Huang Xuanying was very confused, while Ling Xiang lost very comfortably. Just after being kicked out of the venue and ending his career as a champion, Ling Xiang applied for a fight again.

Xiao Huang glanced at the application form and saw that there were more than 20,000 points in pledge. I still clicked to make sure that Lingxiang’s children were still well informed and available …
The only spectator in the stands was Saeed, who saw Huang Xuan’s whole magazine bomb scrap Lingxiang’s old Hu Laosai. At this moment, he saw two people fighting, and he even shouted seconds kill him.
According to Huang Xuan’s setting, he couldn’t see the stands or hear the audience, but Ling Xiang was different. He glanced at Saeed and made an indecent move.
Said’s lungs exploded in an instant and immediately sent a message to Huang Xuan saying, "Abuse the little one to death-"
Huang Xuan didn’t know that two people just looked up at the eye energy screen and shrugged their shoulders. For him, Lingxiang was already a very ordinary opponent at this time.
Ling Xiang chose the maximum of 5 meters, so that he had a chance to get the maximum distance, which was his strength, while Huang Xuanzemo did not choose the meter.
With the energy screen, the importance of auxiliary distance is already very low.
Because of this, there are few long-distance players in the peak-to-peak master battle, but running players are stronger in evasion.
The light curtain rises slowly.
Huang Xuan adjusted a body finger gently moving.
I don’t know where Bao Bao went to the stands and took a picture of Said. "What are you looking at?"
"Ji Xuan Competition" Said urn airway
"He’s quite used to it." Bao filled his stomach with a smile and said, "How many wins in a row?"
"The second game killed this little guy."
"You were tortured?" Bao Bao is very familiar with Saeed.
Two people chatted with Huang Xuan and looked at the energy screen carefully.
The energy screen is higher than people, which faithfully displays the whole playing field. Its control also needs energy fineness adjustment-the stronger the fineness control ability, the easier it is to get the desired auxiliary range.
Lingxiang stared at the screen and waited for the final distance determination.
5 meters
Lingxiang was forced to rush forward.
At the same time Huang Xuan gun has sounded.
312 seconds is faster than the previous average speed.
Lingxiang dodged the two bullets with luck.
Good luck stops here.
Like a tragedy, from the third shot, Ling Xiang was smashed to pieces by jumping 5 meters.
Huang Xuan’s hand-inch energy screen is like an inch sight.
Saeed was so excited that he almost swallowed Hu.
Bao Bao gave him a disgusting look and picked up the magnetic card. "I’m going to call Ji Xuan."
"Don’t worry," Saeed grabbed the bag and shouted at the face like a China fan. "Come back if you have something to do."
Ling Xiang was angry but really applied for a duel again.
But the pledge was reduced to 20 thousand, and he wasn’t so stupid
What’s wrong with Huang Xuan’s so-called click to confirm things for a few seconds?
Three seconds later, a pool of paste surnamed Ling was cleared out of the ring by the Internet.
This Lingxiang has lost the qualification to apply for attack again.
Huang Xuan satisfaction blew on the muzzle will be inserted back into the belt.
Saeed almost welcomed Huang Xuan back to the Green Tower as a hero, and the long, seemingly furry Hu Xiong hugged and almost strangled Huang Xuan.
"It’s really strong," Huang Xuan commented, whether it was praise or resistance.
"You played fast today, especially the last two times."
Huang Xuan hey hey smiled and didn’t specifically talk about the fineness of 1 nanometer. He didn’t know whether it was high or low. According to Ning Ao’s performance on weekdays, it was mostly fair, but it was probably not enough to show off the 19th floor of the Green Tower.
Bag filling is also a traveler and a businessman. Huang Xuan’s modest attitude is quite favorable to Maitreya’s mouth pulling like a pig ring. "Ji Xuan, have you confirmed your requirements?" So I can prepare a set meal for you. "
He is the biggest subcontractor in the Green Tower with limited resources, but he will not only do some small businesses, but also give up some small businesses to avoid being hindered by big businesses. Huang Xuan’s plan to put out 1.2 billion hot circles at the moment is not too small, but it is really not too big. If it were not for Huang Xuan’s eye-catching performance, he would not be so enthusiastic.
Huang Xuan is adhering to the principle that a businessman should be cautious and walk over. "The number should be increased. I have to ask you two about officers."
"140,000 mercenaries need less than 3 days to mount at a speed of 2 kilometers. What do you think of the specific distribution method?" Huang Xuan will increase the number by 20,000.
"Good" is also a good way to fill in the bag. "Then according to the usual principle, you should have about 50,000 self-owned troops. Their loyalty is the highest. The second-level mercenaries choose 100 million hot circles for every 10,000 people. 50,000 people are 500 million hot circles."
"No problem" Huang Xuan nodded and obeyed.
"Level 3 mercenaries need 10,000 thermal circles for every 10,000 people in one day, which means 30,000 thermal circles in three days, and 1.35 million people need 400 million thermal circles in three days."
Huang Xuan nodded gently.
Bao Bao looked at the eye energy screen and continued, "Mounts are more expensive than people. If the price per 10,000 horses is the cheapest, it has also risen to 40,000 heat circles, then 140,000 mercenaries plus 5% margin will cost 5.6 billion heat circles …"
Huang Xuanke nodded. Without a mount, people can’t run at a speed as high as 2 kilometers per hour. Even if they can do it, they will have no energy to search.
"Every day, 50,000 officers have a hot circle, and three days is 150,000. It takes 150,000 officers, and 22.5 billion hot circles are very cheap." It’s humorous to pack your belly.
Huang Xuan doesn’t feel humor at all. These are all pure investments. Horses may be sold after the war, but they may depreciate. So are mercenaries. Hiring officers and mercenaries is equivalent to nothing after three days.
When he finished, his eyes narrowed again when he saw the bag filled, and he smiled at the corners of his mouth and said, "The money is still here."
"What else?"
"What about food?" Pack a hand and say, "140,000 people need 140,000 kilograms of food every day in non-wartime, and horses need to triple the total ledger and 60,000 kilograms, that is, 60,000 tons, but 10,000 tons in three days."
Nick quickly translated it. Huang Xuansong breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I have food."
"wartime food consumption will increase by three times, maybe 550,000 tons?" Fill the bag and wake him up.
Huang Xuannai nods, "I can’t end up in a war, can I? This aspect is still prepared." It is impossible for P112 to search for 50,000 tons of grain base, but as he said, Mr. Comas is preparing for a surprise attack. If the surprise attack fails, it would be nice to wait for the Comas family to pay for the biological battleship. No amount of food can change the situation.
It’s surprising that there is a lot of food, especially at this time. People usually have some means. He laughed. "That’s good. The officers’ corps will deal with the specific problems. Next, the officers’ mounts usually need 12 levels. The price per head is more than 10,000, and the average price per 10,000 heads is more than 100 million thermal circles. 150,000 officers need about 200 million thermal circles."