"Oh?" Smell speech Ye Han immediately after one leng andao is also in the heart and then seems to think of something busy suddenly looked at the fox for a long time just shook his head. "Xiaoli, have you forgotten what I just told you? After all can’t call me master how now … "

Ye Han’s words didn’t finish, and the fox’s face showed a touch of embarrassment. "Well, Xiaoli didn’t call it that after knowing that he was wrong!"
Ye Han smiled, but he felt that the fox’s charming smile was too touching, so he deliberately found a topic to cover up the change of his heart. Now that the fox has made such a mistake, what can he do?
But before he knew it, he seemed to touch the fox’s stunning appearance again. At that time, he was so infatuated with such a stunning girl. When she laughed, she was really nobody. If she was released to the world, she would be a truly beautiful advocate!
At this moment, Ye Han seems to have found another reason for the little fox to get along with each other, which is not a century-old feud or a fate. Although it is to help Yu Tiannan, he will definitely keep the little fox by his side and never cause so many accidents on earth.
I finally found a proper reason through hard work, and yip hon-ton also put his heart into it. Since this fate does not allow me to become a devoted person, why should I pursue it hard? Isn’t it true that people can live happily in this life? In that case, why don’t you choose to go with the weather?
Naturally, it depends on the situation. If everything is not satisfactory, it is also an association. No one can be sure that people who are not in the world will not do things against the sky when the weather is not good.
But all these accidents are wishful thinking after all.
"Er … that Xiaoli, can you promise to stay with me in the future?" After a pause, Ye Han finally decided that since Fox can’t get along with people in the world, she should keep her heart first, otherwise the consequences would be unpredictable!
Fox heard that although he had some hesitation, he quickly nodded at Ye Han and said, "Don’t worry, whether you are my master or my brother, you are always my closest relative in Xiaoli. I didn’t know you when I went to Xiaoli. But now that Xiaoli has been recognized by you, naturally I dare not separate again!"
After listening to the fox’s words, Ye Han suddenly felt guilty that the fox could wait for his master for a hundred years, and his heart must be unchangeable. But now he has let her release the title of master, but he doesn’t believe it. After all, he is not.
Ye Han couldn’t help secretly determined to have this little fox around him one day, and try not to doubt it. After all, this little fox has been determined for a hundred years, and what reason is there to doubt it?
Thought of here, Ye Han suddenly gave a wry smile and smiled at the fox. "Well, well, didn’t you say there would be something I wanted here?" In that case, let’s go! "
Said don’t wait for the fox huanguo to god Ye Han then lightly sighed and turned around and continued to rush to the front line. The fox’s face suddenly showed a happy color and then slowly followed.
The two of them got rid of some worries, but they were both worried. It was not very fast to walk for a while, but as time went by, they were far away soon.
Ye Han walked ahead, feeling a lot of melancholy. He could spend his life with three girls, such as Lengling, but he didn’t want to shoulder the heavy responsibility of resolving a century-old feud and involved other girls. Although he was determined to accept the reality, he couldn’t help but give birth to some regrets.
Most of these feelings are naturally based on the establishment of feelings. For him, it is just a difference from what he thought before. At that time, the strength of the enemy was unknown, but now it is still white.
But the feelings are different, maybe not different, but different. Who would have thought that he had been entangled in the feelings of his three daughters, and now Ye Rou suddenly ran out of this century-old love affair before he finished solving it, and now he had to entangle famous women? This may be a blessing for him, but he thinks that the pain may be even worse.
"ah!" Ye Han suddenly felt a tremor in his body, and some pain relief appeared everywhere in the meridians at the right time. At that time, he could not bear to scream and export.
Fox has been following Ye Han closely. Now, listening to Ye Han’s screams, he feels bad, so he rushed to cling to Ye Han’s side and gently took his arm. Then he looked nervous and asked, "Lord … Brother Han, what’s wrong with you?"
Hearing the story, Ye chilling knew that she had just called and alarmed the little fox, so she turned to look at her and then smiled bitterly. "I’m fine, but I feel a little uncomfortable!" "
Ye Han doesn’t know what it means to be afraid to answer for a while. Besides, he is worried that the changes in his body will cause Fox to worry too much and try to cover up his physical changes by telling stories.
However, it may seem trivial to say that Ye Han is unwell, but Fox doesn’t recognize Ye Han’s discomfort. His face is tense and his color is better than before. He is worried that he will be busy exerting his vitality and will slowly inject into Ye Han’s body.
[443] [Xiaoli dedicated]
"It’s not good that the energy of the main human body is released. Is this good?" The vitality entered Ye Han’s body, and Xiaoli’s face was instantaneous. Even with a touch of anxiety, a bad feeling suddenly rose in his heart.
Ye Han knows that his vitality has changed a lot, but he still doesn’t know what is going on. Even so, he can clearly understand that he is in danger now. If the situation can’t be changed, he will be doomed!
Ye Han wanted to find out his own situation before it was too late, but the disorder of vitality became more severe. At one time, the pain was unbearable and he screamed again. When his consciousness was weak, he felt weak gradually.
Looking at Ye Han’s touch this time, Xiaoli knew that it was not good. He once again injected his vitality into Ye Han’s body to relieve the pain. However, at this time, Ye Han finally failed to support it. With the last trace of consciousness disappearing, he gradually passed out.
Seeing this situation, Xiaoli also dare not neglect the vigorous vitality of the road and suddenly output it from the palm of his hand, and will continue to inject it into Ye Han’s body. Although it can’t alleviate the pain, it can find a way to crack it after further disintegration.
However, everything not only came suddenly, but also was very strange. Xiaoli brought Ye Han in, which enabled him to find an enhanced practice, but he didn’t want to accidentally understand her. Now this situation really made him regret it
It’s a foregone conclusion. It’s too late to regret. When Xiaoli regrets, she doesn’t forget to consider it as if she were trying to solve this dilemma. However, Ye Han is already unconscious at this time, and everything can rely on her alone, which makes her sincerely feel unprecedented pressure.
Self-reproach has already sprouted in Xiaoli’s heart, but he thought of some rescue methods, so he murmured, "Master, I’m sorry, it’s all Xiaoli’s fault. Now it seems that there are …"
Speaking of which, Xiaoli was busy and stopped talking. He silently looked at Ye Han and looked at his familiar face. In his heart, he also secretly decided to save the life of his master who had been waiting for a hundred years.
But at this moment, she didn’t want to use that last method, because once she did that, she might really save her master, but afterwards she had to bear all the consequences, which might be painful!
But after meditation for a while, the little raccoon dog seems to have finally made up his mind to help Ye Han fall to the ground, then slowly squat down and gradually sink to the ground, and then …
Fox’s face showed an imperceptible wry smile, but in a short time it turned into a smile. Although it was full of truth, it was not difficult to detect that it was full of sadness if it was careful.
But Fox didn’t think so much at this time, and didn’t pay attention to so much determination to save her master. From that moment on, she talked about how reluctant she was. At this moment, she had no choice. Her head sank slightly, and soon she saw her lips gently sticking to Ye Han’s lips. Seeing this situation, it was obviously necessary to make a final farewell.
"Master … cold brother, please forgive Xiaoli …" Xiaoli’s heart suddenly gave birth to this idea, and then his lips gently left Ye Han’s lips, and then there was a sigh.