"It’s my cousin"

Lv Shan should take a look at Guangyang infanta and Su Yue and then push Xiao Qing away from the main hall of Anguo Houfu.
In the main hall, when Hui Wang and Lv Shan left, the monarch of Guangyang couldn’t bear to rush to Su Wan and point to Su Wan to Hewen "Su Wan said you and one by one."
Guangyang infanta’s words haven’t finished yet. Su Wan turned around and walked directly to the shopkeeper and Linglong Pavilion without looking at her.
"You brought my things."
"It’s the big lady."
Full of beautiful things, the shopkeeper and exquisite pavilion guys are exquisite people. They heard the words of Huiwangdian earlier, but Huiwangdian points to protect Miss Su’s family. They dare not offend this lady.
Two people bow.
Su Wan nodded and waved with satisfaction and ordered "Go for a walk and send things to my bamboo porch"
When she finished, she turned and walked out, Yunluo followed her all the way out, but when she left, she secretly glanced at a Guangyang monarch and found that this woman’s whole face was green. Yunluo felt comfortable and deserved it.
Full of beautiful things, the shopkeeper and exquisite pavilion guys followed Su Wan all the way behind and ignored Guangyang monarch and Yiling county owner Su Yue.
Mother and daughter were so angry that Su Yue couldn’t help losing her temper at the sight of people leaving.
"Su Wan’s little bitch is really crazy, Mom. We have to find a way to deal with her. She’s such a fool that she climbed on our head. I can’t stand such a thing."
Princess Guangyang is naturally angry, but she hasn’t been a fake for so many years. Although she was a little angry before, she has now calmed down. What does she think more about? Both of them stared at Su Wan. She is a fool, but now others are protecting her.
First the King Jing, then the King Xiang, but now there is another King Hui.
What are they all doing to protect Su Wan? If she wants to say that these people are child prodigies, they will never do wrong to Su Wan. They must have some purpose.
What’s Su Wan’s secret?
Mrs. Anguohou turned around and walked to the first seat. Su Yue was also angry. "Mom, if you say something, I’ll find someone to clean up Su Wan, a little bitch."
Princess Guangyang waved her hand and looked at Su Yue. "What do you think Hui Wang will protect Su Wan?"
Su Yue sneered, "He’s just trying to play hard to get. He doesn’t want to think about a Su Wan to attract my attention. Even if he plays hard to get, Su Yue will take a fancy to a guy with a broken leg."
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Chapter 41 Passion
In the main hall of Anguo Houfu, Princess Guangyang was shocked at her daughter’s words and quickly looked at the first daughter to see that her daughter was angry and malicious.
Princess Guangyang’s face darkened slightly. According to what she saw, Hui Wang Dian didn’t play hard to get. He really protected Su Wan’s little bitch. Of course, there must be something hidden in this, but it is definitely not what her daughter said. Hui Wang is not a superficial person.
Guangyang infanta thought about waving to let everyone in the main hall quit until no one was there, and she said earnestly
"Moon Mother, you said that there are two kinds of beautiful women in this world, one is beautiful but not intelligent, so that a woman can appreciate a vase while the other is beautiful and intelligent, so that a woman is like a precious painting that people cherish and want to hide in their hands for a generation."
The princess of Guangyang doesn’t want to wake her daughter up because of her loss.
Su Yue is also a wise person. After listening to the words of Guangyang monarch, he guessed that it was from a mother. Doesn’t that mean that Huiwangdian meant to her that she was affectionate?
Su Yue got up quickly and looked up at her mother "Niang".
"Mother doesn’t want you to be blinded by pride, but there are many people in Shengjing who like you, pursue you and want to marry you, but these people don’t include everyone. Don’t always like you in this capital, which will hurt your mother’s speech. Although it’s not pleasant to hear, it’s all hello. Mother hopes that you will be a smart woman instead of a beautiful person."
"You are really smart, beautiful and smart, but your mother found that you have been a little high recently, which is not a good thing."
Princess Guangyang finished staring at Su Yue and Su Yue turned a little red, but she admitted that her mother was right to speak. Recently, she did have some high spirits. All men always like her.
It’s a good thing mother woke her up, otherwise she would go wrong more and more.
Su Yue looked up and saw a clear light in her eyes, "Mother, I know."
Guangyang Princess saw that she woke up and smiled with relief. She came from the first seat and took Su Yue’s hand to one side. The mother and daughter sat together and talked. Guangyang Princess raised her hand and carefully arranged her hair.
"You are your mother’s daughter, and you must be careful when you believe that you are a clever child. Do you know that you don’t want you to suffer?"
Although the princess of Guangyang has great means, she does her best to educate her children. Su Yue and Su Xuan are proud but not idiots.
"Mom, I know you are all good to me."
The mother and daughter in the arms of Princess Suyuewo Guangyang are very affectionate.
Princess Guangyang stroked her head and said, "I am definitely not a fool, am I?"
Su Yue nodded, "Well, Mom, you can rest assured that I won’t be natural again."
Is it not a Xiao Qing? She’s not really sorry. She’s a cripple, Su Yue, and she’s cold in her heart.
Princess Guangyang was satisfied with her daughter’s words, patted her on the head and said, "How old are you?"