It’s no surprise that this matter is on the agenda now! Won’t you bless me? "

WenSuling watched in dismay as Shinohara’s face was harsh and light, staring at her and blurting out, "I wish your grandmother a mouth!"
Shinohara, are you out of your mind Don’t you forget that you disobeyed … "
"three! That’s all in the past! It’s not important or worth anything! Now I’ve decided to marry Lou Zhan. I’m over the age of 30, and it’s time for me to be a waitress. Lou Zhan may be the best choice! "
Su Ling saw Shinohara Snow’s eyes fluctuate when she spoke.
So Su Ling held out his hand across the table to Shinohara Snow and put it on her forehead, whispering, "Do you have a fever? If you are sick, you have to treat it. Don’t be guilty! "
"hey!" For Su Ling’s move, Shinohara Snow shook her head and then squeezed her palm from her forehead and said, "I’m fine! I’m sober, too! You see, I’m a grandmother now, and I’m still surrounded by imperial maids. I can’t bear this position. Why don’t the mother emperor punish me for it?
Lou Zhan and I are getting married in ten days. Do you want to come? "
Silence while silence!
After hearing Shinohara Snow’s words, Su Ling could stare blankly at her casually, and she could never say anything constructive to change her mind except silence.
"Shinohara snow is because of you and too …"
When the words are not finished, a low smile will be separated-
"I didn’t expect the palace to come here by accident and hear the news that Tainv is going to marry her husband. It’s really gratifying!"
It’s Huang Yin-li’s suspicion!
Goodbye, old friend, picturesque eyes in the breeze walk, but two worries!
This is one more, two more, and a little more. Please!
There is no lack of indifference and scorn in Huang Yin’s tone.
And is almost consciousness shinohara snow can not but look glued to his body.
However, just on second thoughts, she restrained herself from all his emotions. "It’s a great honor to care too much about my wife!"
Once upon a time, two people fell in love, but when they met again, they looked at each other coldly.
Su Ling watched the interaction between Huang Yin Li and Shinohara Snow and lost her mind. She also ignored what she wanted to say to Shinohara Snow!
It is Su Ling’s heart that she has been snowing all the time because she knows that Huang Yin Li and she are brothers and sisters, so they will be so confrontational.
But I never thought that just because she ignored Shinohara Snow one night soon, she did something that shocked her!
Burn three-dimensional glass slowly pacing to the gazebo near the line of sight blink blink around closely protected the female officer couldn’t help smiling cavity "Tainv way is really rare! However, since Grandmother is about to tie the knot with the Seventh Emperor of the Building, I wish you two a lasting unity! "
At that time, maybe it was burned by Huang Yin’s glass. Every word he said made Shinohara snow ache and it was hard to breathe.
But at the moment, Su Ling, a bystander, accidentally found that Huang Yin-li showed some gnashing marks when she said this sentence.
And it’s not hard to see that the exposed posture of the veins stood out on his forehead is also trying to endure something!
Huang Yin-li, he …
"That’s natural!" Shinohara snow is still sitting on the pretty face of the pavilion, squinting at the burning glass outside the pavilion, and then the posture is pleasant and continued, "If it were not for the burning too much advice, it might not be possible to find the seven emperors so early!" I would like to thank Mrs. Huang for’ pointing out grace’ when I say a thousand and ten thousand women! "
Burn three-dimensional glass angry sleeve fingertips almost to wring the cloth, saw Shinohara snow and his cold face is still difficult to sustain heartache.
But he was too dignified and cut off by himself, and he was not allowed to behave arrogantly again.
So he turned around and prepared to hang his eyes when he left, and then raised his eyebrows from his shoulder and left a sentence behind him. "Since Tainv has already thought about white, there is nothing to say in the palace except blessings!
Finally, I advise Tainv not to regret it! "
Words fall, people go far away, Shinohara snow is full of panic and pain
Su Ling didn’t say a word, but it’s hard to watch two people’ killing’ her!
"Shinohara, so you are not only going to marry Lou Zhan, but also decided to stay in the palace?"
Su Ling’s low inquiry awakened Shinohara’s confused mind.
Lianqu heart sorrow Shinohara snow eyes way "well! I thought about it last night. I did go too far this time, but my mother finally forgave me! Now I don’t know where to go except back to the palace, which is good! Anyway, it makes no difference who men are with! "
"Xia Xiaoxue!" Su Ling listened to Shinohara Snow’s frustrated words and couldn’t help shouting sharply. Then she leaned slightly close to Shinohara Snow’s ear and wanted to talk, only to see Shinohara Snow’s smiling eyes but her lips pulled out an ugly smile. At the same time, she interrupted Su Ling’s words and listened to her. "Ling, don’t persuade me! It’s too late for anything!
I know what you’re trying to say, but you have your life and I have mine! I can’t be with you forever, who made me destined to be too feminine from birth!
And Lou Zhan has decided to tell me who was the one who secretly harmed me when Qi Chu was in the first place! So don’t worry, I’ll let you know when I find out the truth! "