It’s easy to understand that the former are bad karma people just like Ziyunzong, and they don’t want to offend Yun Taizun because of the appearance of floating clouds.

The reason why the latter doesn’t pursue is also the reason why the former doesn’t pursue it. That is, even if they try their best, it is impossible to pursue the land and water, and the bodhi old zu of Shanghui simply won’t pursue it.
True Xuanzong Yuanying bodhi old zu can think so, but floating clouds can’t think so. He came to focus on escaping from gathering pace and bodhi old zu was born and realized that Shanghui Bodh old zu’s water had escaped, and immediately cast its unique means to mobilize the forces of heaven and earth to block the surrounding area, so don’t say that it’s impossible to send the operator, even Yuanying can’t teleport out.
The speed of escape is very fast, and a large area of the floating clouds is blocked at one time, which makes the bodhi old zu feel nothing because he didn’t touch the edge of the blockade
But the bodhi old zu Shang Hui is different in the water. She can clearly perceive a huge pressure from the sky and something seems to be hanging over her.
Fortunately, her state is fast enough. The front foot just left the place and the back foot seemed to be covered with a membrane. She narrowly escaped and quickly fled in the direction of Ziyunzong.
On the other side, the cloud frowned and looked a little ugly and said, "Let her run away."
Although it was a moment, he could perceive that the blockade had no business benefits
When the bodhi old zu Yuan Ying heard his words, he was shocked. The God personally blocked an area, but it was really great that Shang Hui, a monk at the early stage of Yuan Ying, escaped her life.
Make sure that after Shang Hui escaped, the clouds didn’t go after him, because his speed was not necessarily fast at this time, and he was not sure where Shang Hui went.
He lifted the blockade on a large area and suddenly disappeared in the same place. The next moment he reappeared, he was already next to the bodhi old zu.
Gathering pace bodhi old zu a surprised suddenly interrupted to see a shadow flying out of the body and invisible to the naked eye speed away.
See this scene floating clouds sneer at "yuan baby teleport? It’s a pity that you met a godsworn. "
Speaking, he has mobilized the forces of heaven and earth to block gathering pace around the bodhi old zu Yuanying, and suddenly it is like a caged bird that can’t fly out.
Cloud a recruit will yun-shen yuan baby received the sleeve robe and then with a wave of his hand yun-shen bodhi old zu flesh is burning up.
This kind of burning disappears before everyone’s eyes in a few blinks without fire.
Chapter six hundred and ten True Xuanzong has returned to the Terran pattern of Beihai!
Ziyun Zongshanghui escaped gathering pace and was wiped out by floating clouds. Seeing that the bodhi old zu of Yuanying was frightened, he had a new understanding of the power of deity.
"What should I do with these Ziyun brothers?"
One step forward hand asked
Yun Sheng Shang Hui didn’t come alone, but brought a large group of Ziyun Zongdi.
At present, the distribution of personnel is like a sandwich biscuit. The monks of the Xianmen family, such as Zhenxuanfeng Ziyun Zongdeng, are the top-level monks who came to recapture Zhenxuandao. The monks of the Zhenxuanzong family are the middle-level monks who came to support and prepare for the fighters.
When it is found that the situation is wrong, it is easy for the monks in the outermost Xianmen family to slip away, but it is difficult for the monks in Xuanzong to know.
Smell speech clouds casually said, "it’s up to you."
These Ziyunzong monks are nothing to him, even if they are better than then, real people are ordinary monks to the clouds, and their roots can’t attract his attention.
Lu Lu promised, but he already had a countermeasure, that is, to destroy these Ziyun brothers and avenge those dead true Xuanzong brothers.
Of course, this is only one of the reasons. More importantly, he believes that Ziyunzong will not just forget it. There must be another war between the two forces.
After all, Ziyunzong lost a brother in the middle of infancy, but it was still abused by floating clouds in front of such a Xianmen family brother, which was too detrimental to Ziyunzong’s image
You know, Ziyun Sect is not a small force, but a super power with a deity sitting in Beihai naturally values its own face.
Since there will be conflicts and even wars after Ziyun Zongzhen Xuanzong, it is a good opportunity to weaken Ziyun Zongzhen’s strength, whether at the top or at the low end, and reduce the loss of Zhenxuanzong in the future.
On the other side, the clouds turned to look at the remains of a monk who came from six different big forces.
Facing the floating clouds and staring at the bodhi old zu of Yuanying, the heart is weak and panic, and they are all worried that the deity will find himself and others to settle accounts.
It’s good that the floating clouds really want to settle accounts after the fall. Not only do these people’s combined forces do no less harm to the true Xuanzong than Ziyunzong, but Ziyunzong also does more harm to the true Xuanzong. It can be said that the hands of these six powerful monks are covered with the blood of the true Xuanzong brother.
But the cloud knows very well that if we deal with this person ourselves, the influence of these people will be completely directed to Ziyunzong, and that will be a terrible result
You can imagine that there are only six big forces in Beihai outside the Wanmo Palace. If the true Xuanzong insists that they should be divided into right and wrong, then the true Xuanzong is almost the enemy of the North Sea Xiandao. Don’t doubt the influence of these large Xianmen families.
Floating clouds are just worrying about these things, which is not good for these people
When no one spoke for a while, the sweat of the bit baby bodhi old zu had already fallen layer by layer, but he still respectfully dared not hug his face with the slightest complaint.
Finally, the cloud mouth said, "You also contributed to the fall of the old teacher younger brother, otherwise gathering pace strength could not have killed the old teacher younger brother."
One-on-one, gathering pace can’t kill Yun Yun, and neither can floating clouds.
When I heard this, the bodhi old zu became even more nervous. You know, as soon as you scented, Yun-shen disappeared alive.
It’s even more vivid than fresh memory!
There are many people who say that "floating clouds forgive me, floating clouds forgive me"
If these people see floating clouds, even if they are strong, they will not be like this.
But now it’s different. Floating clouds are a great realm above them.
Although people are still the same person, they can follow the principle that the strong in the cultivation of immortals are the first to respect others. They no longer think that they are so "inferior" and humiliate themselves because the other person is a godsworn.
"You should also be the same as gathering pace, but the old man will give you a chance to take people back and don’t take part in the really idle Xuanzong Ziyunzong war.
If you let the old man know that you helped Ziyunzong, gathering pace is your field. I believe you don’t want to see a godsworn’s anger. "
Hearing this, people instantly turned from sadness to joy.
Hurriedly replied, "Don’t worry, senior, we will never participate in this matter again."
When it’s really a dead end, another village will come, and it will be a disaster. If it weren’t for the fear of floating clouds, the strength would have fled, but now nothing has happened. How can people not be excited?
Floating clouds root doesn’t ask them for help. True Xuanzong, true Xuanzhen, will deal with Ziyun Sect together.
Because he knew very well that Ziyunzong could also force them in this way, and they would certainly agree at that time.
They simply don’t ask for it, but they don’t want to participate in the war between the two superpowers.
Soon they left Zhenxuan Island with their own disciples, while Ziyun Zongliu’s brothers were solved by Zhenxuan people.
Although the invaders retreated to Zhenxuan Island and returned to the hands of Zhenxuan Sect, the former war destroyed too much here, and many building things needed to be rebuilt and rebuilt, and some were lost forever.
Although Ziyun Sect has repaired some of them, it is also a small area for the huge residence of the true Xuanzong Sect. It takes a long time for the true Xuanzong monk to repair them, and it will take longer if he wants to restore his former glory.
In particular, the nine-day thunder array of the guardian Sect is the result of years of accumulation of the true Xuanzong Sect, which is almost unrepeatable.
The arrangement of Ziyun Zongzhen Xuanfeng is a third-order array, which is nothing for the true Xuanzong.
Of course, Ziyunzong didn’t want to use this thing to stall Yuanying monks when he was decorating, but he came from being an ordinary true Xuanzong brother to reduce Ziyunzong’s trouble.
Soon, the floating clouds met the ancestor of floating dust in Zhenxuanshan. The ancestor of floating dust was a master of law. He had never appeared before, but quietly went to Zhenxuanshan to explore the broken nine-day thunder array.
"Dust teacher younger brother don’t know if you probe? Is it possible to repair the nine-day thunder array? "
The nine-day thunder array is a fourth-order array, and one hand is worth several. In the later period of Yuan Ying, the monk was an important guarantee for the true Xuanzong to ensure his own safety, so he was in such a hurry.