Xiao Qiushui won the favorable situation and kept his mouth shut. The old man’s martial arts were higher than his, but Xiao Qiushui’s recent martial arts radical old man is already equal. This snobbery has driven the old man to be too busy.

These five people have not yet been frustrated by a young guy, but they are angry and eager to blame each other. Suddenly, they listen to a strange roar, and another old man in a gray suit and a short jacket suddenly pulls himself out of the high cliff and flies away. Even Xiao Qiushui pinched the staff and cried.
"Look out!"
This old man is impartial and just falls on the original sword "Teng Lei Jian Fa", and the old man’s head touches his head with a foot "brush". Xiao Qiushui’s head feels cold before he hears "brush brush". Thirdly, this sword is almost more powerful than the sound. Xiao Qiushui dodges the agile scalp and scratches the sword.
Xiao Qiushui was so surprised that he was busy cheering up. The two old men, one by one, "Flash Sword Technique" and "Teng Lei Sword Technique", cooperated with each other, but the sewing of the clothes did not affect the luck of swordsmanship at all.
In the second world war, the autumn waters were exhausted; But partial to the geographical location, they can also control the fierce offensive of the two.
The two old men fought together and Xiao Qiushui couldn’t be knocked down. Not only were they surprised and humiliated, but they both yelled at the old man in gray and white spots, and the old man in gray and blue coat also drank a lot, which made the old man’s left and right shoulders "clank" even more dangerous.
The combination of these four people is like years of training, and the two behind them combine the butterfly sword technique and the mandarin duck sword technique, without affecting the original "Teng Lei sword technique" and "Flash sword technique", and the two old people’s sword strokes Xiao Qiushui are in danger.
Xiao Qiushui suddenly remembered the "Five Swords in the Sky"-these five old men are not five swords in the sky, but they should join forces with five people, but they look like the "Five Swords in the Sky"!
Who are these five people?
Xiao Qiushui has spare time to consider abrupt "sou" sharp ring sword has been stabbed to his abdomen by!
By the time he found out, it was already late, and if he didn’t retreat, he would have to be stabbed in the stomach
If the sword is parried, the road will be attacked with four swords
If you retreat, your mouth will be taken away.
This sword comes as a sign. When the four swords attract Xiao Qiushui’s attention, the fifth old man in gray and green suddenly makes "Teng Lei Jian Fa" rush out from the first old man’s crotch!
"Broken Door Sword"!
This vicious swordsmanship is also known as "absolutely Jian Sun"
Just then I heard a strange call and a man shouted
"Xia Liang has been informed!"
The six words are urgent, and the hand is even more urgent. I also drilled through Xiao Qiushui’s crotch with one hand, but the "Amitabha" potential grabbed the blade!
It’s a monk who just woke up in the afternoon!
The picturesque seventh Danxia Mountain War
The palm of the pot-bellied monk is the tip of the sword of one elder who makes "broken door fencing", but the offensive of the other four elders is even sharper.
It seems wonderful for a pot-bellied monk to stop an old man’s sword with his hands, but the pot-bellied monk’s martial arts are still Xiao Qiushui, so he can not entangle two old men in the offensive, but now both of them are frozen when his hands are closed.
However, Xiao Qiushui is like the four old men converging on the enemy?
At this moment, I heard a sudden scream from the top of the mountain and when it rang again, I suddenly saw Xiao Qiushui behind him. Xiao Qiushui felt a flower in front of him, tsing yi, white socks and black cloth shoes!
Liang Dou!
Liang Dou grabbed a sword when he raised his hand.
Five people have already stabbed Liang Dou with three swords.
Liang Dou’s knife flashed and disappeared.
Five people a burst of anger after seven steps almost crowded each other off the cliff.
Only the sword in that man’s hand was taken off by the old man and turned into Danxia’s mouth. He confronted the pot-bellied monk and Xiao Qiushui’s hero Liang Dou.
The murderous look in Liang Dou’s eyes flashed and Shu listened to someone behind him.
"Stop it!"
The five old men stopped as soon as they heard the law. The pot-bellied monk grabbed the sword, but the old man also gave up the sword. Five people stood hand in hand, right hand, middle finger, left hand and tail finger bent, ready and shouted.
"Hose Wang Tianren King;"
Seeing that the bearer is Yong Xueshi, he also recited two sentences upright.