Chapter three hundred and sixteen Sleepless

I can’t remember clearly.
I don’t know if there will be disorder in my mind, and my mood will fluctuate with this disorder.
Maybe I’m really crazy
My impression of you is so vague now that I can remember your name, your appearance and your voice.
But although I gradually forget your past, I can’t forget the scene where you were torn apart before my eyes.
When the tide is overwhelming, the giant as tall as a tree keeps trampling on it.
I asked you to return, but you chose to stick to it.
When the sharp halberd cuts off the sword in your hand, the enemy will instantly drown your weak body.
I tried to save you, but I was weak enough to run away.
Which war?
I’ll never forget it for a generation.
I don’t know what this is, and I don’t know how many people will fall into the fear of war like me after World War I.
I hope you can forgive me whether you have been reborn as an adult at this time.
Over the years, I have tried to make myself strong, hoping that you can be white. I am willing to exchange the life of heaven and man.
Because no one in my heart will be more important than you.
I remember you once told me that love will make us stronger than others.
But now I find that love does not make me strong, but hatred in my heart makes my will as strong as steel.
I remember you once told me that hope will make us move forward and the future will be full of light.
But now I find that hope does not guide me, but makes me crawl in regret day after day and year after year.
I remember you once told me that you dreamed that your Mr. Right would marry you with colorful auspicious clouds.
But now I find that when I found this colorful auspicious cloud, you have already left me for a long time, and I will forget your appearance.
I’m really scared.
I open my eyes in fear every day.
And then you have to regret that it is difficult to sleep.
Losing you makes my world collapse and my spirit collapse completely.
Made me a different person.
Let me live as you hate.
When the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the stars are shining and depressed.
I know this is another day when you are not with me.
And I can live in regret and guilt like a mindless body as a whole.
This unspeakable grief has already eaten away at my heart.
And that root cause of all this misery.
Because you are proud.
Because I’m weak.
I beg you.
come back to me
Because I really love you.
I really love you.
Because I love you, I have never dared to forget what you said. You warned me that I had hatred in my heart.
But every time I think of that man’s figure, when I think of his betrayal, the anger in my chest will devour me instantly
That hatred breeds from my heart, from my eyes, generate.
That hatred makes me understand that no one will really understand my feelings except you this day.
I finally lived as a person.
Live to be a lonely person.
Although I can’t remember you clearly, I can clearly remember that he turned his back on us
At that moment when the tide hit, when we struggled in the valley, the man actually led his brother to evacuate the scene.
At that moment, the so-called honor, the so-called friendship, and all my perceptions of beauty were suddenly collapsed because of the man’s departure
I know that from that moment on, hatred in my heart grew from then on.