"I guess you couldn’t think of what I’m going to do. Do you have an impulse to hit your brain? If you hit the brain, your photos will appear in major newspapers. "

The brain flashed again and a new line appeared.
Zhang Haotian pressed the keyboard a few times and fucked the mouse for a while, but his brain roots were not controlled by him.
"You really have a lot of good things in your head. I still keep a woman. I was shocked. Your ya actually had an affair with ten women. It’s all taken photos. It’s estimated that you are more than Edison Chen and Edison Chen. I really want to scold you for playing with female scum like you. Fuck you, bastard turtle king egg!"
Then there were many passionate pictures in my mind. Zhang Haotian’s face turned bad every time he got a new one, because a chapter of these photos would be enough to destroy him. If these photos were leaked, he would really be a disgrace and be shot.
Zhang Haotian became more and more dumbfounded. He didn’t know what others would stare at him. He was always very cautious about these things. Even his wife and son didn’t know that he had the same hobby as Edison Chen.
"To these photos, Zhang Mi-chang remembered his romantic past. It’s really a blessing to come to your half generation. Then I’ll help you review a post-political history now."
When the hacker didn’t seem to give Zhang Haotian a response, his brain made Zhang Haotian jumpy. Subtitles appeared one after another. "Zhang Haotian boys graduated from a diploma mill business administration major in Hangzhou in the late sixties, but the ink in their stomachs was limited, but many things changed your life. One thing is that you got your classmate Wu Mingyuan to cook uncooked rice into mature rice. Wu’s father is a provincial-level cadre. Since then, you, a small white boy, have entered the provincial party committee and made your career. It’s a pity that this guy, who is greedy, lustful and wears sheep’s clothing, has embezzled tens
After a big short word, some information and pictures appeared, all of which were evidence left by Zhang Haotian when he took bribes.
Zhang Haotian’s face became more and more pale, and then he broke into a cold sweat. These top secret information can kill him.
In the face of such a strong brain hacker, Zhang Haotian had no choice but to wait for the hacker’s purpose.
"Well, I’m not going to stimulate you any more. If you vomit blood and die, I’ll be guilty."
Brain hackers poked fun at it
Zhang Haotian feels more and more wronged. Today, his son was badly injured by Zhouyi, and now he is playing with this brain hacker. His heart is very resentful.
"What are you trying to do with Zhouyi? Now I’m warning you, don’t blame me if you are rude to Zhouyi. If you don’t want to lose your reputation, then you should eat this boring loss. Zhouyi is not like your son. Your son has robbed him of the limelight because of hating Zhouyi school sports meeting, and Zhou Yi Nai gave him some warning. That’s because Zhou Fugui didn’t fight with Wei Zhang. You can’t resist it. You’re an official. If you don’t want your son to die early, you should live well. Don’t let him continue to bully men and women outside. "
Brain hackers are still teasing, so Zhang Haotian’s brain appears a few lines that make people laugh and cry. You’d better be honest with me. If you don’t move Zhouyi, your top secret information will naturally not be published. If you move Zhouyi, you will be very angry and the consequences will be very serious. It’s getting late. If you agree with my suggestion, you can set off some fireworks on the roof of your house for ten minutes. If I don’t have you to set off fireworks, I’ll take it as if you don’t want to listen to me.
As soon as these words are displayed, Zhang Haotian’s brain turns black, which is actually automatic
"He niang old officialdom for so many years was Zhouyi this little Yin this little hacker was so bad"
Zhang Hao scolded a day from the brain desk and chair up picking up a stool directly to the brain.
Zhang Haotian ate a boring loss, but he didn’t dare not listen to this brain hacker. Ma gave him a message about his life. "Xiao Peng quickly sent a few barrels of fireworks to my house for ten minutes, and you won’t come to class if you don’t move to my roof!
At this time, it is already about eleven o’clock in the evening. Xiao Peng, the secret of Zhang Haotian’s life, has already slept with his new wife. However, the secret of his deputy secretary of the provincial party Committee is that he will not be on the phone for 24 hours, even if he is late with his wife’s wedding, his two mobile phones have been on the bed.
Xiao Peng didn’t dare to complain after receiving Zhang Haotian’s words, so he got out of bed and dressed. Fortunately, his wife is virtuous and has become accustomed to it. Otherwise, it is really easy for him to run out in the middle of the night and cause small family conflicts.
Xiao Peng quickly went downstairs to buy fireworks and then hurried to Zhang Haotian’s house. Fortunately, he lives not far from Zhang Haotian’s house, otherwise he would never make it in ten minutes.
Xiao Peng was only twenty-five years old this year and graduated from college for one year. Then he became a Zhang Haotian secret. This afternoon, he also accompanied the Zhang Haotian research institute. He also knew that Zhang Haotian’s son Wei Zhang was seriously injured and was sent to Hongqiao Hospital for treatment. Therefore, when he bought fireworks and drove to Zhang Haotian’s home, he still wanted to be seriously injured and set off fireworks. Is Zhang Mi-chang mad?
Xiao Peng thought so, but he didn’t dare to hesitate, so he rushed over because Zhang Haotian had already sent word that if he couldn’t get there with fireworks in ten minutes, he wouldn’t be a public official and could go home to sell sweet potatoes.
It took Xiao Peng seven minutes to feel Zhang Haotian’s house, so colorful fireworks soon rose on the roof of Zhang Haotian’s house.
"Depend! Boss, the old dog who actually set off fireworks in Zhang Haotian’s house is not crazy, is it? "
Waiting for Jing Ge and others near Zhang Haotian’s house, of course, also found this vision, and a younger brother immediately exclaimed.
"What’s going on here? Is Zhang Hao naive and crazy? His son was seriously injured by my boss. Does he still have the mind to set off fireworks?"
Jing Ge also muttered that Zhang Haotian couldn’t understand the move because he didn’t know it. Just now, Zhouyi arranged for Zhang Haotian to be severely played by brain wizard Guo Yunfeng. He had to set off fireworks on his roof according to Guo Yunfeng’s instructions to show that he didn’t dare to retaliate against Zhouyi.
Fireworks adorn the night is very beautiful, but Jing Ge and others don’t have much idea to enjoy the colorful fireworks all over the sky.
Jing Ge’s words rang before the fireworks were finished.
It’s Zhou Yi calling.
"Jing Ge, did you set off fireworks on the roof of Zhang Haotian’s house?" Zhouyi in the words smile asked
"Boss, the fireworks are still on. How do you know?" Jing Ge was curious. "Boss, are you crazy about the old dog? Come on, we have to be careful. Dogs are crazy to bite people. "
"You can withdraw and finish the fireworks. I need someone to arrange for Zhang Haotian to release them."
I laughed in Zhouyi’s words. Just now, when he received Guo Yunfeng’s words, he knew that although Zhang Haotian hated his guts, he could eat something in his own hands and swallow it.
"Eldest brother is your arrangement?" Jing Ge almost exclaimed, "How did you do it?"
"Ha ha, the boss has his own sleeve. You go home with your people. Zhang Haotian has been settled by me. He dare not move to me in the short term."
Zhouyi still walked over and said, then hung up and looked in a good mood.
Wei Zhang went to the hospital, and Zhang Haotian’s handle was eaten by himself, and he dared not say anything. Zhouyi was in a bad mood.
"The boss is really terrible."
Jing Ge muttered something and then said to Wang Ma, "Withdraw my boss and settle things."
"Such a big thing will be settled."