Although separated by a canvas tent, it looks like two worlds.

The female doctor sits behind the desk. "You come first, old man."
"Good" Professor Qin obediently sat opposite the doctor.
The female military doctor asked bluntly, "Do you have any trauma? Is there anything wrong? "
Professor Qin shook his head, and the stethoscope of the female military doctor simply checked it again. "Tell me if you feel uncomfortable, old man."
"Good" Professor Qin nodded.
Bai Xiaoting was the second to be examined. Professor Qin was similar, but the result was also unscathed.
The female military doctor was surprised that Professor Qin and Bai Xiaoting were miraculously unscathed.
But publicity is different. Although he didn’t show any trauma, the fisherman bumped his leg and left an egg-sized bag.
The most serious injury was zhou yun, who broke his knee while fleeing from the dock in the middle of the lake. He was the only one in the team with trauma.
Yu Yehan … His heart was hit hard by the sinking of fishing tour, and besides, he didn’t even scratch the oil skin.
Chapter 22 Every man has a responsibility
Zhou yun asked, "Doctor, can I make a message?"
The female military doctor said without looking up, "Not yet."
"When will it be?" Zhou yun asked, "I am a policeman and must contact the command center as soon as possible."
"Are you a policeman?" The female military doctor looked at zhou yun, whose eyes were in doubt.
Zhou yun quickly explained that "clothes are others … It is too complicated to explain."
The female military doctor nodded. "Okay, you’ll be the first one later."
"The first one? What first? " Zhou yun asked curiously.
"You’ll know in a moment," replied the female military doctor without hesitation.
An hour later, the pier hotel.
Yip hon silently stood by the window and quietly looked at the fierce battle at the pier.
I don’t know how many times a large number of giant worms have poured out of the lake, and the defense line of the giant worms has been slammed head-on
The vitality of the giant worms is extremely tenacious. Three or five rounds of ammunition is not a problem at all, but it can’t stand the army’s strong firepower. A large number of bullets are densely shot, and there are always a few bullets that hit the giant worms and completely kill one giant worm after another.
The shells roared over the guns like a flood, and the shore of the lake suddenly burst into flames. The barrage of Xu Jin plowed the landing swarm from beginning to end. After the shelling, there were very few giant worms left with activity.
The soldiers in the defense line cleared the horses at a fixed point, and after a few minutes, they landed in the insect swarm and turned them into insect corpses on the lake shore.
Yip hon silently saw the battle that lasted for more than ten minutes, happy and sad in his eyes.
If the modern army can’t even cope with this giant bug, just buy a piece of tofu and kill it as a soldier.
Roaring in the corridor yip hon turned around the door has been playing grieving god-fearing zhou yun was sent into the room by two officers.
Zhou yun protested, "This is kidnapping and illegal detention. I ask you to let me go. Do you hear me clearly? Immediately! "
"Sorry, we have to wait for an order." The officer replied politely and left at once.
"Call me your leader!" Zhou yun was furious. If he didn’t have some sense, he would have fought hard with a soldier.
Yip hon nai urged "don’t shout without command they dare to do it? You still have a rest. "
Zhou yun nu way "I have lost contact for several hours …"
"What’s there?" Yip hon shrugged. "The earth turns around without anyone. I guess your company already knows your news."
Zhou yun thought about it and finally calmed down and sat down on the bed. "What the hell is this?"
Yip hon ha ha a smile "what did they tell you?"
"What can I say about discipline and secrecy? That’s all the news," zhou yun said testily. "What about you?"
"Same" Yip hon rolled his eyes and pointed to the top of his head. "Look at this meaning. Someone wants to cover it."
"Sure" zhou yun slammed himself on the bed and stared at the white ceiling in wait for a while. "It’s a gun and a gun. Even the helicopter gunships have been sent out. Who can cover it?"
"That’s hard to say." Yip Han has different opinions. "Just give a password to a soldier. It’s just us ordinary people who don’t think it’s so easy to change keys."