"Don’t you remember? She was yesterday’s’ dark EU shadow’. That girl is a savage girl. Of course I don’t like her, "Mu Han said confidently.

"But you helped her early today?" Su Yu dug up the old scores in the afternoon 【 All old scores? It’s only been a few hours, Mo Xing (rolling his eyes). That’s all in the past. It’s all old scores! Everyone (suddenly enlighted) Oh]
"That’s to see her pity and help her with my willingness to help others, but I didn’t expect her to be ungrateful and scold me." Mu Han said indignantly
"You became angry because she refused you again and again." Su Yu hit home his mind.
"No, it’s not. I think she’s so uncomfortable. Girls should be gentle and quiet." Mu Han casually found a reason to prevaricate in the past.
"Oh," Su Yu stopped forcing him, and the three of them returned to silence (it seems that I have been forgotten for a long time, and the amount of desert stars is gone. Anyway, you certainly don’t care about bathing in the night shadows. You didn’t give me a chance to speak. If you want to find readers, you can only go on stage with them as your backing) (so everyone should support you a lot! )
Zuo Bingxuan is the girl yesterday? Things are getting more and more interesting. I have to check their information first, I thought to myself.
Three girls arrived at the restaurant only to find that the sea of people inside was not spectacular (not just them) [three girls and three men cut! We’ve all seen scenes bigger than this. What’s the desert star? Haven’t you and I seen it? It’s just adding some words. Is it necessary to make irresponsible remarks? ! Three women and three men, okay, we get it. (ps poor kids were abused like this)
"Where shall we sit?" Xia yuanqing some depressed to ask
"There’s a place over there." An Yilin found a table for six by the window on the left, so she took them both and ran over.
"Finally have a seat" seat AnYiLin issued a sigh.
"Yi Lin, why do I feel a little strange?" Xia yuanqing timidly tugged at the people around her skirts.
There are surprises, ridicule, anger, fear and worry in the eyes of "attention ceremony", which is very complicated.
"Don’t worry about them, we eat us, they must be idiots not to sit with such a good seat." Anyilin ignored herself and ate and drank.
When Mu Han, Su Yu and Mu Yeying came to the restaurant, they found that their seats were occupied. Mu Han and Mu Yeying were a little upset. Who dared to sit in their seats? Don’t you know the rules? Three people quickly walked over there only to find that the three girls turned out to be their deskmates.
"So it’s no wonder that you are sitting here." Mu Han looked at them and said.
"We don’t know if your seat is empty yet. If we can’t, we’ll go now." Xia Yuanqing said apologetically when she understood why those people had to look at them like that just now.
"No, you just sit tight," Su Yu hurriedly said.
"Thank you," Xia Yuanqing smiled at him and Su Yu got red in the face.
An Yilin didn’t lift her head, so she shoveled something. Zuo Bingxuan also simply ate it, but she didn’t know how conspicuous they were at this time. The girls’ eyes contained jealousy, resentment and unwillingness, while the boys looked heartbroken.
"What a pig!" Mu Han said slowly.
"What did you say?" An Yilin raised her head with a pair of apricot eyes and glared at him with anger.
"I didn’t say anything about you. What’s your hurry?" Mu cold evil smiled and said
"Who knows if you scold me in your heart? I know I don’t eat well, but what’s it to you? " AnYiLin some slightly annoyed.
"I didn’t care about you, but you were honest and admitted that you ate like a pig." Mu Han made her addicted.
"I didn’t say I was like a pig, and you finally admitted that you just scolded me." An Yilin’s hands became fists as if ready to wait for a good time before making a move.
"I didn’t say that," Mu Han denied.
(They fought another 300 rounds.)
"Noisy enough? Let’s go when we’ve had enough noise. "Zuo Bingxuan looked at them coldly with impatient eyes and cold body (Xia Yuanqing alas! Just ten words didn’t break the record. The front of the desert star has been broken! The second chapter, the principal speaks during the dialogue, and this also breaks the record. Just punctuate it. Hey, hey! )
Facing the imminent anger, Zuo Bingxuan, An Yilin, immediately reduced the size of a good baby to the back of Bingxuan.
Zuo Bingxuan didn’t look at them again and went straight away, leaving three absent boys and staying with everyone.