This city can resist the power of spar shells to destroy the soul car, but it should not.

With this in mind, Luo Zhong aimed two soul-destroying crystal energy devices at Luo Tao’s position. "Luo Jia is unfilial, Sun Luotao, and you will enter reincarnation with your father!"
Luo Zhong’s eyes flashed a malicious color to manipulate the two buttons of the soul car and pressed them at the same time.
Shrug-two soul crystals turn into shells. As soon as they appear, the whole thing immediately becomes dark and evil.
Two spheres, such as black sun, streaked high with black vitality and kept spinning and flying to Luotao.
Several resentful souls are trapped in the soul crystal, and the long-suppressed anger and resentment are powerful enough to change the color of heaven and earth!
"Did you finally show your unique skill?" Luo Tao has a certain understanding of destroying the soul car, knowing that he can’t fight for the time being, and he wisely chose to retreat.
Two soul crystals fell on the wall "boom boom", and both sounded almost at the same time. The whole wall was immediately exploded by the soul crystal with strong force.
In a second, the walls became walled and the sand fell apart!
"Luo Tao has no wall protection. I don’t see how you can fight me!" Luo Zhong grinned, revealing a sinister smile. "Go in and flatten this city!"
Because of the strong dust emitted after the wall collapsed, the mecha and Blackstone warriors couldn’t see clearly what was in the city.
To prevent one thousand Luo Zhong specially let the mecha troops go ahead and try to ensure the safety of the human forces behind the Blackstone soldiers.
But even if Luo Zhong is careful, he can’t compete with Luo Tao’s intentional calculation
Boom …
Several SPAR shells sounded suddenly, and then thousands of SPAR shells flew out flatly to the mecha units.
The first mecha units immediately opened the spar shield to resist the spar shells, but they underestimated the power of the spar shells again.
As soon as their SPAR mask was displayed, those SPAR shells fell.
Luo Zhongyuan these spar shields are more or less in some places, but the fact is that these shields are torn apart by spar shells as fragile as tissue paper!
Boom boom …
Clouds of purple flames rose into the sky, and the first troops of Luo Zhong Mecha did not even see the appearance of their opponents, and then they vanished!
"Run!" Without the mecha troops to defend the Blackstone warriors, it is not brave but stupid if they continue to rush forward.
Regardless of whether Luo Zhong made the Blackstone warriors turn around one after another, he fled and was so angry that Luo Zhong swore, "These Yuan scum are as timid as mice!"
Even if these Blackstone warriors want to escape, Luo Tao obviously didn’t let them live.
Swish, swish, swish …
A series of rapid winds broke out in the dust, and then all over the sky, arrows and rain flew out like locusts, overwhelming like black clouds and shooting at these Blackstone warriors.
Seeing that the other side is an arrow and they can escape, the Blackstone warriors immediately stopped to display their talent and power-the body surface is black and petrified!
Dangdang Dangdang …
These arrows fell on the Blackstone warriors, as if they had shot stones. With a handover of iron and stone, the arrows fell to the ground one after another.
See they blocked the arrow rain Luo Zhong secretly praised the number of "good, good, although these Blackstone guys are afraid of death, there are still some"
However, before Luo Zhong’s praise was heard, he found that something was wrong with these Blackstone warriors.
They were all in a hurry to escape, but they didn’t escape at this time.
It’s just that they don’t escape. They don’t attack Luotao City, but they kill each other with red eyes!
"damn it! How can this little bastard Lin Yu have so many weird means? " Luo Zhong’s eyes are almost redder than rabbits, but he doesn’t know what’s going on and can watch these Blackstone warriors fight each other.
To put it bluntly, this situation is very simple, but it’s just that Lin Yu’s arrows have been tampered with.
The special effect of some evil treasures is that "chaos" can make people become irrational and kill indiscriminately
Lin Yu is to refine this part of the evil treasure’s special effect and make it into a paper stick arrow.
Blackstone warriors were not injured by bows and arrows, but the chaotic effect was imposed on them through bows and arrows and physical contact, making them become beasts who know how to kill at random.
These Blackstone warriors obviously know the weaknesses of their own people, even if they are all blackened, but these blackened surfaces in front of their people have no effect at all.
With a flurry of thumping, thumping and thumping, tens of thousands of Blackstone soldiers died without knowing how they died.
Looking at the bodies and burning mecha fragments on the ground, Luo Zhong knew that he had lost and lost.
The dust dispersed and Luo Tao’s figure gradually appeared in front of Luo Zhong and walked slowly towards Luo Zhong.
"Luo Zhong get out of here," Luo Tao said rudely.
Luo Zhong sneer at a way "how do you this is pity me? Who wins and who loses is still undecided! "
Luo Tao calmly looked at Luo Zhong’s sinking ship. "I don’t pity you, but I wish I could kill you!" But I prefer watching you despair to killing you. When you are of no value to Yuan clan, I really want to see what Yuan clan will do to you. Haha! "
Be Luo Tao said in the heart Luo Zhong immediately bulging eyes Zheng "Luo Tao unexpectedly dare not to do protective measures and ran to the front of me to die. 459 The Lins brothers.
Luo Zhong’s eyes flashed with a flash of yoshimitsu, and his hands quickly broke the ship according to god’s line, operating a button on the panel.
Woo-hoo-a white light beam suddenly jetted out from a certain muzzle of the wrecked ship and shot at Luo Tao.