Although they become pure blood gluttons.

But I dare not resist Jiang Feng’s command.
"Boom!" As the gluttonous mind moved, it was forbidden to turn not far away.
"It really is like this!"
"If you want to inherit such a gluttonous idea, you will ban integration here."
At this time.
Another entrance
Everyone has been waiting very impatiently.
"Boom!" Suddenly Shimen collapsed, and everyone was stunned and then their faces showed excitement.
Without saying anything, I immediately rushed in
"We can’t let them succeed first, so let’s go quickly!"
Soon several strong people rushed in.
Feel there are several breath coming Jiang Feng looked at the collapsed altar and suddenly smiled.
"We should go! ?” Tiger Qingyun asked
"Don’t worry!"
Said Jiang Feng walked into the altar.
With a wave of his arm, the altar was completely dusted, and at the same time, a huge stone was taken from the side according to the previous memory.
Then a new altar was carved.
If you have seen people, you will find it different, but those people have never seen any altars.
This is enough to scare them.
After handling everything, I will put my gluttony into the apocalypse bead and then turn my head.
"Hide the breath while we wait to see the good show!"
Jiang Feng face with a cunning immediately find a secret place near convergence good breath.
It’s hard to find them unless you look carefully.
Chapter 1652 See through the trap
"brush! Brush! Brush! "
See several streamers flying from the virtual rapidly.
Speed to the extreme.
"This is the position! ?” Someone was stunned and then overjoyed and turned to enter.
But the people around you don’t promise.
Suddenly there is a strong breath of the human body.
Then exhausted strength suddenly toward people attack road time directly broke out.
Five or six powerful breath suddenly broke out.
Someone’s blood is flowing out of his head
Some people are also trying to break through the sky in atrix, where various levels of Wushu are inexhaustible.
Unfortunately, they don’t have the luxury to feel around them.
Otherwise, you will find that there are people hiding not far away.
At this moment, many people have joined the fray.
Jiang Feng looked at the loss of blood and felt dreary exercise in my heart.
Finally, I couldn’t help but turn my arm over and the blood bead appeared in his palm. "I can’t let so many good things go white."
Jiang Feng arm a throw.
Blood spirit bead virtual rotation clouds lotus flower continuously inhaled spirit bead.
People in the struggle also found this scene.
But they are not at ease. It’s just blood donation. It’s no big deal.
It is also their state of mind.
Jiang Feng dares to release the bleeding spirit bead.
Seeing more and more people gathering, Jiang Feng secretly became more and more excited.
Tiger Qingyun looked at Jiang Feng’s flashing eyes and couldn’t help shuddering. This person is not only amazing.
Cheat people collar is also chilling.
These people beat you to death without knowing that the throne has already been inherited by others.