But Xiao Ye came to see him again before dawn today. He said that if he didn’t completely break his heart today, he would commit suicide.

Don’t choose anything else
Xiao Huang thinks that there seems to be a vicious devil living in his eyes with steep eyes, but his words are as far away as the breeze.
"As you wish"
He said as you wish.
Say whatever you like, like to end up so light, as you wish.
Su wan’s bouts of fainting were not for her strong support, and she didn’t know if she could still persist in sweating all over, but she stared at the man with her teeth clenched.
She didn’t want to be so embarrassed in front of him. She used to be proud that Su Wan shouldn’t be so easily put up with her teeth.
But her side Feng Linglong and Feng Feng stayed up all night to see this, and she felt very sad.
Phoenix has walked out of the night and stopped Xiao Huang’s way. Sen’s cold mouth is abnormal. "Xiao Huang, it is absolutely impossible for you to take people away from here today unless you step on it alone."
"Then try your best."
Xiao Huang lifted her eyes and stood up to Feng from the night coldly.
As soon as two people trigger the war, they will fight. Although Su Wan hates Xiao Huang so much in his heart, it’s time to be afraid that he will be injured by his uncle. It’s really good to hate that she has no ambition and even tears are disappointing.
She said to herself, Su Wan, don’t cry, don’t cry. Didn’t you used to be a heartless person? Why do you cry and swallow it back?
Swallow all the tears back
But she couldn’t control her tears. They still flowed down her pale face.
She didn’t want Xiao Huang to see her mess and screamed sharply, "Let him go, let them go. From then on, we will meet again as enemies."
Feng looked at Su Wan at night and saw that she tried her best to support herself. She was too proud to be so embarrassed in front of Xiao Huang.
Phoenix from the night to the side let Xiao Huang strode over and took a look at the stream. The stream stumbled up and followed him all the way out, while Su Wan looked at the farther and farther behind. Finally, the two men could not bear the stimulation and fainted directly.
When she fainted, there was an idea in her mind that I would never love again in this life, and I would never love again in this life. I was so tired that tears ran down my eyes.
Everyone around rushed over and panicked and shouted "Wan Er Wan Er"
I didn’t dare to read the ticket paper or ask for it, but I want to say that it takes ups and downs to look good. If the girls feel abused, stop and read it in a few chapters … The back will be better … Chapter 144 Jing Wangfu benefactor Su Wan married.
Su Wan was held by Feng Linglong and sent all the way to the hospital for treatment. Feng ordered the physician to save people and handed over the remaining things to the Prime Minister of the DPRK to deal with himself and Feng Linglong to go to see Su Wan.
This is what he owes his daughter for 16 years. He doesn’t want her to have anything.
Phoenix didn’t follow the night. He slowly turned around and looked at it and walked away. Xiao Huang looked back at it and followed Feng all the way to the palace courtyard. Xiao Ye.
It’s a show.
Xiao Huang loves her son because he knows that it will never be pretending that he won’t have the heart to hurt her like this. Besides, he always remembers that he talked about her dazzling god, which is definitely not a fake.
Phoenix thought as she left the night and went straight for Xiao Huang.
He is a carriage chasing Xiao Huang outside the palace.
Before the carriage stopped to flicker, it jumped out of the carriage and stared at Xiao Huang in the carriage coldly.
At the moment, Xiao Huang’s face is particularly ugly, whiter than paper, and he is covered with frost. He faintly looks at Feng’s eyes from the night, and God seems to have no soul.
Phoenix raised his hand from the night and punched him. Xiao Huang didn’t move. He was punched by Phoenix from the night all his life, and then his eyebrows frowned with pain, but he still didn’t say anything.