Terror thunder constantly bursts out from the cloud, and the power contained in each thunder is mighty and deafening, and the energy of terror explodes in vain, rushing to all directions almost all over Fiona Fang …

But …
So furious thunder bombarded the man in Du Jie, not only without fear, but with a little cold and crazy. The momentum of the thunder bombardment on him turned out to be stronger and stronger. At this moment, even it is stronger than taking a heavy master of Shinto!
"Seventy-four … seventy-five … it’s already the seventy-sixth time to rob a thunder … the number of thunderbolts in 1999 was eleven, but now it’s the seventy-sixth time … it’s seventy-seven. This little spirit seems to have no signs of transformation?"
"If it was a 99-year robbery, the spirit would have changed … otherwise, there were a few words left in the robbery, and the root of power was not enough to make all the gods complete the transformation process …" Elder An Shan said that his face changed slightly, and it was obvious that he had guessed the possibility, and even he felt a little unbelievable!
Violent thunder is still tirelessly bombarding at the moment, and the power contained in the robbery has reached a terrible level that can nullify the deity. Even the elders of Anshan can clearly feel the devastating atmosphere in the robbery …
At this time, he didn’t have much heart to care about the power of the thunder robbery. Looking at the thunder robbery, there is still no dangerous trend. Gu Qing’s face has become more and more pale.
It’s not just him, but also the double Shinto, double Shinto, triple Shinto and cloud inflammation.
"Seven hundred and ninety-one twelve … twelve, twelve …"
Elder Shen Yue’s eyes widened as if they were stuck, and his eyes were full of incredible numbers. It took a long time to count them out smoothly!
"How is it possible? Isn’t Gu Qing’s strength worse than thinking about life and rain evil? Nian Sheng was born ten months ago, and Du Jie only fell 991 to rob the thunder. 999 robbed this ancient blue thunder. What will exceed 11? This kind of LeiJie we’ juque’ cultivate immortality world history has appeared twice … "
"Don’t you forget that this young talent has just been promoted to the great perfection of Dan Daojiu, that is to say, although he was a Dan Daojiu before, he was not the pinnacle of Dan Daojiu!"
"This …"
"I should have put out this little boy a long time ago. If I were locked by heaven, don’t hesitate to put that blow to good use. This little boy will definitely die!"
The cold light in Yunyan’s eyes flashed. At this time, he finally understood where the anxiety in his heart came from.
"The cloud palm teaches you to rest assured that even a double master of Shinto can’t resist this ancient green, and it will be silent."
"Even if he doesn’t die, he will die as soon as Tianwei dissipates!"
Yun Yan’s heart is full of dangers, which can stop the boiling up. If his opponent is promoted to Shinto realm smoothly, it will be a disastrous blow to the whole Shinto Sect.
After the robbery of thunder reached the twelfth road, it no longer belongs to the level of heavy robbery in 1999, but has reached the realm of silence. The power of thunder has risen twice as much as that of the eleventh road. The instant bombardment of the spiritual sword will directly blow up slightly, making these spirits more pure …
"eh? Can this silent lightning robbery force actually wash the spiritual power again to make the spiritual power more pure? "
This discovery immediately made GuQing tiny one zheng!
The more pure and concise the spiritual power is, the stronger the god knowledge will be!
This kind of strength is not strong in quantity, but strong in quality. The grade gap seems to belong to the same stone. A kind of diamond is stronger than ordinary rock for many times.
"Washing washing with the help of silent LeiJie power will these spirit department washing Shinto again? Either don’t do it or do the best! "
Gu Qing’s eyes showed a malicious color and unique stubbornness, which made him reach such a decision instantly!
However, the power of the silent thunder robbery is obviously not as simple as a little increase. The power of each thunder robbery is twice as high as that of the previous one!
Double this is waiting for the terrorist range to cross!
Only the great bombardment force of the ninety-third robbery of thunder has led to the violent shock of Guqing spiritual sword, and a large number of spiritual forces have been blown into the spiritual sword vaguely … There is actually a sign of melting, re-conciseness and transformation of gods!
On Du Jie’s Lei Jie will gradually disperse once he is promoted to Shinto refining his knowledge. It doesn’t mean that he has a prescribed number of restrictions, such as 49 Lei Jie 99 Lei Jie’s silent Lei Jie shape, which is probably just 36 roads belonging to 49 Lei Jie 11 roads belonging to 99 Lei Jie 100 roads belonging to the silent Lei Jie after 100 roads … That is beyond the level understood by the "giant que" cultivation world.
"The spirit has not been thoroughly washed and can’t be promoted to Shinto now!"
Gu Qing’s eyes flashed with cold light. When the 94th Lei Jie blasted into his spiritual world, a lot of thunder force was suppressed by him with the strength of the earth. The spiritual world was crazy with that Lei Jie power, but it was finally suppressed and could not move!
Thunder breaks the silver dragon and dances wildly!
"Give me a single-minded attitude to suppress the movement of heaven and earth, but I don’t move, and I’m not surprised!"
The roaring and violent power of lightning fills every corner of the spiritual world, madly impacting the huge spiritual projection of Yixin Daojing!
Cann’t move!
At this moment, the single-minded state of mind reflects his unprecedented strength, which goes deep into the bone marrow and makes people tremble from the bone!