsten steel alloy is not affected by God’s punishment. Even if they are punished by God, the two of them are not our three rivals. No matter how strong Ji Xinghe is, he should be tired … I should be tired now."
Adakang’s eyes are cold and clearer than it is. What Yinan really wants to say is that you should be tired, right?
This is a provocation.
Yinan, do you really think you can be knighted after you capture Ji Xinghe alive?
Do you really think you can be an equal with me by being knighted?
Do you really think I’ll let you send Ji Xinghe back to Imperial Star?
Idakang even questioned that it had made plans to intercept Ji Xinghe, who was captured alive by Yinan.
Take Ji Xinghe alive in Yinan Law? Although Adakang woke up Yinan, he didn’t think that Yinan would really make a serious mistake.
Because theoretically, a general-level mecha and two duke-level mechs can win the double combination of Ji Xinghe and Li Han in normal state.
It is good for Li Han to break the Duke-level mecha, but it takes him a long time, and sometimes these are the opportunities in Yinan.
Ji Xinghe killed the Duke mecha, but even for a second, Yi Nan was able to seize the opportunity.
If it weren’t for the empire, big noble was afraid of death, where would there be a chance for Ji Xinghe to be rampant
The outcome is about to be known. It has invested a huge amount of troops and resources, but it has still failed to capture Ji Xinghe alive. Finally, it will be captured alive.
Adakang expectation ratio
The fact is as it was expected when Ji Xinghe and Li Han successfully joined together and arrived five kilometers away from the front battlefield of the mecha corps of both sides with one hundred and fifty-three imperial mechs such as Yinan.
Alnilam space battleship appeared in the sky.
A harsh energy beam fell from the sky, hit the earth and spread at the same time, forming an energy shock wave that swept Fiona Fang for one kilometer.
Yinan has been prepared for this, just like when the imperial mecha faced the punishment of God, and their central extension armor was deformed when the punishment of God was about to be fired.
Special shield-shaped mecha, they form a dense formation, so that some of them can bear energy impact and can not directly damage their mecha.
The empire has been trying its best to study the federal god’s punishment, except for the dense formation defense form, which is the high-speed maneuvering state of the scattered formation during the March.
The latter federal god punish light is difficult to achieve accurate hit. Otherwise, the first two thousand imperial mecha will inevitably be hit by god punish light first.
Their dispersion distance is more than one kilometer, and it is difficult to cause effective killing when they are in high-speed maneuvering state, but it will make the gods punish the light.
The empire is so concerned about God’s punishment, and the Federation will naturally be more concerned.
In recent years, the development speed of federal science and technology, especially military science and technology, can be changed with each passing day.
The by-product of space battleship-class energy main gun, Alnilam space battleship, made the divine punishment last longer than before.
From the single-digit sustained attack to the double-digit sustained attack.
It is foreseeable that one day in the future, the Alnilam space battleship will be able to install the real energy main gun and deal a devastating blow to the empire
Going to the strongest god to punish the light has brought more harm than they expected to the imperial nobles such as Yinan.
One hundred and fifty-three noble mecha have been affected since the Marquis series. When the energy shock wave generated by God’s punishment light dissipates, they face each other motionless. Two federal ace exclusive mechs can launch a charge for the first time.
A general armour, two dukes armour and five marquis armour.