"This little brother doesn’t know how to get to the cinema here?"

"Are you going to chase studios? I advise you to wait two days before you go to the nearest movie theater. "This young man seems to like Sammul He calling him little brother with a proud face.
He Tianyi leng "what is this? Is it that the light hunter went after the cinema to hunt for shadows? "
"It doesn’t seem that you’re not from around here, does it? Recently, many people have died after chasing the plague in the cinema. It is said that there are wild animals coming out of the plague."
Sammul He frowned. "Why? Is there any other place to go to Shadow City?"
"Go to the shadow city? It’s ok to take a detour, but it takes more than three times as long as it takes to chase the cinema and take the waterway. "
"So much? Little brother, why don’t you tell me something about chasing the cinema in detail? I’ll buy you a cup of tea. "Sammul He decided to chase the cinema. He was short of it!
"yes! Why don’t someone treat you? "
When they came to a teahouse, they found that almost all the people in the teahouse were talking about chasing the plague in the cinema, and they didn’t need him to invite the boy to tea!
"Oh, I have a relative who is chasing a movie theater. He escaped from the city yesterday. He said that he saw the beast. Alas, it was so scary. The beast was rotted like a man. He also walked upright with two legs and hands, but the two heads were long and the chain was tied. It was so scary. It was said that the plague came from it."
"I depend on two heads? A beast that walk like a man? So scary. "
"No, no, don’t listen to his nonsense. I also have a relative who escaped from the chase studio and was not infected with the plague. He said that he also saw a wild animal, which was a foot in size and looked very much like a Swiss beast in our mainland (read hai)."
"No, he is wrong? Is it really a beast? Impossible!!!! It is said that there will be great happiness in the world! How can there be a plague? "
Teenagers seem to be very embarrassed to hear the comments around them, and hurriedly pat the chest tunnel. "Teenagers, don’t worry, I’m a real person. Since you invited me to tea, I naturally want to give you some news that others don’t know, so I won’t let you down! Don’t you want to know that Tu Yun will appear? And what is that beast that looks like a man? I tell you there is a big chance in it! "
(Ask the VIP to smash crazily! Then pk also threw it over and liked this brother. Lift it up. The fiftieth section contains great opportunities.
"There is a big chance in it!"
The teenager’s expression is full of temptation, as if there are many secrets in this matter.
"Well, then we’ll go to the bag and talk about it in detail."
"That’s right! I’ll order some snacks for a walk and talk about your treat while eating. I feel free to look at you. I’m quite congenial. I’ll tell you everything I know to ensure that you won’t suffer. Xiao Er will make you good at cooking. "
"Good luck, two guests."
When Xiao er poured tea and sent snacks out of the bag, Sammul He asked, "Tell me, little brother, what’s the matter with chasing the plague in the cinema?"
The teenager took a sip of tea and a bite of lobster Bao Dao. "Don’t call me little brother. Although it sounds cool, please call me by my name. My name is Zitong."
"Purple pupil?" Sammul He eyebrows slightly wrinkled "how have such a strange name? My name is Sammul He. "
"Sammul He? Your last name is He? What’s weird? Your own name is different from mine. It’s rare to have a single surname. "Purple pupil pouted and swallowed a lobster bag." It’s delicious. "His words were plain, but Sammul He had a huge lang in his heart!
"Your name is purple? Hundreds of surnames? " The name of this continent has always been very different, and now there are hundreds of surnames, which makes him feel strange. Only then did he look closely at the young people with white teeth and cheeks like a little red and handsome in the spring dawn, almost the same as Napoleon, and even more handsome than Napoleon. This appearance really makes men envy and hate.
"It is necessary to be so surprised? People with single surnames are rare in mainland China. Hundreds of surnames? It is estimated that there are not as many as 100 families. At present, you are the first person with a single surname I have met. Ouch, we are not discussing surnames over tea. I will tell you about chasing the plague in the cinema now. This is a great opportunity! " Purple pupil is finally get to the point.
Sammul He nodded his head and motioned for the other party to continue.
"Just now, you also heard everyone outside? Actually, they are all right! This time, the cause of the plague is called’ corpse beast’. Do you know that it walks like a human? Because his body also has a human body! And its head is a man and a beast! The whole body is stinking and rotten, "said Purple Pupil." It’s like eating a lobster packet with relish.
"Corpse beast?" Sammul He felt shocked. "What the hell is this?"
"You don’t even know about corpses?" This time, the purple pupil was shocked. "Are you a mainlander or not? Corpse beasts have appeared in a long time. At that time, there were many fierce beasts in the whole continent. These beasts swallowed up many light hunters in their lives. After death, they absorbed the essence of the sun and the moon for some reason, and the corpse became a corpse beast, which is difficult to appear once in a thousand years." He took a sip of tea and said again, "To put it simply, it appeared because the essence of the sun and the moon enriched its weak intelligence! Raised in situ. "
"In situ resurrection! Absorb the essence of the sun and the moon? " Sammul He is thoughtful. The old man once said that everything around animism contains spiritual wisdom. If a corpse is eroded by aura all the year round, it makes sense to have a little aura and weak thinking.
"Well, that’s about it."
"Then what do you say is the chance?" Sammul He question exit
"The chance that is derived from a said" purple pupil hey hey smile so mysterious.
"say?" He Tian was attracted by Purple Pupil because he needs a big chance now! He needs to be promoted quickly.
Purple pupil dozen satisfied burp seems to finally eat enough wiped her mouth, "didn’t you just hear someone say tu? In fact, the relative of that person may not be dazzled, and it is very likely that he really went to chase the cinema! "
"Is there really a beast in this continent?" Sammul He felt incredible.
"Of course, it’s a treasure to live to show up. I said it would be a good chance! Do you know why Tu Shao will chase the cinema? Because it is naturally auspicious and sensitive to evil creatures, it has come to destroy the corpse beast. "Purple pupil hey hey smiled like a fine little fortune teller."
"Tu Zan will destroy the resin beast? Wouldn’t it appear whenever there is a corpse? "
"This is not necessarily a natural freedom. Even if it is too far away, it can’t clearly sense the position of the corpse beast. There was a corpse beast thousands of years ago, but at that time, the corpse beast appeared in the mainland, and it was only at the expense of several shadow hunters that the corpse beast was killed."
"What? Shadow hunters are no match for zombies? " He Tianbi shocked the film hunters, which is equivalent to the returnees. How many film hunters have died in this way? He has always felt that shadow hunters and returnees are the peak of the mainland and are almost comparable.
"Yes, it’s lucky this time, but it’s nearby, or the shadow mainland will suffer another catastrophe." Purple pupil was also worried, and then asked, "By the way, are you going to chase the cinema and return to the shadow city by boat?"
Smell speech, he was silent about the danger of the corpse beast. Whether to take the risk or not, he is now ambivalent. He wants to chase the studio for a chance and is afraid to touch the corpse beast. He doesn’t think that the shadow hunter can’t deal with the corpse beast. He can overcome it.
"Do you want to go? Since the corpse beast was born near the movie theater, it was said that it was born with a weak spirit. Only when the aura of heaven and earth is more than the outside world can it be born with a corpse beast! If I were the place where it was born, the cultivation speed would definitely increase exponentially! For me, it is a paradise! "
In ancient times, there were many wild animals in mainland China, but there were not many wild animals that formed corpses over hundreds of thousands of years, because not every wild animal can contain enough aura of heaven and earth! If the thin aura root of heaven and earth was not enough to resist its body decay, it should have turned into bones long ago, and only a paradise can do it!