"Oh?" Biddy raised an eyebrow and said calmly, "What do you mean?"

"At present, there are at least three people who want to catch us. One side is the Star Gang, the other side is the police and the other side is the traitor in our Fulong Gang."
Biddy said, "Why should I believe you? How do I know you’re not a real traitor? Everything is your word. "
The waves said, "You don’t believe me. Now you can go to the Fulong Gang and ask Shao Lao Wang clearly, but I believe Shao Lao Wang can’t give you the answer. And if I am a traitor, you have already lost your life. What’s the point of keeping your life? You won’t. I just saved your life because I missed you, right? Haha! "
The waves laughed abominably and said it was "the truth"!
Biddy thought for a moment and said, "What now?"
The waves said, "Now you can’t go back to your original hotel, let alone get in touch with the Fulong Gang. You are wanted by the police. If you get in touch with them, they will cause unnecessary trouble, and even they can’t show up. The traitors of the Star Gang and the Fulong Gang will kill you. If I say here, you can figure out the door yourself. You can leave here at any time. If you want to step out of this hotel, I can’t guarantee that you will be safe. This hotel is a Fulong Gang industry. Miss Liu and I know that the hotel is full of us."
Biddy thought for a moment and looked up and said, "I want to make a message with America and ask Shao Xuewu for instructions."
The waves said, "You can call me yourself if there are overseas words in Taiwan. What I am telling you now is that I just asked Miss Liu. I think Shao Gong and Miss Liu should agree."
Biddy got up and put on a dress and went to Taiwan to make a phone call for instructions.
The smile on the corners of the mouth is even colder and more insidious when the wave chair doesn’t move!
He took a sip of his glass and sighed with pride-he had everything under control!
After twenty minutes, Biddy came back and said calmly, "Shao Xuewu said that everything in China is up to you."
The waves smiled and looked up at Biddy. "Everything?"
Beatty got Shao Xuewu’s orders to reassure her that she would stay here and live in the United States, and she would also send someone to help her.
Biddy saw in the eyes of the waves what this man was thinking, and she wanted to!
She bravely faced the waves with bedroom eyes, provoked a brow with a little provocation and said, "Everything! I want you to have this collar! "
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine Expropriation of foreign girls
The waves got up, smiled and said, "I’ll let you see my dragon collar today!" I want the dragon to fight the four fields and kill the foreign girl! "
Biddy smiled and said, "Don’t just talk and don’t practice!"
The waves saw this foreign girl put it like this, so they calmly walked up to Biddy with their eyebrows raised and stared at Biddy defiantly.
The height of the waves is also 1.2 meters, which is considered tall among Asians, but Beatty is an American woman, and she is nearly 1 meter tall, slender and slim, and her breasts look almost as high as the waves.
This makes the waves feel a sense of oppression! There is a certain pressure to be with a girl who is a bit like a tall Malaysian girl.
The waves were straightforward, so they hugged Biddy and printed their lips to taste the flavor of a foreign girl.
It tastes good! The waves are in the dark!
Biddy is also strong enough not to show weakness, and the waves grab her hands and feet and stretch out her limbs like a claw fish, clinging to the waves and kissing them eagerly.
This foreign girl hasn’t touched a man for two or three years. The degree of enthusiasm can be imagined. Even the waves are almost too much to eat. "Mom, who the hell is this?" How do I feel like a raped person! "
It seems that I can’t do it without a trick-the waves have pressed Biddy to the bed, and the bed has no load to creak.
After the waves overwhelmed, Biddy’s bathrobe was quickly solved, revealing a temptation with western amorous feelings.
Beatty county is scarred, but her muscles are strong and very elastic. She has a healthy dollar, long yellow hair, green eyes, high nose, plump and firm * * and a flat belly, golden grassland, which makes the waves feel exotic.
The waves have watched too many western porn movies, but they have never fought against western women. Finding a western woman to fight has always been his greatest dream and pursuit!
Today, a woman who traveled across the ocean automatically put her arms in her arms. How could she miss the opportunity!