You need to clean up their department. "

Xu Le swallowed his saliva, and his opponent … was really not a mortal but an ancient sound.
"Let me do it for nothing."
Xu Le threw the scalpel in his hand to one side and concentrated his strength slightly.
And then …
"soul-eating hand"
Counting branches appeared in Xu Le’s hands, and these branches split into a large number of branches
After getting a message from Xu Le, the thin branches accurately aim at the metal in the red sky and roll it up and swallow it.
Thousands of times, ten thousand times more efficient workers, just a few tens of seconds later, the bone metal of the sky was eaten by the soul-eating tree
Xu Le didn’t eat this heavy metal.
But there’s no way to throw it out. It’s much slower than eating it directly.
Chixiao can’t wait.
Xia Libo watched Xu Le Weineng open his mouth and finally sighed.
"Sew up the wound. Now give her a blood transfusion and wait for her injury to recover."
"Don’t need him to be cured? Such as instruments? "
Xu Le suddenly felt that saving people was too simple …
But Xia Libo seems to see through his thoughts.
"Xu Le, if you think saving people is too simple, think about the process of saving people."
"the process of saving people?"
It’s just … it’s glued to the heart of Chixiao by some force.
And then … get tens of thousands of pieces of metal particles out of her body without hurting her.
"Well, if you think about it carefully, it’s not very simple, mainly because I’m better?"
"It’s you who are more powerful. I take the liberty to ask how many levels you are now."
Xia Libo remembers that Xu Le was not as good as him.
But now …
Xu Le glanced at Xia Libo and shook his head slightly.
"Don’t ask, I’m afraid it will hurt your confidence."
"all right"
"What now?"
It’s up to her.
Chapter 445 A red crescent
Xu Le has no plan to stay here after confirming that the vital signs of Chixiao are stable and there is not much possibility of direct sudden death.
"Li Shu Lao Xia, I have to go."
"Go now? She doesn’t know whether she is dead or alive. Are you going to take people away? "
Compared with Xia Libo surprised attitude aside Li Wen is frowned and didn’t say much.
Although it seems irresponsible for Xu Le to come and leave like this.
But for safety and sex reasons.
Xu Le’s staying here will not bring any additional benefits to Zion today. The Tiancheng project really belongs to him, and the Lloyd’s project is also his.
However, these plans have gradually entered the right track
Xu Le does not need an executor to continue these projects.
His professional level is too poor, but he is not as effective as professionals in these fields
Others staying in Zion may be regarded as a high-end battle force in Zion.
But at the same time, it will also bring additional dangers to Zion.
And … Besides Xu Le, the woman brought back by Xu Le also has a big problem.
Li Wen has also seen some information about Chixiao. Although he doesn’t know much, he also knows that Chixiao is a member of the armed forces directly under the Red Crescent Temple
Li Wenjue, who suffered such a heavy and severe injury, felt that there was a high probability that it was related to the Red Crescent Temple.
For Zion, a Xu Le is troublesome enough.
If we add a more effective way to deal with the sky, it will make Zion more passive.
Although he and Xia Libo know about it, there is no windtight wall.
The news of calling for medical staff has been released, and many people will speculate on the situation here.
Li Wen doesn’t intend to stay in Xu Le for security reasons.
"Well, it’s better to go back and stay here. There may be extra trouble."
"Still Li Shu understands me" Xu Lexiao smiled.
After a simple eye contact with Li Wen, Xu Le’s disease covered Chixiao and then turned her back.
"Li Shu’s new era is coming, and the first thing to bear is the earth and the sky, but it is safer. It is not just Li Shu but everyone."
"How do you say?"
"You should receive the specific news tomorrow. Oh, it should be early today. I hope you won’t be too surprised then."