"Don’t worry, father, no matter what I do, I will definitely defeat him, but I didn’t fight for the eldest heir of the Ye family, but gave me personal honor and disgrace. I think you should be able to be white, father!" It’s useless to summon up courage. Ye Han has to muster up this confidence, and at the same time, he has to express his heart to his father. He doesn’t want to inherit Ye Hong’s mantle!

"The last Ye Han!" Ye Honggang wanted to admonish Ye Han when he heard the sound of the square tester coming again. Ye Hong had to swallow everything he wanted to say and wait until the results came out.
If Ye Hanxiu is higher than Ye Ran, then his father is naturally not worried that his son will lose. If he is lower than Ye Ran, then even if he is worried, everything has become a foregone conclusion.
After hearing the tester shouting that Ye Han was busy getting up from his seat and expressing himself, he smiled at Ye Hong and nodded to let him not worry first, but his heart was very worried.
If the method before Lengling is effective, I will say it after ten days, but if Lengling is effective, I must be prepared to be a loser and be expelled from the family at the same time.
A 14-year-old or a Yuanling is not as good as Ye Han’s knowing that he can’t get recognition from the elders of the family, and it’s even more difficult to get recognition from the whole family, leaving no hope for Ye Jia.
Although he is the head of the clan, he can’t violate this ancestral training center. He won’t pin his hopes on himself. The only thing that can make him pinned is Lengling. Only when her methods take effect can he stay.
Everyone was surprised that the middle of the eye was cold and resolutely stepped on the road to prove that the future of the road was vast, and no one could predict his ending. If there was only one thing, everyone would guess.
In the afternoon, the sunshine was particularly dazzling, but it prevented everyone from looking forward. At this moment, the eyes resolutely fell to the square not far from the patriarch’s office, and everyone’s eyes fell to Ye Hanshen.
Although most of you still don’t know Ye Han’s true identity, most of you still know that some of them were learned from the Singapore Festival competition, and some of them were learned from Ye Hong’s holding Ye Han into Ye Tianfang that day.
Of course, I haven’t really seen Ye Han with many more ears, that is, I heard about it halfway, but one thing is that everyone knows that the tester is calling the field person, that is, the head of Ye Han, who has been waiting for a long time.
The sun seems to cheer Ye Han up. No matter how different the sun feels at the moment, Ye Han feels the sun is particularly hot at the moment. I don’t know if his extremely cold body actually feels hot and sweaty.
Ye Han, who came to the test stone, looked back at his father, and then looked at him. Ye Ran, who was not far away, was waiting to see the drama. From Ye Ran’s face, he saw a kind of coldness and an involuntary ridicule.
"Hum Ye Ran, ten days later, I must defeat you and let you know the consequences of belittling your opponent. Ye Han will never defeat you. Wait!" Ye Han muttered to himself, but it didn’t show that he was abnormal. After glancing at all the people around Ye Ran, he set his eyes on the test stone surface.
"Cold brother, you can rest assured that your body’s cold is incomparable to ordinary cold. Even if the energy of this test stone is strong, you can measure the cold to protect your body. You don’t have to worry too much." Others don’t know that Ye Han is sweating, but he knows very well that he is not exposed to the sun, but because he is too nervous, he will have abnormal symptoms.
Therefore, she must have a good understanding of Ye Han, and he has failed before he can make a move, which is a great insult to a practitioner.
Ye Han naturally won’t flinch at this moment. If he wants to flinch, he won’t come. After a little hesitation, the tester will urge him to stick his palm on the test stone at that moment.
Ye Han hands stretched out at that moment Ye Han naturally tried to do anything, but the body was cold and cold, but he didn’t dare to neglect the busy printing tactic for a moment to stimulate the chill in Ye Han’s heart.
Of course, things are not as simple as imagined. To prevent Ye Han from suffering from severe cold, it is necessary to personally restrain Ye Han’s body cold in this period and be able to conceal the real repair.
At the moment when his hands were just about to be close to the test stone, Ye Han suddenly felt a strong chill in his body, which made him shudder. Knowing that Lengling had helped him stimulate the body chill, he quickly put his right hand on the test stone without considering many things.
At the moment when Ye Han put his hands on the test stone, the test stone suddenly flashed three different colors, which made the tester and all the people in the field feel particularly surprised and didn’t know that this would happen
Ye Han knew the cause of the incident, but he didn’t know what would happen. The test stone didn’t show the boundary repair, but it flashed three lights and returned to normal again.
"What is this?" I feel that if I don’t do something, it will definitely arouse suspicion in the place, but Ye Han dare not tell the truth so as to pretend to be at a loss and fool someone in the place, otherwise he really has no other way.
"What is this?" Ye Han sound just fell, I heard one side just wake up from a daze. The tester also looked at the test stone with a shocked face. Although it was not as exaggerated as Ye Han, it was exaggerated to the extreme and almost dropped his eyes!
"What the hell is this?" Testers just heard the sound just fell and all the members of the leaf family showed shock together, and immediately asked with different mouths at the field.
No one answered their questions, even the tester didn’t know what to say. Although Ye Han knew the reason, it was a pity that he pretended to be too much like the place, and no one doubted that he had done something good.
However, at this moment, Ye Han’s cold body has just calmed down the cold in Ye Han’s heart, and after learning about the situation at this moment, he can’t help laughing.
Lengling smile is naturally known by Ye Han, and Ye Han also injects a meta-knowledge into his heart through his shock and daze at that moment, and then stares at the smile a little indecent Lengling.
Lengling took care of charming smile but didn’t notice Ye Han eyes. Ye Han eyes had already fallen on Lengling’s chest, which trembled violently with charming smile.
Although Lengling is not very old, she looks a little older than Ye Han at best, but judging from her figure, she is obviously a young girl, and the development of all parts of her body is fairly perfect. When her natural chest vibrates violently enough, she is particularly noticeable.
Ye Han didn’t dream because of this, but he couldn’t help feeling in his heart what such a beautiful scenery is, and what he can see by himself will see this scene.
"hey! What are you looking at? Don’t look again! " Didn’t feel Ye Han eyes but LengLing to also have learned Ye Han mind busy at the moment to focus on Ye Han face soon discovered Ye Han that strange eyes and then rushed Ye Han angry way
[4] [Family Test]
Ye Han knew that he was rude, but he didn’t feel rude. He still stared at Lengling. At this moment, his eyes no longer stayed at Lengling’s chest, but stared at Lengling’s cheek.
Lengling naturally felt Ye Han’s eyes shift, but she was depressed by the former Ye Han’s reasoning. Her face was already covered with hongxia, which is the reason why Ye Han is still in a daze.
However, Lengling also thinks that Ye Han’s move is excusable. Who makes himself so beautiful? When his face is full of shyness, he will certainly charm a large number of men, but because of this, Lengling can’t help but give birth to a strange idea with Ye Han.
What beauty can give Ye Han appreciation and what won’t attract more admirers? In the end, he came in vain because he is now Ye Han, and others can’t see his beauty in his heart.
"Chief, do you think this should be judged?" Know that you have no way to test to the tester, and this will turn to the nearby heads of the same face of surprise Ye Hongshen asked with a face of bitterness.
Although Ye Hong knew that Ye Han’s body had undergone some strange changes, he didn’t know that this scene would happen today, but he was forced by his identity to go to the test stone and wanted to find out.
At the moment, Ye Han is staring at Lengling’s eyes in the heart, and suddenly he hears the tester’s voice. Ye Han hasn’t found anything abnormal yet, but he has found Lengling’s hands making a printing tactic and then rushing to attack himself!
"Hey, I just took a look at you. You don’t want to kill people, do you?" Detect LengLing is heading for his head Ye Han busy flicker to avoid only to see LengLing hit two printing tactic is behind him several times faster than himself.