On the other side, Chen Gong took out his hands to meet the purple enchanting flowers around him, blooming bright brilliance, purple chains, which are inextricably linked like cobwebs. His center spread and covered nearly 100 meters in Fiona Fang, and the purple chains ran through the head of the Red Wing Army!

Flowers fall like flowers, and every firework blooms like a flower of life. One by one, Chen Gong, the Eleventh Army, falls down and can’t see the wound. It’s not bloody, but it makes people shudder. Because this way of death is too deliberate, it makes people feel numb. In less than a quarter of an hour, hundreds of red-winged troops have fallen around Chen Gong without wounds, but the soul has burst. This is life-repairing and killing …
Seibel and Ningshan fought the same battle. More than spearmen charged them like the tide, but although they were injured, they joined hands with the Red Wing Army for a while and could not resist them …
"The princess is going to happen like this …"
Li Xiao’s beautiful face to Yongle Road is also a face of urgency. To her, it is not what she wants in the end whether it is the Red Wing Army or the Ning Family. And it is very likely that both sides will perish together. This is very scary. It will definitely cause a huge wave if you say it out. It is absolutely shocking!
If someone had told her that this 10,000-man army had been destroyed and killed by several people, she wouldn’t believe it unless it was at the level of martial arts and magical powers, but now she is worried that if she really went to Ningjia and the Red Wing Army, it wouldn’t be impossible for this 10,000-man Red Wing Army to be killed by the Ministry. Up to now, the number of casualties of the Red Wing Army has reached thousands, almost half of them. In Ningjia, except for Seibel, Ningshan and others who look miserable, Ning Caichen and Chen Gong don’t seem to be hurt. The most deadly thing is that Ning Caichen and Chen Gong
"ah! ….. Ning Caichen today I will step on Ningjia! "
Li climbed out of the ruins, his armor was broken, and a series of shocking wounds appeared. At this moment, he was a little crazy!
"You don’t have that chance!"
Ning Caichen’s face was calm, but his eyes were cold, like a white dress from nine secluded places being dyed red, like a statue from ancient times recovering to kill God and slay him with a sword. Several Red Wings rushed to pounce on Li again!
"Bang … snow … wow!"
Lee waved a gun to meet him, but he didn’t beat his opponent. The pike was shaken out and his left shoulder was almost chopped off by Ning Caichen’s sword. He flew out and coughed up a lot of blood!
"General … look out!"
The left Red Wing Army was frightened and looked at Li Yike, who was flying backwards to China. Their eyes became frightened because Ning Caichen appeared. Li Tou Li felt a sharp pain behind him as if he had been hit by a hammer!
Ning Caichen stepped on Li’s back with his right foot!
"Peng click … boom! ……”
A leg of Li’s back bone is broken, and his body hits the ground like a cannonball. You can see the stone chips blowing up the soil and splashing the flying dust. Li’s body is in a big font and there is a big font pit more than ten centimeters deep!
"whew! Sniff! ……”
This is a shocking scene. The helm of the Red Wing Army is the first-class military commander of the imperial court. In this way, Ning Caichen kicked the people around him to see that some people have stayed. It is the siege of Chen Gong, Seibel, Ningshan and others. The Red Wing Army also came here at this moment-
"Stop it!" "Don’t you dare!"
For a moment, all the Red Wings have changed color again and folded to drink!
"Ning Gong, stop!"
Aside Yongle princess couldn’t resist this moment to stop Ning Caichen from taking a sword in Zhongning minister’s hand, which seems to be aimed at Li’s face. At this moment, Li is dying. If Ning Caichen wants him to have a will, Li will die!
The Red Wing Army was shocked and angry. They were Li Qinbing’s loyal to Li. If you want to stop Princess Yongle in Ning Caichen, you don’t want things to make Daning again. I worry that things have already ended in some ways. If Ning Caichen really killed Li, anyway, Li is a general in the imperial court. Gao Zhongning’s family will never pass the imperial court!
Everyone looked at Ning Caichen nervously at this moment, but for a moment they were frightened because Ning Caichen’s sword was thrown at Fang Li like a streamer!
"Snow! ….. Ah! "
Li gave a heart-rending scream.
Chapter 154 Decisiveness
Ning Caichen moves decisively and directly depending on the Red Wing Army around him, and also depending on Princess Yongle’s exhortation that he doesn’t like seeing things, but he is not afraid of things. Li leads the Red Wing Army to almost kill him. This is a blood feud, and the sword in his hand must be washed with blood. Throw it out like a streamer and insert it directly from Li’s back!
"Snow … ah!"
Li’s bellow sword pierced through his back and directly nailed him into the flesh and blood. This is a shocking scene. Next to it, the Red Wing Army and Princess Yongle or Chen He, a native of Chenxian County, were all shocked to see this scene. It’s more of a fright to say nothing. This is a court general. A superb martial arts player was nailed by Ning Caichen’s sword and screamed!
Ning Caichen’s body fell from it like a feather’s footsteps lightly stepping on his handsome face, and his eyes were dark and bright, and he couldn’t see his long hair dancing in the wind. His white clothes had been completely dyed red with blood. Both the Red Wing Army and Li Baiyi were stained with blood, and there was a kind of coldness that made people’s scalp numb like coming out of blood …
Around the war stopped, all the Red Wings stopped attacking Chen Gong and Seibel, and looked warily at Ning Caichen, but no one dared to look straight in front of Chen Gong in Tsing Yi. But if you look closely, you will find that he looks a little pale. Although he was not injured in the war, he consumed a lot!
"Tickle … tickle …"
Looking around, Ning Caichen, the Red Wing Army, finally looked at Li, who was nailed by him. At this time, Li was not dead, but he was miserable. A long sword with blood penetrated his back and nailed him to his armor. He had gone to half-life. This is because Ning Caichen intentionally didn’t want to kill this person too soon, otherwise he could directly pierce Li’s head with that sword …
Ning Caichen walked towards Li at a brisk pace. The scene was very quiet. The needle fell and could be heard. Ning Caichen’s footsteps were clearly audible.
"Tianning Gong won’t really kill Lee …"
"This is going to break the sky."
"A wave of unrest, a wave of unrest, a wave of unrest, a wave of unrest, a wave of unrest, a wave of unrest …"
"It’s unwise. If Ning Gong really killed General Li, there is really no room for recovery. Anyway, General Li is a high-ranking imperial general, and there are red-winged troops behind him. It is very likely that Ning Jia will lose it!"
"Fart at this point, what can be saved to kill the Red Wing Army? If I am Ning Gong, I will kill Li. Not only will these Red Wing Army kill Li, but they will kill blood for blood …"
See Ning Caichen walked over to Li and there was a commotion around him. Those who exclaimed recognized Ning Caichen’s impulse, those who were bloody, and so on!
"Stop it, Ning Caichen. Do you know what you are doing?" Surrounded by the Red Wing Army, a vivid military commander even said, "General Li is a general of the imperial court. This time, you were ordered to conquer the Yellow Scarf Army. Do you dare to kill General Li? You’d better be buried with him and advise you not to make mistakes …"
The military commander warned Ning Caichen, but his tone softened because he was a little scared and didn’t dare to stimulate too much. Although there were threats in Ning Caichen, he told Ning Caichen more about it.
"Ning Caichen, you don’t want to harm the people. This time, I was ordered to go to Baiyun City to resist the Yellow Scarf Army. If you dare to touch General Li and delay the military situation, Baiyun City will fall. You are a sinner. Do you want to rob hundreds of thousands of people in Baiyun City? Do you want to trap hundreds of thousands of people in Baiyun City …"
Another military commander came out. It was Wu Yi. At this time, he was very sad and his hand was broken. It was a shock by Chen Gong’s palm. Previously, he laughed at Sun Fu’s one-armed arm and now he has broken his hand. Therefore, he has great resentment against Ning Caichen and others in his heart. Looking at Ning Caichen’s eyes is full of hatred-
"Good general Ning Caichen wounded you want to kill hundreds of thousands of people in Baiyun City? Don’t give in easily …"
Ningshan is furious in the distance. It’s a shame for this man. If it weren’t for their red-winged army to deal with Ning’s family, how could there be a current situation? They all came close to life and death. Now they are seeing Li dying, but the other party is talking like this. They directly pulled Baiyun City to Ning Caichen and buckled the big hat to trap Ning Caichen injustice.
"Princess Red Wings are shameless, but they are wrong!"
Small ring ning home be outraged by an injustice Yongle also look a little ugly.
"You said me"